1 family 1 blood

1 family 1 blood

 New York City, New York, USA

on a mission for god with a new sound.


One Family One Blood

One Family One Blood is a New Age Gospel Music group consisting of two brothers, Marvin & Dwayne Morrison and their two cousins, Evon Grandison and Adrian Mclaren. All members bring a different element to the group, formulating a sound that fuses R&B, Hip Hop, and Reggae with Gospel music. It was really the work of God that brought this group together. Starting out as two duo groups, they decided to join forces and work together for one common goal…to minister through music. Sharing the same grandmother, the group comes from a family of teachers of the word of God; and in carrying on that tradition; they do so by putting their sermons into song. Being born in Jamaica and raised in America the members of the group has a great appreciation for both cultures and all genres of music. They strive to create a sound that is uniquely identifiable; with a message that is eternally true.
One Family… One Blood…
Two Brothers…Two Cousins…
One Message…One Word…


these are the list of singles
make me over , know but you lord
feel the pain , twenty four.

the LP released is titled RISING.

Set List

stage requirements
4 mics 1 for each singer and 4 bottles of water.

guest list
passes for our wives and children if needed.