Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company

Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company


Aesthetic Realism Theatre Co. performs “Rock 'n' Roll, the Opposites & Our Greatest Hopes—a Celebration!” Hear electrifying singing of rock favorites, & comments bring out the meaning of the music and why people love it so much! And "Ethics Is a Force! Songs about Labor"--popular labor song event!


Musical productions by the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company (Artistic Director, Anne Fielding) are an innovative, exciting art form: Musical productions are thrilling, with songs from Broadway, rock ‘n’ roll, unions, American folk ballads, Gilbert and Sullivan.

Two productions are "Rock 'n' Roll, the Opposites, & Our Greatest Hopes--a Celebration!" and "Ethics Is a Force!--Songs about Labor." "Ethics Is a Force!" has been performed for union conferences throughout the United States, including in Las Vegas. You can see photos at .

The mingling of entertainment and education in Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company productions is unique, an authentic encouragement of artistic integrity and depth. The basis of all we do is this principle of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism, stated by its founder Eli Siegel: “All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.” Through music, the audience and performing artists alike honestly feel the world makes sense as they see it has an aesthetic structure, the oneness of opposites such as closeness and clash, freedom and order, power and delicacy, the lightsome and the serious. Through our productions, men and women learn about their own lives from the meaning and technique of art.

Also, the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company presents staged dramatic readings that interweave scenes from dramatic works with incisive commentary on the author’s intention, the motivation of the characters, the artistry of the dialogue. Our constantly evolving repertoire is based on groundbreaking talks by Eli Siegel, on plays by Shakespeare, Moliere, Sheridan, Ibsen, Strindberg, O’Neill, George Kelly and more. The company also stages dramatic presentations of some of the great novels of all time.

The Company’s presentations show too how art is completely opposed to the most hurtful thing in people: the desire for contempt, the “addition to self through the lessening of something else.”

Outreach programs include performing in theatres, libraries, community centers; as well as fully staged productions at the not-for-profit Aesthetic Realism Foundation in NYC.

Set List

Title: "Ethics Is a Force! Songs about Labor" Passionate songs such as "The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)"; "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"; "Nine to Five"; "Sixteen Tons"; "Joe Hill"; "Workingfolk, Unite"; "Solidarity Forever." The performers mean what they sing and comment importantly on the significance of the songs to America NOW! 40 minute production

"Rock 'n' Roll, the Opposites, & Our Greatest Hopes--A Celebration!" --including
In the Still of the Night, by Fred Parris
Heat Wave, by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, & Edward Holland, Jr.
Runaround Sue, by Dion DiMucci & Ernie Maresca
Earth Angel, by Curtis Williams, et al