davenport is a high energy, original rock band reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and The Rolling Stones, as well as some newer influences such as The Black Crowes, Flamings Lips, and Wilco.


Davenport is an independent rock group that hails from Asheville, North Carolina. The five member group has been writing songs and performing in the southeast for 2 plus years, with great success in drawing crowds and keeping them riveted with electrifying stage performances. The musical influences of the band cover a wide range from Led Zeppelin, to the Flaming Lips, but the strength of Davenport is their ability to adapt these influences into a powerful cohesion of originality. Davenport has something to offer every member of the audience.

Davenport's instrumentation consists of two guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards. The band has been together for just over two years, but all of the members have been associated with each other in various groups for the better part of ten. The guitarists, Miles Swartz and Grant Funderburk, are the primary songwriters and both very accomplished rhythm and lead players.

The group's rhythm section consists of bass player Wes Jameson and drummer Skye McLeod. The two provide the backbeat of Davenport's music with rhythmic precision and explosive beats. Keyboards are provided by John McKinney, whose bluesy keys add a distinct flavor to Davenport’s edgy and sexually-charged rock and roll soundtrack.

Davenport’s devoted fan-base has grown larger with every performance . They can adapt to the demands of any situation and will consistently provide quality music for all of their listeners.


no cd released currently, it's still in the process, but we do have a live demo recorded at the DoubleDoor in Charlotte, NC and WNCW 88.7 plays tracks our set from the radio show, Local Color recorded in summer '05.

Set List

davenport's sets consist mostly of original tunes, approximastely 90% original. the band has a huge lst of possible covers ranging from Dire Straits to The Flaming Lips, the Doors, Zeppelin, Stones, AC/DC, Sparklehorse, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and on and on etc............

they have performed short opening sets on many occassions and have also battled out four hour long gigs by dividing them into 3 sets with short breaks in between.

1- 100 Grand Man
2- Alibi
3- Are You Real
4- Bad Time
5- Be Like Crimson
6- Boomerang
7- Canopy of Green
8- Cinco De Mayo
9- Concrete
10- Don’t Forget About the Band
11- Echoes in the Cellar
12- Eclipse
13- Fallen
14- Follow Me Down
15- Grandma
16- Hold My Brain
17- Homeground
18- I Just Sank
19- In The Morning
20- Instrumental
21- Limelight
22- Please
23- Rock Anthem 69
24- Stranger
25- Summer Song
26- The Walk Away
27- Used To
28- When You’re A Ghost
29- Yes, yes, yes
30- Blood In the Streets