All original, hook heavy, melodic hard rock. We have been described as a mix of Alice In Chains, Pantera, Led Zeppelin and Queensryche. We strive to put on a very energetic show every time. We are doing our part to bring back the long lost guitar solo...


- 1Enemy3 was formed in April 2004, hailing from Anchorage Alaska. Originally a six piece band featuring 3 guitarists, the guitar work naturally steered toward technical precision to make each part stand out. They auditioned several bass players over a 1 year period, but couldn't find the right fit to match the groove that they were molding, said to be a combination of Alice In Chains, Pantera, Led Zeppelin and Queensryche. One of the original self released demos was dropped off at the largest local music instrument store in Alaska, where the owner decided to contact the band. 1Enemy3 didn't take long to bring aboard their new bass player who attended Musician's Institute for Bass (BIT) in the past. They were now a complete unit.
1Enemy3 subsequently rose to the top of the music scene in Anchorage in a very short time. Many high profile events began taking place for the band in 2006. They were accepted for 9 entries on the 2006 Grammy ballot from tracks on their 2005 E.P., "1Enemy3". The categories included: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Hard Rock Performance (3 entries), Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album. Being one of the busiest bands on the local scene, they were also chosen to open for Godsmack at The Sullivan Arena in June 2006. (In the past, members have also opened arena shows for Motley Crue, Megadeth, and Dio). They began to receive airplay, asked to participate in live interviews and showcase events for 106.5 KWHL, 94.7 KZND, and 88.1 KRUA. The buzz also carried over to The Anchorage Daily News and The Anchorage Press. As if this wasn't enough to keep the band busy, they were offered a generous recording package by Sean Cobb of 12 Records, the highest quality recording studio in Alaska. This offer resulted in their first full length album, "The Warning", mastered by the world famous Bernie Grundman in Hollywood, which will be released in April 2007.
Due to the buzz of the Grammy ballot entries, the band was shopped to several record labels by their representative in Providence, Rhode Island. The only ingredient the band was missing was touring experience. Being isolated from the real music scene in the continental United States, they made the life changing decision to drop everything, purchase 2 large motor homes, and head south to garner a larger fan base and create a lengthy show log. One of the original guitarists couldn't carry on with the band, and they were now an air tight group of 5.
After several appearances down the West Coast, 1Enemy3 landed in Los Angeles in late November 2006, where once again, they are on their rise to the top of the local scene. They have played multiple shows at The Knitting Factory and The Whisky a Go-Go. To build their new fan base they have also appeared at The Cat Club, as well as several other clubs in Venice, Long Beach, Hermosa Beach, San Marcos, Corona, Yucaipa, Yucca Valley, 29 Palms, Downey, Tarzana, Studio City, Roseville, Las Vegas, and Scottsdale.
It won't be long before the noise is so loud that they can no longer be denied. 1Enemy3's goal is to become a national level act performing arena shows several times per week. Watch out!
For the most up-to-date information on 1Enemy3 visit: http://www.myspace.com/1enemy3 & http://www.1enemy3.com. You can reach us at rock@1enemy3.com.


"The Warning", 2007 Full Length CD - Due out April 2007. - 12 Records
1. The Warning
2. Down
3. End Of Me
4. The Calling
5. Nothing
6. You're The Reason
7. The Ultimate High
8. Evergray
9. Awake
10. Burning Inside
11. Nevermore
12. Fade
13. Let Me Go
"1Enemy3", 2005 E.P. - Self Released
1. Evergray
2. End Of Me
3. Don't Let It In
4. Enemy
5. You're The Reason
6. Nothing

Set List

Don't Let It In
Burning Inside
You're The Reason
The Calling
I Don't Care
End Of Me
Fallen Down
The Warning
Let Me Go
The Ultimate High

- Our set is approximately 75 minutes if played straight through.
- We have performed split sets with other bands.
- We have played our set multiple times in one night.