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19 Broken

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"Delusions of Persecution" six song E.P. 2005

"Not Yet Rated" five song E.P. 2004

19 Broken has music available for streaming and download at www.myspace.com/19broken and www.purevolume.com/19broken.



Being in a band always seemed inevitable to Teresa, Jesse and Mitch. Teresa and Jesse met when they were five years old, in kindergarten. As they grew older, the idea of forming a band came along. They thought up rather humorous names for themselves and started a rap group. Once they realized that they came from the suburbs, they started wanting to learn instruments. Teresa and Jesse went through many different instruments until they found the one they wanted to play. Teresa decided to play guitar and Jesse decided to play bass. Now that they had picked their instruments, it was time to throw together a band. Teresa and Jesse found friends Anthony Cissell (drums) and Jake Waterman (Vocals) to complete the line up. Due to Jake's lack of effort and interest in this garage band, they were forced to look for a new singer. They found friend Phil Mowrey to sing, although they had never heard him sing before. That was when they learned to audition people first before asking them to be in the band. The band played a few talent shows and a field day, when Anthony began to lose interest in the band. Teresa recruited Mitch VanDenBerghe to play drums. The band hit it off immediately and decided that Mitch was here to stay. The band practiced, recorded poor quality demo tapes, played a Christmas Party and a Talent Show when it became relevant dure to negative feedback that Phil needed to go. So in February of 2004, the band came to its final line-up. The band recorded their first E.P. at Richard IV Studios in Bergen, NY. The CD was a huge success among friends, however, the band cringes when they hear the CD now.

The band continued to rehearse and then played their first official show at The Penny Arcade in Rochester, NY with maybe 30 people in attendance. Although there was not much of a crowd at the show, Joe, the owner of The Penny Arcade decided that he liked the band and that they had some talent. He asked Mitch to call to set up another show, so Mitch set one up for the first weekend of October with two popular bands from school and LastPageFirst, a well known local band among people in Rochester. At this show, there were about 105 people in attendance. This got the band motivated. As the band ran out of CD's, instead of reproducing the less then exemplar CD, the band decided to record a new CD, this time a 6 song E.P. entitled "Delusions of Persecution" at James Longstreet's Home studio with producers James Longstreet and Nathan Gregory of LastPagefirst. A week after they were finished recording, the band recieved the master copy of the cd at a show. The band was thrilled with the way it turned out. The band released the CD on Tuesday, April 12th 2005, and had a CD release party on April 8th 2005 with LastPageFirst, Bensin (Search and Rescue Records), One Year Nothing, Draffin, and Minor Impurities. The band sold 100 CD's in the first week. To date the band has sold 400 copies of Delusions of Persecution. Now the band is playing on average, about two shows per month and continues to develop musically and create new music. The band has enough material written for at least 10 full length CD's. 19 Broken plans on recording a new cd this fall, and they hope to make the cd a full length album. The band was recorded live at Steel Music Hall, and depending on how the recording turned out, they plan on selling it as a full length live cd with 10 live songs and two bonus tracks. The band has opened for Bensin (search and rescue records) and Between Home and Serenity (Rust Records)

The band hopes to one day make it big to distribute their music to people across the globe.

Be on the look out for more from 19 Broken.