Mark Savage jr.

Mark Savage jr.

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My music is a STREET-CONSCIOUS lyrical style that plays off of society, humanity and life challenges. I try to put a meaning in my songs all the while listeners are dancing to incredible beat and word play! Sort of like Jayz and 2pac in one...!


DC1 has been rapping for more than eleven years now. Starting out at the age of twelve he began formulating his rhyming scheme with elaborate poems on his life and societal views. His inspirations early on were Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac, MLK Jr, Malcolm X and many other influential Americans. DC1 first performed at a talent show in his PFL summer camp, which gave him the spark to pursue this talent. He soon went on to performing on a Sneaker Villa tour around Philly, all the while perfecting his own craft. His style is definitely unique. Some say he has the potential to be another Jay-Z while others say his style reminds them of Tupac. Personally DC1 likes to think he has an original flow, that while may seem similar to other rappers, it is hands down a sound not quiet heard before.
Recently DC1 has finished creating his first debut mixtape, which boast his lyrical talents, and has a new single titled “Get Up Outta Dodge”. Also featured on this CD are some crafty singers, Kasheera, Adrienne and Ambrose, who helped bring life to this message filled L.P. DC1 also had a concert put together at West Chester University in the spring of 08’, called “The Vision Tour”, this show had comedians, singers, models, designers and a few other acts that made up a spectacular evening! The reason for this concert was to promote local artist and talents while giving most of the proceeds to a Hurricane Katrina Fund. The Vision Tour will be on its way up and down the east coast so be on the look out for it! Also at his school, West Chester Univ., he was considered the campuses “Renaissance Man” because of his involvement in football, TV club, rapping, working and going to class.
From laptop recordings to small studio basements to professional quality tracks DC1 has nearly perfected his sound. He is definitely ready to be heard by the world, which is one of his goals in life. Be on the look out for this young mogul, he not only raps but also he is currently working at a TV studio and makes music videos for local artist, on the side. Check me out @ Be All You Can Be Everyday!!!


I do have singles and songs currently released! I am working on my 2nd album...
Here are some titles out now:
Album- Agape'Delphia
Single- "Get up Outta Dodge"
Single- "Slide Off"
Single- "Air'eem out"
Track- "My Jeremiad"
Track- "Philly Soul"

Set List

four songs
"Slide off"
"Get up outta Dodge"
"My Jeremiad"
"Swagga Like ME"
20 minutes