20 Riverside

20 Riverside


Called "the next generation" by the Staxx Brothers, "one of the best young bands I've ever worked with! Their energy on stage translates easily to any music lover and the crowds they play in front of eat it up! See this band! You won't be disappointed" Geoff Minor-Nightpiper Prod. NW music promoter.


Formed in Everett Washington (25 miles north of Seattle) during the spring of 2008 and named after the Sound Transit Bus Route that ran past thier houses. All six members of 20 Riverside attended Everett High School and were involved in Gary Evans music program, including Everett High Jazz Band.

Growing up in the blue collar city of Everett, thier music is an expression of thier surroundings, blending culturally poignant lyrics that at times sound like the voice of a green generation, questioning our country's policy of war for oil and fear tactics, speaking of modern love and the fellowship of freinds and family that help us endour and give us hope. Backed up by driving rhythms, wailing guitars, outspoken raps, smooth melodies, and three horn harmonies.

Performing live together since October 2008, the band's first performance was a battle of the bands in Seattle, where they took home the trophy and a bevy of fans. Since then they have been known to draw more than 150 of thier fans to a show, packing clubs all over Western Washington to see thier energetic live performance, that is full of personality and musicianship.

So hop on the bus and take a ride with 20 Riverside...All Aboard!


Currently we have one CD that we sell at our live shows, it is a professionally recorded live concert recording titled: 20 Riverside - Live at Columbia City Theater. It is our live set (at the time of recording 12/2008), 11 unedited songs, approx. play time is 52 minutes. We also have 5 (rotating) songs streaming on our my space page at all times that currently average over 100 plays per day!

Set List

Our sets are typically 50-60 minutes long. We usually play 45 minute sets when we are the opening band, can play up to 90 munites when we are the headliner, and can play two 45-60 minute sets with a break, when we are the only band playing.

Here is a typical set list:

1)Intro. 2) Green Inspiration 3) Sound Sitting 4) Saint James Jam (featuring James Orr on Sax) 5) There She Goes Again 6) Mad Facts 7) What You Got 8) Me and My Machine 9) I Disagree 10) Left Coastin' 11) Nothing Ever Remains 12) Throwing it Down Beside the Sea 13) (encore) School of Funk