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Kyoto, Kyōto, Japan | SELF

Kyoto, Kyōto, Japan | SELF
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"Bands of Japan: 1.G.K"

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Random Attacks, Dragon, Life, One Shot, & Starry Dynamo all available at: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/1.g.k/id404347126




1.G.K is a Kyoto-based band comprising:

Katsu (Vocals, Programming, Dance, Scratch, Production)
Hiroki (Guitar)
Shohei (DJ, MPC, Programming)
Jodie (Drums)
Kyohei (Bass)
Andy (Vocals)

1.G.K, despite being an international lineup, each with his own experiences and backgrounds, found they share a selection of influences and a core ethos that transcends borders. The band has strong ties to the dance world and Katsu is still known worldwide for his innovative and emotional style of breakdance. The band aims to bridge the gap between analogue and digital musical worlds.

In 2010 Katsu finished in the top 10 of a Linkin Park remix competition (link http://www.linkinpark.com/profiles/blogs/linkin-park-featuring-you-1). His remix of the track ‘The Catalyst’ was personally mentioned by Linkin Park on YouTube and there the band plans to use the track online in the future.

Head over to the music page on our website to hear Katsu’s remix.



1.G.K frontman and mastermind Katsu had been a long-time DJ and breakdancer whose kru finished a close (and still-controversial) 2nd in the international breakdance championship Battle of the Year held in Germany (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBuqq6KdOzc) Up until that point Katsu’s kru, Ichigeki (“One strike, one kill” in Japanese), had been remixing existing music to use as backing tracks. Deciding that he wanted to create his own music, Katsu started production under the DJ name 1.G.K. Katsu’s mission was to take the passion and feeling of the best live bands and combine it with the speed and digital sophistication of dance music to create a hybrid genre for the 21st century.

Assisted by Shu-K, Tsy and Riki, Katsu set about creating music and performing live.


Katsu released the independently produced mini-album ‘Coming Out Of My Shell’. The first run of 400 copies quickly sold out at musical venues across Kansai. With a help of a fleet of dancers and other performers Katsu held a launch party/live event that brought in a crowd of 300 people. The event was remembered for a long time to come.

He then released an EP entitled ‘One Shot’ that was released across Japan. The EP set impressive sales records for an independent release throughout Kansai and was the only unsigned release to be displayed in the best-sellers section alongside established artists.


Katsu decided to stop using 1.G.K as his DJ/producer monicker and establish it as a fully fledged band that could reproduce live what had previously only been possible digitally.


Katsu mobilized a lineup consisting of DJ Shouhei, guitarist Maiden, drummer Jodie from Canada, with Katsu himself on vocals.

At this point the band started collaborating with dancers to produce shows that were neither club dance event, nor traditional live band, but a fusion of the two.

Shu-K joined the band as main vocalist.


Laylah joined 1.G.K as a satellite member.

When main vocalist Shu-K was forced to join the roster of satellite members, Katsu decided to close the first chapter on the 1.G.K story and start again from scratch with a new, more heartfelt musical direction.

Andy from England joined the band as main vocalist and Hiroki, a long term friend of Katsu, joined the band as lead guitarist. The last to join was funk bassist and sound-tech Kyohei. The new main members, Katsu, Andy, Shouhei, Jodie, Hiroki and Kyohei decided that although they were rebooting the band, they didn’t want to lose the name. 1.G.K was reborn.

Manager Manche joined the team to organize scheduling, live events, web page management and other duties.

The new line-up played their first live gig in P9 on October 3rd 2010. It was the first step in an exciting new direction.

In November 2010 the band’s first single ‘dragon’ went on sale on the iTunes Store. It was subsequently licensed for use in several movies and then used by Japanese breakdance crew Mortal Combat in the Battle of the Year break dance championships in Germany.