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200 Proof Endeavorz Presentz Damien Voxx ...Pittsburgh Hip-Hop At It's Finest


200 Proof Endeavorz is a company determined for success. The company's owner Good Will founded 200 Proof Endeavorz in 2005 after meeting local Pittsburgh artist Damien Voxx who at the time was in dire need of production and studio access. Instantly the pair joined forces as FUZION to produce a sound which can only be described as street poetry. The diverse style of Good Will's production, and the deep lyrical track education of Damien Voxx was a perfect fit to produce a sound that until now was otherwise nonexistent. It was almost as if fate played a hand in the two getting together and completing their first full length album which is in Pittsburgh stores now. This album contains music for the people who want to hear it, and is not conformed to a generation of music focused on money, jewelry, cars, and guns. The pair released a demo in 2005 and got a strong response for it after being very limited in promotion, and is still receiving hits and attention almost 2 years after its release. A review of the new album can be seen in the November 22-29 edition of the Pittsburgh City Paper. Pittsburgh Local Music labeled Damien as a future Hip Hop superstar who's laid back rapping style will help you get into the seemingly personal lyrics easily while the music fits the message perfectly. Keep your eyes open for Damien Voxx and Good Will as they push the door of future wide open! A big “thanks” goes to all who support us and even more to all who hate and fuel us.


"Real Life Shit" Available November 25th!

Set List

5-14 Songs, 15min-1hr play time