The '89 Cubs

The '89 Cubs


Highly-refined indie rock from members of The Good Life, Bright Eyes and Desapaecidos.


If music pedigree means anything, THE ‘89 CUBS are a band gifted from their humble birth. Hailing with much pride from Omaha, NE, the trio of THE ‘89 CUBS feature members of such respected indie acts as THE GOOD LIFE, BRIGHT EYES and DESAPARECIDOS. With a jittery and upbeat indie-rock style that leans heavy on the introspective lyrics, jangling guitars and a loose-knit interplay that could only come from both lifelong musicians, and longtime friends. Drawing comparisons to the early days of SUPERCHUNK or any number of their Omaha peers, THE ‘89 CUBS have created a stunning debut album of confidence and pose in "There Are Giants in the Earth."


There Are Giants in the Earth - CD (October 2004)