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"The Buzz(Jacksonville,Fl 07/2009 vol. 4 issue 7"

Twenty Weight (20WT)

Ryan Wilson (Guitar/VOX)
J Hooks (Bass)
"Little" Dave Kelly (Drums)

Web site: www.20wt.com

Reggae, ska and metal, together? You may be thinking, are you serious? Well, you sir obviously have not listened to Twenty Weight (20WT). The amalgamation of these three generally separate genres was formed out of the brains of Ryan Wilson and J Hooks seven years ago in the Florida Keys, moving up to Jacksonville in 2003 for greater access to the Southeast, eventually teaming up with Jax native, "Little" Dave Kelly in 2007. Born out of the ashes of a Roots reggae cover band, 20WT have built a loyal following from Florida to Maine playing their completely original brand of music. 20WT, however, doesn't like to be pigeonholed into any certain genre, preferring to let the music speak for itself.

Fans of 20WT are close to the band's heart, often providing the indie trio with the essentials needed to survive as a band, such as beer, a place to stay and the ever-important emotional support. This is not to mean that they rely on their fans for everything though. The band is just a three piece and they are self-releasing, self-promotion machines; completely a DIY philosophy. Splitting up roles, Ryan records and mixes the music and prints the band's tshirts, Jay acts as the band's booking agent and PR machine while Lil' Dave performs the task as street team commander and internet marketing guru. It's a tireless, and often thankless job, but it all pays off when they get on stage in Whereverville, USA and blow some minds. 20WT are definitely a band you need to see live in order to understand the ability of the members. When you are listening to the music on your iPod of CD player (or if you still have a mullet, cassette tape player), you can't fully understand that all of the resulting noise is coming from just three people. It's an intensive display of skill that will impress even the most jaded of audience member.

Twenty Weight will be touring their original reggae-ska-metal through Florida in July, hitting Lake City on the 10th, Vero Beach on the 11th and Tallahassee on the 17th. Always remember to check out their website www.20wt.com for the latest update on shows and to preview and purchase their latest album In A Tree, There Is A Bird That Sings, release this past June. - N/A


In a Tree There is a Bird That Sings, is the soon be released CD from this reggae/metal band. The mixture of reggae and metal it's not something you see often, if at all, but these boys definitely know how to make you want to listen to them even more. With musical transitions that will amaze, switching from one genre to the next...brilliant. Be sure to experience their brand of reggae/metal when they roll through your part of the state, and preview the new stuff: myspace.com/20wttwentyweight - All Access Magazine

"Live CD Review-Floyds Music store Tallahassee"

Formed in the deep south culture of the Florida Keys in 2001, 20WT moved to Jacksonville during 2003 in efforts to create an expanding fanbase that exists throughout the panhandle - with Tallahassee (Floyd's) serving as the vital hub.

Self-described as a reggae, ska and metal band, the trio out of Orange Park set the mood early for the respective bands to follow with a very energetic and kick ass set of their own.

Band members are...

J. Hooks - Bass / Vocals
David Kelly - Drums
Ryan Wilson - Guitar / Vocals

With a perfect blend of reggae and rock, the very energetic J. Hooks and Ryan Wilson repeatedly shook the entire stage with heavy riffs and energetic moves that appeared to explode out of nowhere following brief moments of reggae. Not to be overlooked, David Kelly undoubtedly stretched the respective drum heads to the point of no repair, snapping several drumsticks throughout the set.

Their set list included...

Fell Out
I Don't Care
Fool's Disdain
Comfortably Apathetic
Here We Are
Starin' In The Sun

Their approach was fantastic. Faster than a speeding bullet, 20WT rapidly blistered songs from the reggae style of Bob Marley, to that of the Police and the final conquest of Rage of the Machine within mere seconds.

Their guitar riffs during "Everyday" fricking blew me away.

It was fascinating to watch and listen to these guys.

Grab their CD "In A Tree There is a Bird That Sings"!!! - J Ozzy Reich

"Live From The Treasure Coast"

Reggae and Ska Meets Metal. This unlikely blend of music turned out to be the perfect coalescence for the 3-man band from Jacksonville, Fl, “20 WT.” Equipped with aggressive guitar riffs and clean, groovy vocals, the members of “20 WT” have unified three dissimilar genres of music to form my newest favorite sound.

“20 WT” is a full on happening of entertainment and ill sounds. They are a lively and enthusiastic Reggae trio, which is full of energy. During their performances, they broadcast a sick rhythm peppered with witty jokes. The fact that these guys have found a smooth way to incorporate heavy metal into reggae intermittently blows my mind. Since seeing “20 WT” perform at Filthy McNasty’s Pubbery three days ago, I have not been able to get them out of my head. The band’s stage presence and easy way with one another definitely radiated into the audience. Their music sends out a feel-good, chilling experience for all ages to enjoy.

The new CD, "In a Tree There is a Bird That Sings,” was recently released June 26th 2009 and is available through their website ‘20WT.com.’ This is definitely a CD you will want to listen to on a sunny Florida day whether you’re heading off to work or you are going to the beach.

- Rachael Vincent

"Only Rock-N-Roll"

There is a little band I would like to tell you about, they are called 20WT (Twenty Weight). This band is a fusion of reggae, ska, and metal. You would never expect to hear all three genres mixed together to become one. These guys will blow your mind when they hit that stage. It is amazing what a three piece band can do. They began creating their music in 2001. Ryan, the lead guitar player and singer, and Jay, the bass player met when they were teenagers and have been writing and playing music ever since. In 2007, the found the perfect drummer, Dave. Ever since then the band has been writing hard and playing harder. This mix of genres is one of the most original things I have ever seen. From Ryan’s vocal range and guitar playing to Jay’s energetic bass playing and Dave’s kick you in the gut drums, you can’t go wrong with a little 20WT in your life. We simply can’t forget about Cousin Andy who runs their merchandise table. He is one of the hardest working merchandise people I have ever seen. Once the band is done and one of them can sit and watch the merchandise he will walk around with a clipboard to get people to sign up for their mailing address. This band will send emails out and even give you links to pass along to your friends for them to checkout and download some of their music for free. These guys are simply something to be seen. If you are looking for originality, then this the band you should be seeing or at least listening to. They love meeting new fans and traveling all over Florida to do it. Every weekend they have two to three shows and they are even looking to possibly take this thing nation wide, if not further.
These guys call me their stalker. It is said all in good fun and I most likely am their one and only follower from a few towns. I have seen them play in three different towns and I am proud to show up to a few different cities to see them create their craft on stage. They are definitely a band that takes their music as serious as they take their partying off the stage. Once they have played, they like to mingle and drink with the crowd that is at the venue, thus creating a rapport and building up their fan base in each town they play in. This definitely has the makings of an already popular band to take their lively hood even farther.
I have seen it many times before when a band gets on and off stage they will either sit in the corner mingling with their band mates, ignoring the fans, or only speak to those that have been around a while. This band is not like that and I am proud to call myself a fan and friend of them. If you want to check the out be sure to check out their Website, MySpace, or Facebook.

(NOTE: Thank you for all the support Harmony, we are proud to call you our stalker :] )
- Harmony Stalter

"Musicbailout.net interview"

A great website dedicated to the Reggae/Rock movement. - Musicbailout.net

"20WT Delivers the Meat and Potatoes"

After returning home from a seven-hour Key Largo to Jacksonville trip, the power trio is worn out. Even though the cross-state journey should equate to at least eight hours cruising north up Florida's turnpike, the boys of 20WT like to live a bit on the edge.

"We were just on the road with Brooks and Dunne," bassist J. Hooks said. "As we were driving home to Jacksonville, their tour bus passed us. We waved, but I don't think they saw us."

By maintaining its down-to-earth demeanor and warped sense of humor, the metal-reggae-ska three-piece has stood the test of time, with seven years as a band.

"As we continue to mature, our music grows with us," Hooks said. "The music just keeps on getting better, as does the writing."

Forming in Key Largo, Hooks and vocalist/guitarist Ryan Wilson started playing reggae music together, fueled by the tropical, relaxing environment the small community provided.

"As we started playing reggae around the Keys, we still listened to hard music," Hooks said. "Then, when we moved up to Jacksonville, we molded the hard rock with reggae."

Following a plethora of diverse drummers, 20WT stumbled upon its present man, Dave Kelly, who is the trio's third left-handed drummer named Dave.

"(Kelly) brings such a heavy influence into younger ska music and has grown with us," Hooks said. "Both (Wilson) and I grew up together and played together for so long that we have a pseudo-ESP on stage. (Kelly) seems to have connected on the same level for the four months he has played with us."

With the profound correlation between the three individuals, it becomes important that its writing reflect the "ESP" that is shared.

"(Wilson) will come up with a guitar riff, and I will pick it up and let the creative process go, incorporating all the different styles," Hooks said. "Then we will try it out live and see how people feel it."

As its music develops, 20WT has seen a proficient shift from its first album to its third. "Our first album focused on reggae roots, and our second album transitioned to rock with a garble of sounds. With the third, Out My Window, we like to consider it our first album because it really represents the essence of 20WT," Hooks said.

While in the process of writing new material, lyrically the songs tend to be socially focused. With strong lyrics and a goal in mind, the trio hopes to elude the energy that makes them a live band onto the record.

"(Wilson) is always very poignant with the lyrics and has no fears about hurting feelings, because the truth does hurt," Hooks said. "But our goal for our socially-driven music is to get the representation from our live shows to the record. With a live band, you get your meat and potatoes."

With the best response to its music by playing for the youth, 20WT plays in Tallahassee at least once a month.

"Tallahassee is such a fun place. (Wilson) and I used to live there. It's such a great scene. You know that, on a weekend, there are at least 10,000 people out and living life," Hooks said.

After making the short drive to Tallahassee for its headlining show at Big Daddy's Feb. 8, its show was canceled due to the "Ocalafield" plane crash.

For 20WT's next show with headliners That 30/60, the trio hopes that nothing will stand in the way for the show on the first of March.

"We're hoping that March 1 will be a no-fly zone so we can have a great time in Tallahassee for an incredible show featuring That 30/60, Wait For Green and Sidewalk Fiction," Hooks said. "With cheap drinks and beautiful Tallahassee women, how can you not have a great time?" - Shari Leser, FSView & Florida Flambeau

"Review by John Mahofski"

“Out My Window” is a rock steady album unlike any other listen you have had this year, possibly this decade. Three guys that play music for the love of music and have been deeply influenced by PANTERA and BOB MARLEY present a combination of grooves, reggae, brutal riffs, beats, and flavor that has led them to play with countless national acts.

The title track’s intro will turn the listeners head, while the groovy riffs and tight production will lead them right into a reggae groove and an almost rap like metal hook. A clean approach surrounded by other genres makes it almost impossible to identify anything about this trios style. The island song “Coast” is almost comical when it breaks away from the reggae feel into quick yet ferocious guitar licks and eventually into a crunchy vocal.

This is party music that makes the listener wish they could see this bunch live just to make sure all of this is really happening. A real nice listen and addition to anyones catalogue. If you are looking to give an independent a chance this is the one. Their work ethic pours out of this album and is addictive.

Key Tracks: Don’t Affect Us, Out My Window - 1340mag.com

"Review by Rick Grant"

20WT took the stage by storm with its highly-evolved new sound, incorporating many influences like classic rock, reggae, blues, hip-hop and R&B. Ryan Wilson on lead guitar and lead vocals has put together a no-frills kick-ass rock trio of hot players, with J. Hooks on bass and J.P. Farr on drums.

From the first song, I could tell that these players have been "down the road" and played many genres of rock. Ryan Wilson is a showcase guitar virtuoso who cleverly combines many modulations of time signatures and keys into his songwriting.

Ryan and J. Hooks have been playing together for fourteen years, and have established interactive ESP between them. 20WT's songs are intriguing blends of various elements that fit together remarkably well. The trick is blending these radically different elements without losing the continuity of the song, but Ryan does it with smooth transitions and stylish presentations.

20WT's songs typically modulate from moody hard metal, a la Black Sabbath, to reggae, then segue into rap with clever turnarounds. Ryan's master of the fingerboard is stunning and his creative transitions are truly brilliant. It's a whole new approach to playing guitar, showcasing fast turnarounds to switch genres smoothly, so that the song doesn't lose its focus.

For me, it was an exciting confirmation of my vision for the future of rock, with hot players intelligently combining the best of all rock's subcategories into exciting new sounds. Only accomplished players who can make these fast turnarounds can even attempt this new genre. Thus, advanced musicianship of the guitar avatars like Hendrix and Jimmy Page is preserved and the music takes on a new integrity. - Entertaining U

"Skankin' Punky Calypso Reggae sounds at Lyrica in downtown Orlando"

Lyrica is one of the newest live music venues in downtown Orlando. It is formerly Cairo, and located at 22 S. Magnolia Avenue. The place is very spacious – around 11,000 sq. ft., with a large bar directly centered ahead upon entering the main floor. The dance floor area between the sound booth & the stage is more than sizeable, and the stage is large enough to accommodate a 9-piece band (which it did). The P.A. hits hard. There is an upstairs balcony overlooking the stage, which leads back to another bar & restroom area. Outdoors on the second floor is a rooftop patio overlooking Magnolia Avenue, with another bar. The venue’s capacity is around 1,000. Now, with all that said, I have to ask: Why in the hell were there only 25 people there? Oh, yeah...it is Orlando.

Apparently, a couple of bands canceled, which left only two live acts. Opening the night was Tampa’s Johnny Cakes & The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypso. This 9-piece band of pirates combines Reggae, Ska, Punk, and Calypso...all with a four-piece horn section, vocalist who plays the steel-pan, drummer, bassist, percussionist, and a guitarist who shreds up and down the fretboard. All the musicians in this band are tops, and as a whole, very tight. It’s easy to see past the musical skill that this band displays, because they have a scathing sense of humor in the lyrics and the live set becomes a party. It’s undeniably infectious...it made me want to dance, and I’m a crappy dancer. They raise hell on stage, and bring the good times with them wherever they go. Speaking of dancers, they had two of their Jellyfish Dancers present, which made things even more interesting. The Jellyfish Dancers are cute gals in island gear who do dance routines to the music, sometimes with their jellyfish props (modified umbrellas), sometimes without....sometimes on the stage, sometimes out on the floor. This is one of those bands that are so much fun, you don’t want them to stop playing. Another great set from Johnny Cakes & The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypso.

Next up was a Jacksonville, FL band called 20WT (yes, as in twenty weight motor oil). I had heard the name before, but was not familiar with their music. As I have mentioned in the past, I have a special place in my heart for three-piece bands, especially when they throw down. These guys did, and then some. Here’s where things get tricky...this band mixes Metal & Post-Hardcore guitar riffs, some quick-tempo Punk Rock, Reggae, Ska, and even a little Rocksteady into their sound. The musicianship of each member of the band is absolutely superb, with quick stops and smooth transitions between the styles. These guys change it up so fast, it’ll leave your head spinning (or, maybe that was something else) with powerfully distorted opening sections making seemingly effortless shifts into flowing Reggae, Ska & Rocksteady movements. After the first band raised the bar so high, these guys kept it soaring through the rest of the night. I’m still trying to place their sound...something like The Police of the late 70s would be like if they met with a freak temporal genetic accident with Quicksand, The Specials, Slayer, Tom Morello, and Madness. Take a second to figure that one out. Vocalist/guitarist Wilson clearly has vocal influences from Sting, and his intricate guitar work has virtuosity written all over it. Bassist J. Hooks has a heavy low-end, while walking up and down the neck. He was a little buried in the main mix, but it was obvious that he was doing some serious work. Drummer Dave has a lot of Stuart Copeland in his style, and held the band together like a machine. These chaps also like to party, and they have an unapologetic sense of humor in their banter between songs. An excellent set from a band I am looking forward to seeing live again soon.

But, where were the people? It was all but dead at a live music venue this large in the heart of downtown Orlando...big surprise. Service from the bartenders was good, and the place was clean & ready for a party. I wish the best for Lyrica to thrive, but they have an uphill battle ahead of them to bring quality original bands to a city of Emo scenesters, Hip-Hoppers, Techno throwbacks and reality TV devotees. I must continually remind myself that this is Orlando, and I shouldn't expect too much. Pardon me for thinking that people in this glossy metropolis would actually come out to support live original bands they’ve never heard of. If this show had been in any other large city with an active nightlife, the place would have been packed. I saw scores of people peeking in through the windows, as if they were saying:

“Huh? Who is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Me neither. Let’s go to Tabu...”

It seems that people in Orlando are more interested in WHO is there and how many are there, rather than exploring to see (and hear) what is actually going on. Sheep, looking for a flock. Lame, as usual.

-Marc Ganancias

- Marc Ganacia


"Out My Window" 8 song CD (May 2006)

"In the Tree There's a Bird that Sings" 9 song CD (June 2009)

"The Songs of the Mighty Bullfrog" side A of the March of the Frog Army release 6 song CD/Digital (May 2010)

"The March of the Frog Army" 12 song Vinyl/Digital (Sept 2010)

Radio play in:
St. Augustine
Florida Keys
St. Martin
St. Thomas

Rad Girls (season 2 &3)
Emerald Dreams II DVD
Mohawk Bomb Records-No Lip Volume 3

Crazy Dave's Music
Silver Surfer Vaporizer



Brewed in the deep south culture of the Florida Keys in 2001, 20WT (“Twenty Weight”) moved to Jacksonville in 2003 for greater access to more venues and fans throughout the Southeast. The band combines elements of ska, roots reggae and groove metal to create a sound dubbed Rocksteady Metal. Rick Grant of Entertaining U described 20WT’s music as a “confirmation of my vision for the future of rock, with hot players intelligently combining the best of rock’s subcategories into exciting new sounds.”

The members of 20WT continue to be happiest when they are working their hardest: booking venues throughout Florida, planning tours, collaborating on their music, recording, promoting their website (20WT.com), merchandising and looking for ways to expand. Self-sufficiency has always been their mantra. They own their own screenpress to print shirts, have their own studio for recording and do all of their own promoting. 20WT’s music is currently playing on indie stations in Florida, Germany and Canada, as well as the local hours on major stations in Florida. The members of 20WT love what they do, and it never feels like work when you’re doing what you love. “If you don’t have something you’re passionate about and run it down to the fullest, then F it, you’re just everybody else.”- Ryan Wilson (Vocals)

At the core of 20WT’s music and motivation are Ryan Wilson (guitar, vox), Jay Hooks (bass) and Dave Kelly (drums). Ryan and Jay met in the Florida Keys when they were 15, and have been writing and playing music together ever since. Ryan’s aggressive riffs and smooth vocals reflect the tone of his bold and sometimes biting lyrics. Jay’s pocket groove bass playing shakes glasses off the bar and his enthusiasm on stage connects the crowd with the band. In 2007 Ryan and Jay teamed up with Jacksonville native Dave Kelly on drums, who sets the pace with his driving rhythms and boundless energy. The combined styles and sounds of 20WT’s three members create an impressive experience. John Mahofski of 1340Mag wrote, “This is party music that makes the listener wish they could see this band live just to make sure all of this is really happening.”

Having shared the stage with such acts as Authority Zero, Burn Season, Crash Kings, Chuck Berry, Eek-A-Mouse, Flobots,Ky-Mani Marley, Nonpoint, O.P.M.,Outlaw Nation, Paper Tongues, Pepper, Phunk Junkeez, P.O.D, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Run (from Run DMC), Shinedown, Puddle of Mud, Slightly Stoopid, Steven tyler (Aerosmith), The Toasters, and The Voodoo Glow Skulls, 20WT continues to remain humble. A trait the fans notice and appreciate. "You're not gonna see us sitting in the green room or in the van. Were going to be in the crowd hanging out with our Brothers and Sisters."- Lil' Dave (Drums)

20WT will continue to promote and play in Florida in 2010, focusing on college towns, major cities,and coastal communities for expanding their fan base. Like their influences, 20WT’s fan base is diverse – ranging from rural to urban, 8 years old to 60, music lover to party central. One young fan was recently suspended from school for holding a milk-chugging contest in the cafeteria after witnessing 20WT’s trademark beer-chugging contest at a show in Lake City. That hasn’t stopped her from attending 20WT’s shows when they are playing in town, but her dad does make sure she takes it easy on the chocolate milk.