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20THeReMiX, Taking Christian Hip-Hop to another level, you'll be amazed by 20's ability to challenge and minister to your group. *Evident Productions(Featured in USA TODAY) the studio he owns in Tampa, FL. is known for producing some of the hottest Christian Music on the scene.


20THeReMiX has an ability to relate to his audience on a level that could only come from a powerful testimony and anointing that God has placed on his life.

20 began DeeJaying in 1993. For 5 years his walk with Christ was fading and the enemy of God tried to keep 20 from the ministry God had called him to. After a powerful Christmas night in '94, 20 changed directions in his life, and began living for God once again.

After some time working in different ministry opportunities, 20 began writing christian lyrics to secular beats and performed them at various events & venues. After some time spent honeing his skills, working at Catalyst Music and arranging with some of the best musicians in the industry, he is now continuing in the ministery God has called him to as an artist and producer as well.

God has, and is continuing to use 20 as a powerful witness for Christ. Bringing an "all or nothing" attitude to the ministry he has been blessed with, 20 is truly the "Genuine Article" for Christian HipHop today.

Email; info@20THeReMiX.com



Written By: 20/20, Los-1, Beyond Skillz

:We, unashamed by the way that we walk and we, unashamed in the way that we talk and we, unashamed by the way that we move, and the way that we throw down will continue to prove,
We, unashamed by the way that we walk and we, unashamed in the way that we talk and we, unashamed by the way that we move, and the way that we throw down will continue to prove it.

Hands Up Feat. Urban-D

Written By: 20TheReMiX, Urban-D

VS. 1
No apologies given dogg its on when its on, cause I’m gonna have some demons heads off by the end of this song; infinitely gone, I don’t need permission to dawn the gospel in anyway that I’ve been called to respond; to hostile situations evacuating the room, from evil doers that be tryin to takeover . . then Boom; its over, and you don’t even know when you gasp what happened, the future has passed, it all happened so fast; but yo, I don’t need no one to justify me, all I need is Christ dogg and he’s right beside me; right behind me, every single move that I make, song that I write, record I break, record I make; but its on like Christ said, in it till I’m finished, till my very life’s end, dogg I’ll fight like Tyson used to, lift you up pick you up boost you, I thought you knew THeReMiX isn’t what you’re used to….

CHS.-------------------Get your hands up, if you down with Christ, take a stand for the truth, throw down for whats right, if you asking me why, I’m telling you “WHAT?!” Jesus is my answer, get your hands up; get your hands up, you down with the King, and ya’ll know what I mean, I’m gonna swing, to you, and straight up pursue you, I thought you knew, better recognize the truth when I’m coming thru…..
VS. 2
Eh yo I might pop some, like 44’s and shotguns, shootin for the truth, cause some of ya’ll don’t got none; its tombstone when I’m layin down the law baby with or without ya’ll, maybe I’m an outlaw; ready or not I drop hot save me a spot, meet me in the church or in the parking lot; cause I don’t care where I get down, long as I flow so all of you know, Christ is the real hero; and I fear no man it’s the same old saying, the same old song with the same old plan, the same Good Book got this insane man to make an insane hit for ya’ll to raise your hands….

(Urban-D VS)…
let this urban teacher spit some lessons, not so I can hear myself rhyme, but so I can spit some blessings; I’ve been through some rough sessions where life leaves you second guessing, worse than S.A.T. testing; found myself cheating, and later confessing, cause my life was flavorless like salad with no dressing; I’m stressing these ancient pages with wisdom that supersedes the ages with a spiritual key that can unlock souls from their miserable cages, guide you through the invisible mazes; now this commitment will kill you but Jesus raises, cause Jesus saves us, he’s so blazing; so amazing got me sitting in class with my eyes gazing out the window, thinking of this innuendo, because of our relationship my final breath’s not my crescendo ….

VS. 4
I’m still unashamed ya’ll and living it loud, pumping the crowd with profound lyrics on spiritual grounds; that we found to be astounding em’, that’s how we sounding em’, hip-hop that’s off of the charts, we get down; and you know we go round and round to throw down, this pound ain’t gonna break now; we hold down this ground to show you how, we can be free, infinitely, if you know Him say it with me Jesus, people make way for the King, I’m so grateful to bring the truth back to the scene if ya’ll know what I mean let me hear you say “WHAT” Jesus is my answer, get your hands up…..



An E.P. entitled "THE DEMO . . ." Released 09.06.04.

Currently producing the much anticipated Solo album "Unmistakable" which is scheduled to be released in June 8th 2007'

Set List

Sets can be arranged to accomidate any type of venue. Ranging from 5 to 25 minutes, sets can be adjusted to include speaking/ministry time.
If you are interested in having 20TheRemix speak/preach at your venue, please let us know in advance to prepare what God would have 20 speak on.

Details including length of set and venue should be decided on no later than 35 days prior to the event.

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