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1st Rule Entertainment

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real hip hop....street conscious with out preaching.far from a back packer but has alittle bit of everything...well rounded.


i've been writing rhymes since the 80's ; i'm no spring chicken(not a young boy) but still not too old to be relevant in this game and contribute to this art form.
my influences vary from brand nubian,dead prez to bootcamp,nas,jay z,snoop,pharrell.i like all types of music and i get alittle influence from everyone whether you're an artist or not.
after years of being in a group i decided to do the solo thing and be able to express myself fully and let the world know who i am and what kind of thoughts go on in my mind.
what sets me apart from most artist is that i been around long enough to know how this genre of music started and where it came from so i have a great deal of respect for this art form.my music is relateable to all people of all ages.

Set List

2.lets rap
3.party ova here