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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Band Hip Hop Indie




"Coast 2 Coast Presents the “Choppers & Triplebeams Vol. 1” by 20 Nickelz"

The new mixtape is presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Promotion and hosted by DJ Scarface.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) March 27, 2013

Hip-hop group 20 Nickelz has released the “Choppers & Triplebeams Vol. 1” mixtape. The 24 track project, presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Promotion, is now available for download. The mixtape features 20 Nickelz with appearances by Earleybird, Heezy, J-One, Tony Moon, and Silentmind.

20 Nickelz is comprised of members Tone Touch and M.O. representing Southern Virginia. Their talent and projects full of creative ideas has allowed them to make a name for themselves in the area. Focused on making music they call “street classics” the group will stop at nothing to build a solid career in the music industry.

“Choppers and Triplebeams” is a highly anticipated mixtape. Keep up with all updates by visiting their website.

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"Choppers & Triplebeams Vol .1 Mixtape Review"

What makes hip hop personal? It seems that in 20 Nickelz' case, it's the lyrics and the way you spit them out. 20 Nickelz is the group of Tone Touch and Momentum. Tone Touch was born and raised in Walterboro, SC and Momentum was born and raised in Chicago, IL. Both artists represent Virginia Beach, VA and their hometowns. The music of 20 Nickelz is personal, cool, and very hip hop. 20 Nickelz' explosive new mixtape, Choppers & Triplebeams Vol. 1: Valentine's Day Massacre, dropped on February 14th, 2013. This new release consists of 24 brand new tracks that equally represent the talent of Tone Touch and Momentum.
Each song sounds like a new experience. "All Together (Featuring Earleybird)" is a mellow, personal song that is reminiscent of family and friends. A great song that changes the pace of the mixtape is "Back 2 Back," a track that really revs you up and makes you feel totally badass. "Back 2 Back" truly represents the face of rap music today. "The Big Show (Featuring J-ONE)" has a melody that you could never get out of your mind along with an ear-capturing female singer oohing and ahhing in the background. The flow of Tone Touch and Momentum is undeniably fresh and definitely top-notch. J-ONE is featured on multiple tracks, proving that 20 Nickelz should consider adding a new member to the mix.
"Diamonds (Featuring Silentmind)" is one of my personal favorite songs off the mixtape. This song has a great guitar lead throughout the track and rapping that sounds like some of your favorite artists like Tupac and Kid Cudi. You would think that the song "Bad Bitch" would make you feel like a bad bitch, but the song is relatively mellow yet subtly intense due to the lyrics that are rapped in a really badass tone. "U Don't Want That" is placed in a very wise spot near the end, closing the curtain before the last track "Ask Ya Self" bids goodbye.
As mentioned earlier, the lyrics throughout the entire mixtape are well thought-out and very original. These guys represent their hometowns and the way they grew up when they were young until the age they are now. The best part about 20 Nickelz is the fact that you won't hear an imitation of another artist on their mixtapes; these guys are completely original.

- Tunage Magazine
- Tunage Magazine

"Barack Obama Reviews"

This is what I call HipHop!
it's got a cool deep feeling that Im earning "Money" Like "***** i'm at the top of the world" The lyrics was really really great! More songs of these would make the world better! The instrumental was wonderful and it feels like an Moneysong!
I really enjoyed it.

A good menacing back beat, with a haunting swirling string loop. The singer seems trapped in a scary world but is confident. Could easily be played on a contemporary rap station and fit in. The fade out is not really necessary, a cold stop would have worked better. I was hoping for something to jump out at me to catch my attention but nothing really did besides the dizzy violin sound, which really helps propel the over all tune and mood for the song.

The digital sounds in this song compliments the rap genre. The tone and melody of this song creates a strong harmony.
The dynamics of this song is average.The fine percussions in the song compliments the bass sounds. The beat of this song structures the song very well.
The vocalist handles that pithes very well with a fast tempo such as that.The dynamics of this song is not that bad. The lyrics of the song emphasizes the meaningfull vocals. The effects of the song is well mixed.
The songs chorus is well structured and I would consider this band as new talent. This Rap genre iss not rreally my style but enjoy the tempo of this song.
This performance is recorded professionally and mixed very well with great effects but the repetitive lyrics is a anti-climax. The low pitches of the vocalist supports the melody. I see much potential in this artist becoming commercial but i won't consider this as a hit.
The rythm of this song has a nice beat and tempo to it. No instruments are really used and much is edited with digital effects but outstandingly done.

Start very sudden and upbeat!
i like it, good rap song includes all elements of a success rap song!
singer has abeautiful voice and a suitable rap, in addition to any digital editing very correspond to the song, as i said very nice singer that is appropriate to sing rap, well i gave you 10 and good luck in the future!

This song starts off with a nice interesting intro that combines several genres - it has a dubstep/dance feel along with a general rap style. The song feels very 'epic' in a sense. The recording quality is fairly good, though there are some clarity/volume issues in the rap verses. I love the lyrics to this song, they're very clever and funny. The chorus is a little bit repetitive, but it is catchy and would be suited well to radio play. I like the engaging feel of the instrumental, it pulls you in. - SoundOut


Still working on that hot first release.



The musical world hasnt seen nor heard anything like the unique compound sound that is Momentum and Tone Touch. The dynamic duo has been known for hits since the release of their first mixtape, via CD Baby, Ground Work Vol. 1 in early 2005. Each and every mixtape after that was even more noteworthy than the last. 20 Nickelz is looking to take the industry by storm and lead the way with their all new motto K.N.O.L.U.V., meaning Knowledge Never Oppressed Living Under Violence.

20 Nickelz consists of two incredible lyricists; Anthony Williams from Chicago, Illinois: aka Momentum, and Antonio Simmons from Walterboro, South Carolina: aka Tone Touch. Momentum has been writing and creating music for 18 years, honing his skills since childhood to become the best at what he does on the mic. As an artist his delivery is powerful and concise ripping instrumentals to shreds as he drops bar after bar. Momentum has one of those flows that one must be very talented to complement. Thats where his musical partner Tone Touch comes in. Tone Touch has a strong music background in the church; singing in the choir at the early age of seven helped him to become the musically inclined artist he is today. As a conscious emcee he delivers hard hitting facts and untold truths in his music, letting the pain of the streets from trafficking charges to jail time out in 16 bars. This is what makes his music so relatable and why his undeniable talents compliment Momentums so well, and also why 20 Nickelz will rise to the top in 2013.

To learn more about 20 Nickelz visit their official website 20nickelz.com or follow them on twitter @20nickelz your ears will thank you for it.

For Press, Shows and Bookings contact: 757-255-8021 @20Nickelz @KNLVStreetTeam @ToneTouchInc @WndyCty21619