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San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF

San Antonio, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Latin


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Who We Are Watching"

1 SOL - Progressive Latin Industrial Krunk Hop

"These days most so called "artists" don't seem to know how to take the Hip Hop game very seriously, whether it's arrogance or innocence, 1Sol is going to show them how it's done!! "Bonghits and Big Dreams."..........1SOL

Their sound will make you stop and listen. You have not heard much like this before. Part Latin pop, part industrial, progressive and very performance artsy. 1Sol is a newer trio with one established artist, fantastic creative speaker bending beats, crazy vocals, and personality galore. With a very love it or hate it sound, they are winning fans everywhere.

I booked them at Grooves so I could see them live. They love to be all over the stage, there was a video camera on them the whole set and they were right there with it, giving it's owner one hell of a show. They are what their manager Zac Hawkins calls "Very unique." We agree.

How did 1Sol meet?
We've been really good friends since grade school and we've been kickin' it, makin' music ever since... Though it wasn't until late 2005 that we started to take the whole "1Sol" project really serious.

Each member sounds different, how do you make all your sounds compliment each other so well?
We've spent time developing our styles and rhythm as a group both on stage and in the studio... We started off trying to make vocal patterns when we wrote songs, going back and forth between our high and low pitched voices and over the years those patterns just evolved into what it sounds like now... We're working on our sound constantly so there is no telling how dope we will sound in the future..lol..jk..

But seriously, most of our sound has always seemed to come very natural for us as a group...

According to their manager Zac "It is impossible to label their sound. In the city of San Antonio, as far as the music scene in the rap hip-hop genre, everybody sounds the same. We love San Antonio, this is where we from.. and when people think of Texas rap and hiphop we want them to think of San Antonio just like they think of Houston, Austin and Dallas #CASHTHAT."

I asked Zac "When you think of those 3 cities you think of UGK, SUC and???? "
Zac- "UGK, SUC, 1SOL."

1SOL is getting hits on their music pages from all over the world...have you been watching your stats and are you surprised by any listener location?
We were surprised to see people in Japan, UK, Philippines, Australia actually checking us out online and giving us positive feedback... There are even a couple people in both Japan and Australia who asked to buy our "Orange Kush" T-Shirts.

Our shirts are very popular locally, but it was a trip to see people across the world so interested in us already!!
Seein people listen and hearing our music around the word the .. its crazy...

You 3 have a trendy but distinctive look. Is there a name for this style and do you plan on launching a clothing line?
We've always been the "fly" kids growing up. In school we were always the ones setting new trends and coming up with cool new slang and stuff like that... I guess you could say we had "swag" way before all these kids started using the term the way they do now days...lol

But, (PLUG KUSH TEES!) Yes we have several clothing line projects in the works plus all other types of cool merchandise coming out for both fans of our music and fans of counter culture in general... let's just say we're stepping up our business game big time!!

Who did each of you grow up listening to?
Andres - A lot of punk rock and heavy rock, Minor Threat, NOFX, Rage Against The Machine etc.

It wasn't until high school that Calmp and Tonio got me really into Hip Hop...

Calmp - Wu-tang Clan, Do or Die, DMX, , Ugk Swisha House anything 90's hip hop n r&b

Tonio - Camp lo. Pharcyde. Juvenile. Tego calderon. Bone thugs n harmony.

Does 1SOL have anything special cooking up for their fans?
We have a lot of different projects we're currently working on, but one thing we're really looking forward to is our tour next year... We're going to film everything along the way so we can make a documentary style dvd for fans... We hope to show fans how much fun this lifestyle is, but also show other serious aspiring artists what it takes to really make something of a rap group...

Give some shout outs:
Our families, friends, and fans!! Our Manager Zac, Dj Freeverse, Kush Girls, BAD HABITS, TEXAS BATTLE LEAGUE, MITCH JAMES & CO., TUXZDO BLAKK, GoingSouthMagazine, Core GAMEFACE ENT... and of course Sherril for the interview!!!!

Hit us up on facebook,TWITTER @1SOL210, HIT US UP ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL 1Sol TV.........#CASHTHAT


- Going South Magazine

"Mixxtape Traxx review of 1Sol - "Wassup""

Do robots get stoned? What happens if you spill purple drink on the keyboard of a cray computer? Those seem to be the questions posed (in addition to the Bud-ad come-on) by 1SOL's introduction to the mixxtape. This team effort never really strays from the ridin', grindin', rollin', screwin' template, but the disaffected futuristic vibe gives us all a glimpse into the Matrix. It's overproduced and laptop-twiddled to the point that it's good all over again, which belies their claim to the "realest" crown, but the creativity displayed utilizing all those Pro Tools plug-ins offers a route to better living through circuitry. -Jeremy Martin - San Antonio Current Magazine


2009 - "HateTown" EP
2010 - "Purple In Da Glass" mixtape
2011 - "K'U'$.H" mixtape



"1Sol" was inspired by many great music genres spanning from Latin and Reggae to Rock and Electronic/Dance. With Filipino, Mexican, and Puerto Rican roots, 1Sol's unique take on the ever-changing realm of today's Hip-Hop/Rap can be recognized by any who follow popular urban music. As grade school friends 1Sol began developing their Hip-Hop styles and characteristics while skipping class to hang out and listen to their favorite music. The hobby of lyrical free-styling and a knack for making their own instrumentals on computer programs, keyboards, and beat machines eventually lead to 1Sol's pursuit of recognition in popular music. After months of brainstorming for concepts and a name for the group, "1Sol" was born. Among other things "1-Sol" bilingually stands for "Lone-Star" as in Texas, which is where they are proudly from. 1Sol records new tracks habitually and continues to passionately push the envelopes of sound and image throughout Hip-Hop scenes across the U.S.

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