San Antonio, Texas, USA
BandHip HopLatin

"1Sol" is San Antonio's premier rap group. As self-produced, independent artists, 1Sol has been spreading their music across the south U.S. since 2005. 1Sol is San Antonio's hardest working, most novel Hip-Hop act.

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"1Sol" was inspired by many great music genres spanning from Latin and Reggae to Rock and Electronic/Dance. With Filipino, Mexican, and Puerto Rican roots, 1Sol's unique take on the ever-changing realm of today's Hip-Hop/Rap can be recognized by any who follow popular urban music. As grade school friends 1Sol began developing their Hip-Hop styles and characteristics while skipping class to hang out and listen to their favorite music. The hobby of lyrical free-styling and a knack for making their own instrumentals on computer programs, keyboards, and beat machines eventually lead to 1Sol's pursuit of recognition in popular music. After months of brainstorming for concepts and a name for the group, "1Sol" was born. Among other things "1-Sol" bilingually stands for "Lone-Star" as in Texas, which is where they are proudly from. 1Sol records new tracks habitually and continues to passionately push the envelopes of sound and image throughout Hip-Hop scenes across the U.S.

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2009 - "HateTown" EP
2010 - "Purple In Da Glass" mixtape
2011 - "K'U'$.H" mixtape

Set List

Five 3 minute songs played via laptop including numerous randomly sequenced live add-on grooves via keys and beat machine.