1 Fresh Set

1 Fresh Set

 Utica, New York, USA
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If Dmx, Jay-Z and 50 Cent had a group, this is what it would sound like. From Ness' gritty realism to the Instant Messenger's witty word play, 1 Fresh Set is creating a new genre within hip-hop.

If you're looking for creative yet simple hooks and great storytelling, we welcome you to the Set: 1FS


In the state hip hop is in, its no wonder one would rise from the ashes to defy the odds and remain unique in a game of sub-par originality.
Enter 1 Fresh Set, Ness and the Instant Messenger. Brothers beyond blood and a unique chemistry you experience in every song, hip hop just got a makeover and gave birth to a new genre.

•Ness, born Stephen Pearson,Jr., has been influenced by music since his youth in Utica, NY. With deep roots outside of the hip hop genre, Ness' approach provides a realistic tone that implies grit, mixed with intelligence, can create a edgy texture similar to that of a blunt object. Ness will feed you the truth with a style similar to Beanie Sigel, but has been influenced by Jay Z in such a manner that, triple metaphors and similes go unnoticed by his simple delivery: Hip hop in its purest form.
Ness' style infused with the Messengers mechanical flow brings New York lyricism a gem amongst the stars.
• Anthony Owens or AOL, the Messenger brings a energy that displays his Dmx influence backed by a honor for Nas' lyricism, its evident dumbing down is not option.
• Witty wordplay and a delivery so complex, AOL controls the music like a Captain steering his crew through choppy waters...ever so careful to not lose a member over board, every message is understandable and clear and beckons you to the Fresh.
• With having done shows alongside Styles P, Homeboy Sandman and countless others, 1 Fresh Set continues to look for the next gig and capitalize on exposure to push the envelope further and further.
• With over 80 songs in their catalog, every song is a break from the norm but familiar in its nature.
With time technology will once again change the way music is purchased. What the compact disc did to the casette tape, technology will do to the compact disc. The 1 Fresh Set credit card USB drive is an example of such technology. With 2gigs of capacity, the flash drive contains a full length cd ('The Death of 1FS' , 23 songs) and the dialogue/lyrics for the entire project, 6 1080p HD videos, over 50+ high resolution pictures and enough extra storage space to fit your favorite movie on. This technology will change the way consumers purchase music in the future but completes the 1FS package in todays market.

• The ability to reach the adolescent demographic with 'Education Works' and bring creative concepts to capture the woman listener as in 'Circus Freaks', the first full length cd 'The Death of 1FS' is 1 Fresh Set's vision for hip hop- to entertain and provide a new experience every hip hop fan desires; Lyrics and concepts with purpose.
• Life is like a box of chocolates and so shall be 1FS, expect the unexpected in a world where education works and empire dreams is the industries nightmare.
• Long love creative lyricism or die trying.


Monday Night Football


Monday Night Football by 1 Fresh Set

(Verse 1)
I'm wit the bears reppin Soldier field/ "Yess" doing everything that A soldier will/
Fight for every yard I was born for the trenches / Polamalu when I follow Steel curtain defenses/ look of ray Lewis In my eyes when I blitzkrieg/ hit the QB body fast like a ducati 6speed /
yall bleed red Ima GIANT so I bleed blue/ vision of Eli Manning So secondary's see thru/
Bout ta Charge on em Lightning bolts when I play Zeus/ Wit this Hail Mary Miracle worker like
I'm Je-sus/ round and round helicopter status Wave white flags quick / Reggie Bush plus wild cat equals tragic/ Yess he's that sick Mike Vick Man hand em pill/ Cause he got u lookin mean/
Yelling at the screen/ Cause he got ur favorite team/ Looking like they Jus standing still/ Where's john Madden To help u wit those gaps u Plan to fill??!!

it's 4th and goal Less than a minute left
In this Game I hope u show up Cause we bringing the pain De-fense de-fense Yea we do it for life O !! let's Go !! Baby This is Monday night!!! FOOTBALL!!

[verse 2]
I'm so focused In my red zone Like 20 yards to go. So when I touchdown put ya arms up let em kno I reached my goal But I ain't gon' stop yet Ima keep dreaming and waking up wit a new mission to accomplish Ain't nothin impossible Once my mind set Ready go HUT HUT draw em offsides I got that fetti flow Straight cheese go the distance wit any mc's Got players listening like who this He gotta be down wit that team 1FS yess Ya smelt me Guess
'm the scent of the year Got nose tackle, big man Ur scent is in fear Cause we hit hard and make the news You can't bench us To survive in this game it starts in the trenches where the football holds the line of scrimmage Look yall We on the gridiron firing out all pistons And this is why we can't be denied This is Monday let's ride!!

(Verse 3, the Instant Messenger)
Heard the best thing in Dallas was the cheerleaders Til I seen troy aikman catch fire like a Damn fever U and I kno I'm through wrong one to punt to Devin Hester Human controller when I run thru
Ur entire special team Cause when I spot the seam it'll look like a lamborghini Flying pass the referee (Haha) Yea u kno the color red is bold Every where I go people yell Hollywood Joe- Montana on em still digging 49er gold Recognize Bo Elite status in that black hole But I'm shaking em Hit sticking like a Bronco Stripes on my chest like a Bengal when I'm Jet-n pronto Eating food like a lion A buffalo bill nacho If its 4th and goal don't bring a field goal in the convo patriotic til the death and the redskins up in here Barry sanders how I'm moving But I'm bucking like a Buccaneer


'James Bond'

Written By: A.Owens, S. Pearson

James Bond by 1 Fresh Set

Mission impossible, call me James Bond. Fist to chest like I’m playing with King Kong. Pardon the Interruption but this is the remix. I’m bout to cop shit that cost a leg and a arm.
What would you do with a billion bucks? Motion picture shit nikka, pressing my luck.
I’m bout to cop this, cop that. New bentley, all black. See through dashboard- call me James Bond

(1st verse)
That’s Mr. James Bond to the likes of you. I’m bout to buy stupid shit, what’s the price of you? Bentley GT seats kaiser blue. Get another for my girl and tell my nikka pick a hand. They both got the keys to a castle in japan. tell em better learn the language and drink some saki. this geisha yours so wax it Mr. Miagi while I have somebody I paid for crash this ducati. Drive away and laugh while casper the ghost is disappearing like my dash. see I never had so I got it bad. I want to buy all the bud in the world and throw it in a bag. Me and mary jane have a relationship so when I see her with others, I hate the shit. I love hydro, haze- B.O.B. Airplanes. so close to heaven but I’m burning in flames.

(insert hook)

(2nd Verse)

The world is not enough I need more. You can find me on the casino royale floor. Pressing my luck, live and let die another day like what’s up? Yes, Ness with the Midas Touch. Call me Goldfinger Mr. Double 0 7, the man with the golden gun who explode on the scene to bring you back to life, so you can die another day that’s right, that’s life. You only live twice ask the spy who loved me. A billion in ya hand not even you would look ugly. “Get em Ness!” This for your eyes only, a view to kill, diamonds are forever gonna pay the bill. Call em rocks how they made to chill. Martini’s don’t want em stirred, got em shakin when they see me. That’s my word we bout to shake mount fiji. this year call us Moonraker til Skyfall.

(Bridge x2)

For a billion bucks I’ma risk my life and when I get it I’ma spend it all in one night
Double 0 7 taking shots feeling right, since i got enough money I might buy you a life

(insert Hook)


'Lost City of Atlantis'

Written By: A.Owens, S. Pearson, B. Johnson, 2nd

Lost City of Atlantis by 1 Fresh Set feat. Jun

(1st Verse)

If I had my way, I would love you to the day time stood still and the sky fell like it took a hook from Cassius Clay. White sands getting parted by our bodies as we lay while everyone else vanishes. You and I, the windows of your soul never telling lies superfly fashion Miss Tyra would testify to. It’s kinda crazy when you ask do I love you cause I think like c’mon, is the sky blue? Why deny your feelings I want inside you, stimulate and arouse you, new positions surprise you. Truly yours. Not even death can take away from the Life the Universe has in store for me and my girl. When we together nothing else matters, you are my world. they say everything shatters in time. Our love is like the Lost City of Atlantis I find and it’s been found and finally mine like diamonds we shine.

(Hook [Jun])

This love that I have for you won’t stop in this lifetime. So if I don’t make it home just know we loved before and this won’t be the last time, that I see your face. We never planned this. We just found the Lost City of Atlantis

(2nd Verse)
Holla when you need me, real talk ma, always listen when you speaking and when ya wheezing. Im a breath of fresh air right there to assist your breathing. Help when you reach out, I held you squeezing. Never letting go, always believing holding on to the reason so for that I’m reaching until I get a firm grip on these reins ma’am. Don’t know how you managed to handle the pain I brandished and you still standing? God is love and me, I’m just a man but she understands it. As if she found the Lost City of Atlantis her heart deep as the Atlantic. I can’t believe she still hand in hand by his side, now thats true love, something he’ll die for. Glad to stand a man and strive for. Forever ride for sure even if their blood hit the floor, this love’s forever pure.

(insert Hook [Jun}

You make me feel so good like I’m out the hood on my way to Hollywood cause you are the one for me. Said you shine like a star in the sky, the apple of my eye when you’re not near me, lets get this understood. Girl if it wasn’t for you I would go out of my mind, I’d go crazy, if I lost you (lost you). And girl if it wasn’t for you I’d be lost amongst these wolves, I’d do anything “Yeah!” for you, for you!

(insert Hook [Jun])



Michael Myers, Monday Night Football and James Bond are 1 Fresh Set's new wave of music