Troveros de Asieta

Troveros de Asieta

 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, ESP

Troveros the Asieta gathers the inheritance of those roundtrips between the Canary Islands and America, incorporating of decisive form the forgotten percusivos elements in such, counting its subjects, with tendencies and currents of other music’s, result of the baggage and the musical maturity that have been acquiring their members, at the same time that have bet by the fusion of contemporary authors, between that are canary creators


Troveros of Asieta born in December 1991 on the island of La Palma. In its 15 years, has published 4 albums, "Traditional" (1994), "Let's do good"(1998),"always smiling"(2001), "Dancing with Lecuona"(2004), presented concert by the Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucia, Cuba and France.

The group includes the legacy of those trips back and forth between the Canaries and America decisively incorporating percussive elements left in them, telling their subjects, with current trends and other music, the result of background and musical maturity have members have acquired at the same time it has opted for the merger and contemporary authors, including creators are canaries.

In July 2003, Troveros of Asieta represented Spain at the Eighth Meeting of Septet (Festival are) held in Havana (Cuba), which for this edition was first international representation.

In November 2003 he participated as a group canary in the programming of WOMAD, with a cast of internationally renowned artists.

Poster is part of Tempo-Latino held in France in July 2004, one of Latin music events in Europe, which had at that time as head d lineup with the likes of Cachao, Olga Guillot and Yerbabuena.

During 2005 and 2006 the group has combined his rhythmic and forceful actions in the form of septet, with numerous performances of his musical show "Dancing with Lecuona" which also includes a CD and a DVD of the same title.

In May 2007, presents its repertoire on tour in Andalusia, which included performances in the cities of Huelva, Seville and Jaén. In July 2008, performs in the Expo Zaragoza, and in October the same year shows in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Auditorium CajaCanarias) her new show "My parents, my grandparents and I" which also involved, Fabiola Socas, Species The Beselch timple player and pianist Francis Rodriguez Hdez.

In December 2008, presents his new album "Here on the island, with the collaboration of the Cuban Albita Rodriguez and Martirio. This disc is presented for all islands of the Canary Islands and in August 2009 began the presentations by the Peninsula.

Troveros of Asieta also has its own festival, organized every year for Christmas on the island of La Palma, which has had in its previous seven editions, as guest artists, creators and performers with canaries, the likes of Benito Cabrera, Fabiola Socas Jose Antonio Ramos, Luis Morera, Luis Machado, José Manuel Ramos, Candelaria González, Fernando Murga, Hector Gonzalez, Ima Galguén, Ojalá Muchá, Elena González, Davinia Rodríguez, Augusto Báez, La Parranda de Cantadores, Arístides Moreno o Caco Senante.


Vamos a hacerlo bueno-1997
Siempre sonriendo-2001
Bailando con Lecuona-2004
Aquí en la Isla-2008

Set List

Cuentas Claras
Consuelate Como Yo
Mi Lindo Yambú
Aquí En La Isla
Son Para Mi Abuelo