19 Mirrors
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19 Mirrors

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan
Band Rock EDM


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19 Mirrors

19 Mirrors is a band dedicated to bridging the gap between cultures. Composed of a rogue Star Goddess, Martian, and two Humans, they feel that cultures should be at once respected and dissolved into a form that allows us to finally put our resources to good use: namely, the pursuit of interstellar space travel. Hannah Hypnotic, the foremost authority on space travel, as a Star Goddess, is here to enlighten Humans and bring them together, kicking and screaming. Embrace your culture, but reject isolation. Come together and let’s go to space!

Thus begins the epic journey of Hannah Hypnotic, Radi, Ohya, and Tsubasa. Combining old school punk with a neo-visual edge, and digital fusion!! ELECTRO ROCK! 19 Mirrors is a force which will break musical barriers and hover like a hover car. Not like we have the technology for that. Psh. For the new music, new youth !! With members from Japan, Deep Space, Mars, and China, 19 Mirrors is a super international band!