1 dot Oh

1 dot Oh


Well ah lemme see hur... Met uh cupple dem geetar playin' boyz en thay ken play demselves ah reel meen lick-er-two but ownly wen deys wanna. Doan'go ona thinkin' it's sum kye-nuh frooty-tooty shit neever...Ahhby Dammd if dem suns-uh-bitches doan'go str8 tuh hell wen deys good n dun her own earf..


In the later days of December 2006 the four piece cast of the One Dot Oh instrumental section was formed and heavy at work in their newly rented space in Brooklyn, New York. Jack Palumbo (Bass guitar), Frank North (Electric guitar), Anthony Loupos (Electric guitar) and Sukhothai Thongratanasiri, a.k.a Tien (Percussion), formed the foundation of the One Dot Oh sound, experimenting and blending their contrasting musical backgrounds giving birth to an interesting collection of poly-rhythmic, post-punk drum and bass instrumentals. With hints of musical inspiration shaken from the days of disco and classic rock, these four multi-talented instrumentalists were in need of a singer songwriter capable of assisting in the arrangement of their inspired melodies. Matt Mondragon (vocalist, songwriter) was a solo artist at the time, performing his solo material at a local bar in Brooklyn when he captured the attention of the four band members. One audition was all it took before One Dot Oh was running itself. Before September 2007, the band completed their four song demo including the bands first recording The World’s Greatest Mistake, a melodic credo inhabiting elements of early 90’s rock, and Letter, a song that captures the genius of the 5 democratically divergent minds. Both Broken Robots and Wrong Shade of Red bring to life the darker side of the album giving it meaning and ultimately a theme heavily wrapped in fictional paradox. One Dot Oh, 1 dot oh or Version 1.0… call it what you want, we are not a cover band. We are not pop culture. We are amp and pedal meddlers. We are writers, poets and engineers. We are the wandering college graduates. We are the extended version of an awkward silence…… We are 1.0 in human form.

Set List

-Set list consists of 8 to 12 songs.
-25 to 45 minute sets.
-No cover songs