Le Tigre des Platanes & Eténèsh Wassié

Le Tigre des Platanes & Eténèsh Wassié


4 French musicians met 1 Ethiopian singer. Together they made an ethio-experience and severely re-examines a repertoire of chosen pieces.


With Francis Falceto’s complicity, great expert of Ethiopian music, the Tigre (… des Platanes) proposes a brand new creation with Eténèsh Wassié, azmari singer, directly arriving from Addis Ababa.

Creation 2007 : an authentic journey !
The challenge of this creation is – on the groundwork of the magnificent Ethiopian “standards”, the Ambassel, the Tezeta… - to explore completely, in total integrity, the new and unknown territory laid ahead of the 5 musicians. A world made of the real grand total of their strong personalities.
Beside the tribute and the accompaniment of a great Azmari singer by four European musicians, it is an authentic Journey, with all the questioning implied, we’re taken along at each gig. So let’s go!

Le Tigre... & Etenesh focused more on fully inhabited this music in their own way, sometimes a little wild, than on giving respectful interpretation.

Interbreeding, importation, impudent cultural mix, invasion, rereading.
Since its very beginning, the Tigre des Platanes has been concerned with Journey. Such as the pathetic insect from which it gets its name, imported by accident for North America in the early 70’s, the music of the quartet from Toulouse stigmatizes the intermarrying, the importation, the impurity of cultural intermingling, the invasion, the embezzlement. All this in a muddle highly claimed!

Le Tigre des Platanes, éthiopiques, Francis Falceto, Ethiopia.
In 2001 Le Tigre des Platanes discovered the éthiopiques collection and included in his eclectic songbook some chosen pieces originally composed by Mulatu Astatqé, Théshomé Metéku, amongst others, that he interpreted in his own insolent way.
In 2005 Francis Falceto received a pirate recording and got in touch with Le Tigre (… des platanes). In January 2006 Francis Falceto invited Le Tigre (…des platanes) to participate to the International Festival of Ethiopian music. That is how the story begins…

Back from Ethiopia, birth of the projet
Le Tigre des Platanes He came back refilled with a brand new energy, enriched by the journey and the encounters. The songbook of Ethiopian origin’s pieces reinterpreted by the Tigre (…des platanes) made a leap and generated a new artistic drive, infusing some Ethiopian musicians with the desire of a deep-rooted collaboration, ready to play the game of real confrontation.
In 2007, Etenèsh Wassié took up the challenge.
“Eyes half shut, Eténèsh lets her voice guide her where it takes her (takes us), thrilling, digging, colossal little sister of such a Piaf and a Billie Holiday. But the register of tears wouldn’t be enough for her, and she might as well, without warning, hasten the tempo after a ballade we would have wished endless.” Francis Falceto


Zeraf on the new collection ethioSonic, directed by Francis Falceto
A Buda Musique distribution (www.budamusique.com)

Set List

1 set, 1h20.
The repertoire is only based on Ethiopian pieces arranged by le Tigre des Platanes & Etenesh Wassie