Paolo Fanale

Paolo Fanale


The new, young, handsome Pavarotti !!! A prodigy since childhood, beautiful vocal tone and strength. Sings in Italian, English, French, German...opera, pop, classic....and looks like a Roman God.


Pavarotti has nothing on this guy. Prodigy since childhood. A voice that will leave you mesmorized. Studied in Italy and Germany. Singing since age 4, playing piano since age 8. Strong, brilliant, clear, expressive, lyrical, pop, tenor voice. 2007 - Performing in operas (Pucini, etc.) and sold-out solo concerts throughout Italy; 2006 toured with "Andiamo" (3 tenors) througout Europe and USA. Writes own lyrics and music. Specialty at this point is lyrical opera and Italian romantic music, however currently working on original pop adult contemporary project.


Parla mi d'amore Mariu, Surdatto n'namurato. These were released on the "Andiamo, Love from Italy" CD and DVD as featured on PBS television throughout the USA in 2006-2007.

Set List

Covers include Italian neopolitan love songs, Pucini opera and others, any and all Pavarotti (Nessun Dorma), Sinatra, Dean Martin, any crooner type music. A concert is usually 45 min to 1 hour.