1 A Cchord

1 A Cchord


1 A Cchord is a Christian Quartet that is dedicated to spreading joy and hope through music all around the world. Their music is positive, inspirational, upbeat and thought provoking. These men have performed in churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and special events.


Lee Rugless and Al Mc Alpin worked together on a ensemble project headed by Clifton Baker in 1990's. They told each other that one day they would start a group. Since Rugless & Mc Alpin were both songwriters and had similar musical influences like 4 Tops, Temptations, Breath of Life Quintet, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Aeolian Choir from Oakwood University, they decided in 2001 to put together a close harmony group that would keep the influences alive yet give a fresh contemporary approach. They recruited Paul Myers, Bill Keets and Duane Darrett make the project happen. Soon Duane left the group to attend to his young family and due to numerous requests form audiences, 1 A Cchord released their 1st CD "Whever You Go" in 2002. It was a mixture of Gospel, Christian, R & B. The group released a followup CD entitled "Introducing 1 A Cchord" in 2003 and they enjoyed performing for the legendary Walter Hawkins, Music and Arts Seminar in Oakland, California in 2003. The group has had the pleasure of performing with or for Grammy Award winners and legends Andre Crouch, R & B legend the late Solomon Burke, Grammy Award winners Edwin & Walter Hawkins, & Richard Smallwood.


Wherever You Go

Written By: Lee Rugless

Pre Chorus

Wherever you go...
His Love is waitin' there

As he opened up his eyes
Couldn't believe his foolish pride
Now he didn't have enough to eat
Thank God for a place to sleep

He tried to do it his way
All the riches today
Our God can make a way
Jesus will make a way

Wherever you go
Wherever.....your way seems to go
Love is waitin', waitin'.......there

All of the girls
Party life
His heaven was every night
Soon all the money
It was gone...things in life don't last too long



"Wherever You Go" EP Released 2002
"Introducing 1 A Cchord" Released 2003