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20 Minute Loop


"Sudden tempo changes, a total lack of normal chord structure & difficult harmonies are typical 20ML touches but the overall effect is far from challenging. In fact it's charming and pretty- it's pop after all. 3 full length CDs hardly do justice to its live show which is even better and smarter."


"...a lyrically charged indie explosion you'll love so much you'll feel perverted." musicemission.com

Vocal tag-team Greg Giles and Kelly Atkins blend seamless co-ed harmonies and thought-completing counterpoint with catchy and unpredictable songwriting, and have released three albums to date, most recently 2005’s critically acclaimed “Yawn + House = Explosion”. 20ML has been featured at Noise Pop, the Mission Creek Music Festival, on NPR’s Open Mic, Salon.com’s Song Search and they’ve shared the stage with numerous national acts, such as Frank Black, The Walkmen, Viva Voce, Rilo Kiley, Mates of State, Persephone’s Bees and John Vanderslice. 20 Minute Loop is currently finishing up their fourth album, to be released in 2008.

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Miriam Hopkins

Written By: Greg Giles

Tell me a story that ends with a gunshot, a smack to the side of the head.

Please don't divulge all the details that bore us... just skip to the end.

Whittle him down to a splinter of dignity, eyes with the shade of mascara she smeared on him. I want to walk back home holding the hand of her, I wanna walk back with her.

Oh, what did I say. You cannot survive my curse, once you lay down here.

Why don't you take me away.

Oh, with a twist on his sore little headstand, he fell for the pleasure of children who baited him. They didn't smile at his skill as an acrobat, only to laugh as he slipped and upset all the flowers arranged in a dirty milk bottle he kept by the portrait of Miriam Hopkins. The smiling lieutenant's adorable suitor. He heard her sing Clare de la Lune.

Why don't you take me away.

Parking Lot

Written By: Greg Giles

I'm not done.
I have more to say before the chorus comes.
Straight ahead, don't look back.
Back and forth is such a bore.
Chorus, bridge, verse and solo.
Stringing hooks along the shoreline until you score!

One more time, let me hear the song that makes the hair rise on my arms...

The radio's on, the supermarket parking lot. You wait for the song to turn around...

Dr. Vitus Werdegast (12 Year Old Stoner)

Written By: Greg Giles

Back then you were a twelve-year old stoner,
You listened to Zeppelin all day.
You thought Jimmy Page was a god.
A double-necked guitar
A white swan in your arms
And swan songs are long.

The Psychedelic Furs were the best band. They made the ‘80s melody sad, happy and sad, happy and sad, happy and sad, you called me a fag, you said I didn’t know what was rad. A black shirt ripped in half, the shirt back read that Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

Bela Lugosi Is Dead. Tell me who that is... A morphine addict’s grin you saw on television.

English as a Second Language

Written By: Giles

Oh, today, you found out why they don’t like you.
You found out why they don’t like you.
Oh, today, you found out why they don’t like you.
You found out why they don’t like you.
It’s not the same. Your power’s lost.
A crowded mosque where rows of faceless men resemble laundered sheets, and calloused feet like children’s gypsy nightmares when they misbehave, and parents creep beside their beds to whisper threats, a stolen child, his bones are boiled and thrown aside.
You found out why they don’t like you, you found out, found out why…
The infidels are fast asleep. Their dreams are full of Persians speaking Arabic through broken teeth, impossibly. When you learn Farsi, you’ll find out why…
Oh, today…

Our William Tell

Written By: Atkins

Bitter tongued and strung out
I strive to keep my lunch down
Yellow pads and needles
My hell is other people

Here we see that Nature
Is such a ruthless teacher
Nothing’s accidental
And you’re already spent

We played our William Tell
Soaked with gin and Benzedrine
I never shot so well
And they believed me

So lurid and traumatic
For my preservation
I’ll write it down again

You’re always slouching Joan
And where’s the child gone to now?
He’d rather be alone
Than see the blood stain on your brow

The Federales play
a round of blackjack with my change
The suits don’t steer the game
But they believed me, didn’t they?


New Full Length LP to be released 2008 (see song sample "12 Year Old Stoner")

Yawn + House = Explosion (LP, Fortune Records, 2005) "20 Minute Loop, has just unloaded the most absurdly addictive angst-pop record to emerge from the East Bay in, well, actually, ever. Yawn + House = Explosion is a ridiculously fantastic mash-up of pop hooks, slide guitar riffs, and dueling boy/girl vocals that either intertwine perfectly or clash magnificently." East Bay Express

Fortune Cookies II (Comp, Fortune Records, 2006) Including The Monolith, Herman Jolly and others.

West of Eden (The California Collection) (Comp, Zip Records, 2004). Includes: The Chantigs, The Shambles, The Sleeves, Anna Waronker, Persephone's Bees, and many others.

Split 7” Vinyl Single (Fortune Records, 2004) The Monolith/20 Minute Loop

Azadi! (Comp, Fire Museum Records, 2003) RAWA benefit CD. Includes: Charming Hostess, Deerhoof, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Zmrzlina, and many others.

Decline of Day (LP, Fortune Records, 2001) “20 Minute Loop is one of the more refreshing musical experiences I've had in months and months. Decline of Day practically begs for stupid music review fantasy hybrid-type descriptions. So here goes: say you've got XTC. Now subtract the TC, and pair the remainder of John Doe and Exene Cervenka with J. Robbins in a six-by-six cell haunted by Frank Black's muse, with only a Radiohead CD, a Flannery O'Connor novel, and occasional visits from the members of Seely to break the psychosis…” PITCHFORK – Rating 8.5

Fortune Cookies (Comp, Fortune Records, 2000) Includes: John Vanderslice, Bart Davenport, Etienne De Rocher, Deadweight, 20 Minute Loop and many others.

Self-titled Debut (LP, Fortune Records, 2000) "As the fronting members of 20 Minute Loop, boy-girl lyrical tag-team Greg Giles & Kelly Atkins have taken the best of the Pixies/Deal dissonance and cut it with the thought completing counterpoint of Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker & Carrie Brownstein. Hooky pop slides into new wave echoes as the two wax beautiful on life's ugliness - and stuff that makes far less sense: Russian airline disaster Aeroflot, parasitic worms, and an inhuman love affair between Bunnyman & Chickengirl. Atkins' crisp voice alternates between a sky-large wail and a throaty moan, set off by Giles' folk-singer restraint. The group's turn-of-the-millennium self-titled debut is one of the best local albums we've heard this year..." SF WEEKLY

Set List

A varied 8 - 15 song set from our 4 CDs, and assorted other unreleased songs. All original. Depending on the venue - we usually play anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. We can play a longer single set of up to 2 hours, or two or three 30-45-minute sets a night if desired.

Sample setlist:

Carlos the Jackal
Parking Lot
Cora May
Properties of Dirt
Force of Habit
She Hated Dogs
Face like a Horse
Mechanical Angels
Our William Tell
Let's Honor Ghouls