1 By Night
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1 By Night

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock EDM




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Upcoming 2012 Release:


1. Lenses
2. Disease
3. Medicine Man
4. Falling For You
5. Inside
6. Better Off
7. Family
8. Stay (Live from NYC)
9. Marilyn
10. Different
11. Noitacided A
12. Going Down
13. W.T.G.
14. The High Life
15. Smile
16. Rejuvenation
17. Back in Time
18. Let it Go (part 1)
19. The Awakening (Let it Go part 2)
20. End of the Road (Let it Go part 3)

2011 EP:

1. Disease
2. Smile
3. Better Off (Acoustic Version)
4. Stained Eyes



1 By Night is Michael David Garcia. In his shows he has learned to juggle the art of simultaneously playing Drums and Keyboard while still singing. Add in the ability to loop instruments on top of each other and you have the building blocks for the sound of the music he produces. With movies has his main influence, Michael creates songs that resonate a Cinematic Backdrop of color that grab people at the chest and never let go.

This project is the cumulation of a life's worth of work for Michael. The songs that line the album "Lenses" are the first he has released since 2003 and consist of pages and pages of obsessive lyric writing and music notation from years of pinned up emotions. The Recording of this album spanned some 26 months with Michael performing all the Instruments, Recording, and Producing it himself.

Michael first picked up the drums back in 1995, and quickly found himself touring with several Heavy Rock Groups out of Austin, TX. Lots of good times, tons of shows, But with bands usually comes band drama. And the culprit... always the lead singer. Let down after let down, singer after singer, Michael saw the fruits of his labors spoiled time and time again by things out of his control. After the fizzle out of his 5th Lead Singer in his band Enkindle Crown, he decided to take a break from the scene in 2003 after 8 years of constant action. He started a Recording Studio on the outskirts of Austin and focused his musical art into Producing and Recording Local Artists. During that time he started to learn Guitar and Keyboard and would start the inner workings of the album "Lenses" that he didn't know yet would come.

When Music is in your Soul, it has a way of coming back around. As fate would have it, in early 2010, an old friend called Michael up and wanted to jam. The jam sparked Michael to start working on putting together the songs and ideas he had accumulated for all those years. A little wiser than before, Michael focused this new music on Heart, emotion, and raw energy. His songs are about life, death, love, hate, and everything in-between. And In the process of writing this album he noticed a similarity. That in life we often go through emotions and feel things along the way that pretty much everyone goes through at some point. The album "Lenses" is dedicated to the unifying message of equality. Through all the Different Lenses that people look through in life, we somehow see ourselves.