19 Minutes

19 Minutes


Tight, Energetic and Passionate are words that are constantly used when describing the music of 19 Minutes. The rock band formed in early 2003 with a common goal… to Rock the House. With their original music being compared to the likes of Pearl Jam, they are wining crowds over every time!


With AJ (Drums), Etienne Biram (Bass) and Matt Dorgan (Guitars/Vocals) having over 36 years of combined experience, (including AJ performing in the Vans Warped tour, and Matt’s experience on Cruise Ships) they are no strangers to the stage. Giving it their all is what the crowds have come to expect from Saskatoon trio. The name 19 Minutes represents perseverance and intensity. During D-Day, the interval between dropping off troops and coming back with reinforcements was 19 Minutes. “Living for 19 Minutes was a full time job.”

Since their inception, 19 Minutes has been enjoying many accolades and milestones including:

• Their song “Shine” debuted on Radio 306 at #3 and has since been at #1 for 14 straight weeks, which is being broadcast to over 70 Countries World Wide!

• Online Voters voted 19 Minutes #1 to play with up-and-coming Canadian band The Salads in September 2003!

• Invited to play at Ryly’s for “Saskatoon Heroes” night featuring Saskatoon’s Top 4 Bands!

• 19 Minutes has also been featured artists on CBC’s own, “New Music Canada”!

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Written By: Matt Dorgan

Down the line, off the track
You hear me coming, don't look back
I'm Pressing forward, Onward still
Getting closer, you'll see the grill

Here to end this chase, as I take my place
Your many haunting lies, are all that I despise
You think you have control, I won't pay the toll
I'm cutting through that line, I'm free to shine

Tires burning, Black the trail
You see me coming.. Your face now pale
I'll soon be free, of this rut
Tight the turn, the door's now shut


The time is now, well now's the time
I can see the line
We're coming up door to door
As I hit the floor
The many years of all my fears
Now run through the gears
I'm coming up on that line

I've done my time, I'm free to shine
The end is near, Near, for all my fears
You can't control me
It's the end of the line

Follow Your Way

Written By: Matt Dorgan

He is lost and Marooned
Not knowing what to do
His thoughts they fleet him now
Head in the Clouds

Follow your way, there'll be better days
Follow your way, just come back some day

He's inching forward still, going it alone
Please ease my burden now, Head in the clouds


They all laugh and cajole
Not following the rules
His life there for all to see
It's no mystery

It's up to me, who do you see? It's up to me

He's watching as the earth breaths beneath the moon
Once was mine is yours now lost, what's the cost?
All the treadmarks on his soul, Could not make a hole
It's all done now.. It's undone now.. It's all done now



We have a 3 song ep out right now, and are looking forward to releasing a new ep in the summertime!

Set List

We play 90-100% Original Music! We do, on occasion, open up our sets to incorporate more "covers", but are originals are rocking the house, so why change? We typically play 1 or 2, 45 minute to 1 hour sets and have countless songs to choose from.