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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




When I first looked these guys over, I thought to myself "Ok, a high school punk band. How good can it be?" After I listened, I thought to myself "These guys blow your high school efforts out of the water. And even some of your adult efforts." I was humbled. I admit it. They have the talent and skill that some signed 'national bands' lack. So, here I am, reviewing them.

21st Century Fugitives hail from Boston Massachusetts.

The Lineup Is:

John Lucas/ Vocals
Jimmy Bezreh/ Guitar
Jaden Mendola/ Bass
Jackson Kehoe/ Keyboards
Gavin Burke/ Drummer

These guys (Out of genuine respect for this band's talent, I am not going to call them kids.) are all very
talented musicians, and will go far. Even this 40 year old metalhead knows talent when he sees it. In fact, if guitarist Jimmy Bezreh sticks with it, he could have the title 'Guitar God' attached to him by the time he is 25.

Their upcoming EP called Regret Nothing, available on Itunes, is positively nothing to regret, that's for sure.

They bill themselves as an alternative band with the driving energy of punk. That is accurate, but it sells them short. Their music is definitely rock, and songs like Hurricane have a groove reminiscent of the arena rock bands of the 80's. I can see this band with the ability to rule a crowd with the energy of their songs. The songs are catchy and have great melodies. Their song, Epic Fail has some incredible guitar work that brings back memories of Guns N Roses in their heyday. Its all mind blowing how good this music is, considering how young the band is. The song Down has a very deep sounding metal groove to it.

I mentioned that the term 'alternative punk' while accurate is selling them short. The reason is that most bands that fit that description just use 4 chord progressions. An intro that is the chorus progression, into the verse, into the chorus, etc. Very basic stuff. 21st Century Fugitives music is anything but basic. Even the songs that have a definitive punk groove like 'Let Me Go' and Spy Master are are not even basic. Advanced is more like it. The music is that of seasoned musicians. I can't stop saying this, but I'm blown away.

I said 'High School band' but looking through their photos on their Facebook page, there are some that show them playing at a middle school. I keep telling myself that these guys are light years ahead of where I was in high school when my crappy band decided to play our first show, and thought we were rock stars.

Definitely, go check them out. My favorites are Epic Fail and Down. They have a Reverbnation page, a Soundcloud page , and make sure you follow them on Twitter. But most importantly, buy their album!!!

Record companies, take notice. Bands this young, and this good don't come around very often. And, a word of advice to the band...When the record labels come, and they will come, go with the smaller labels like Century Media, Rat Pak, or something like that. You want a label that wants you for YOUR music, the way YOU wrote it. The large record labels with all the pop crap on the radio will sign you, make you sound like every other crappy band on the radio, then toss you aside once they have milked every last penny they can from you. The smaller labels are where you want to be.

One last thing, guys..You're doing great. Keep it up, and don't let all the praise and accolades you're getting go to your heads. You're going to go far. Now, get in there and practice ya little punks!!!

Seriously, 21st Century Fugitives have gained a new fan, and you'll become one too. And, be looking for them to be touring soon! As good as they are, I'm sure they will be the easiest 'Fugitives' to find. - WILLIAM TELLTALE - MUSIC BLOG


21st Century Fugitives has tons of energy. An eclectic mix of rock vocals thrown into a mosh pit of heavy guitar riffs. It's like The Beatles on steroids. Stellar instrumentation, production and lyrics. This band possesses creativity, originality and talent, earning them a spot on our 360 Watch List. - 360 MAGAZINE - WATCH LIST


We are delighted and excited to bring to our online pages this next Rock band that promises to impressed music lovers around the globe. Meet 21st Century Fugitives, an original rock band from Boston, MASS, comprised of five 13 and 14 year olds. John Lucas on vocals, Jimmy Bezreh on guitar, Jaden Mendola on bass, Gavin Burke on drums and Jackson Kehoe on keys are the masterminds behind the magic of what makes this band a sure win. To say that this band knows how to Rock is an understatement, 21st Century Fugitives have created a terrific sound and style that will certainly put them on the map of the music industry quickly. Here is our spotlight with the band to learn more about their quest to bring their music to the masses. Enjoy!


21st Century Fugitives – Will someone please sign this band?!
By Mj Wilson | Published February 28, 2013

Just ran across some new music videos by 21st Century Fugitives, a band that I first heard about last year, that is made up of 12, 13 and 14 year olds. They’ve recorded a cover of Ring of Fire that just makes me laugh at how good it sounds. They’ve also re-recorded a video of them performing an old La Peste song, called SpyMaster, and they even have a great original song called Epic Fail.

God knows I’ve seen a lot of “up-and-coming” local bands over the years and quite frankly, not many of them (who were probably double these kids age when I heard them) sounded as good “live” back then, as 21st Century Fugitives do right now!

My “Going to bars and listening to Bands” days are long gone but if I still lived in Boston I would definitely go check out 21st Century Fugitives at one of their live gigs.

If you want to know more about 21st Century Fugitives, visit their Facebook page or YouTube Channel, or listen to some of their music videos, by clicking a link below.

21st Century Fugitives is: Jackson Kehoe, Jaden Mendola, Jimmy Bezreh, John Lucas and Gavin Burke.

21st Century Fugitives – Spymaster
By Mj Wilson | Published February 28, 2013
I liked the cover of this old La Peste song the first time I heard it. The guys from 21st Century Fugitives kicked it up a notch and this new cover version is even better!

A great cover of this song!



21st Century Fugitives – Paradise City & Spymaster
By Mj Wilson | Published June 13, 2012
I was exhausted after yet another drive down to Miami, and was just going to go to sleep, until I logged in to Facebook and saw that Peter Dayton had posted a link, to a YouTube video of this group of 12-13 year olds, performing one of his LaPeste songs at a Barnes & Noble.

They call themselves 21st Century Fugitives and they also cover the GNR Classic Paradise City.

This is how it all starts!
- MJ WILSON - BLOGS 6/13/2012 & 2/28/12013


I was exhausted after yet another drive down to Miami, and was just going to go to sleep, until I logged in to Facebook and saw that Peter Dayton had posted a link, to a YouTube video of this group of 12-13 year olds, performing one of his La Peste songs at a Barnes & Noble.

They call themselves 21st Century Fugitives and they also cover the GNR Classic Paradise City.

This is how it all starts! - MJ WILSON - BLOGGER Re: Peter Dayton/La Peste


As a music blogger, you get a lot of recommendations, some terrible, a lot just ok, and then you get the once in a blue moon rarity that blows you away.

I was skeptical when I was told to listen to a rock band made up of pre teen Boston bros- and like many I underestimated their ability to be ‘good’ in comparison to what we usually see.

But like any good blogger, I’ll be the first to admit that I walked away with my foot in my mouth. These aren’t just 13 year old kids, they are rockstars in training.

The 21st Century Fugitives is comprised of five little jammers who have done successful covers of legendary rockstars so convincingly that I’d even believe they were born within a decade of the original releases (it’s pushing 3 in actuality).

With a generation that’s been inundated with terribly autotuned songs by overrated artists it’s good to see that a few youngin’s understand the value of true rock and roll.

On top of the far out vocals, and live instrument swagger, the guys have a hipster rock style that’s almost too much for words; I mean, c’mon dude’s already got groupies…

My challenge to them is to get some high quality video, and cover a song where he can take some liberty with the melody and go crazy with the vocals…Dare I say Aerosmith?

Follow this unexpected talent on FB and don’t underestimate them…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bPTwqABdqE - FRESH MUSIKK


The winning band for the evening, "21st Century Fugitives", just blew the audience and judges away. Everyone was saying, "hey, where did these guys come from?" Well we do know they come from Quincy, Reading, Georgetown and Wakefield. Vocalist for the band, John Lucas, showed incredible skill in his vocals as well as his ability to comfortably take over the stage and with an added personal touch with his distinctive red glasses and Patriot's shirt. The band's stage presence was perfect and exciting and the skillful guitars and drum playing are what the judges and the audience were pleasantly impressed with. These guys will also have a chance to compete in the finals on Friday the 26th. - DIANE SOUCY - BLOGGER - Re: Marshfield Fair


These little dudes are AMAZING!!!

They blew us away!

Talented musicians, not old enough to do anything...except make music.

More to come from them, for sure. - WATD RADIO'S ALMOST FAMOUS 95.9 - Lisa Azizian, Marshfield MA LIVE


These guys are the future of Rock and Roll! - ROCK FOR A CURE 2012


Their oldest member may only be 14, but these kids definitely know how to rock!

Lucky for you we got their parents to sign some permission slips so they could be ROCKSPOSED! - ROCKSPOSURE


You have the talent of someone of your combined ages!

You should make music your career!

Great Frontman!

Your guitarist must have been conceived at the RAT! - JUDGING PANEL @ IN THE GROOVE BATTLE OF THE BANDS


What do you get when you mix five extremely talented 13 year-olds and Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses? I present to you, the 21st Century Fugitives.

When someone suggested that I watch these little dudes rock out on stage, I was reluctant to pay any attention. 5 seconds into the video I was 100% captivated by how perfectly the 21st Century Fugitives covered Paradise City. After watching the video over and over, I’m certain these guys will make it big some day. From instruments to vocals, their sound and talent is spot on. I wouldn’t be surprised if some talk show host called them to their stage.

So go ahead, watch these teenage rockstars dominate the stage, and be jealous that you weren’t this cool when you were 13





“I checked them out online, not expecting much, and I honestly went “Whoa, these kids are awesome! - Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphys



*** DROPKICK MURPHYS opening act '14, '15 @House of Blues!



***  NE ALBUM of the YEAR 2015 "Losing Time" -Limelight Awards!

*** NE PERFORMER OF THE YEAR Award-Limelight Awards!


*** LAST BAND STANDING band-NE Music Awards '14 & '15!

*** AIRPLAY in Boston; US; UK; AUS!

*** 2  SINGLES  in Top 25 - UK's TBFM Radio! 

*** RADAR Award Winner-NE Music Awards!

*** SELECTED for Upcoming RAT SUITE TRIBUTE DVD as "The Future of Rock" 2016!


Compilation Video https://studio.stupeflix.com/v/cX6DGDhkGTuR/

Bulls on Parade (Cover-Explicit)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn18iSOYtRU

Oppressor (Original Song) https://vimeo.com/124133441

Down (Origiinal Song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axLqNrWCqGE

Breed (Cover-Nirvanahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqmJjrtxqbE



  • "Watch these teenage rockstars dominate the stage." - Enthuzed Magazine
  • "They have the talent and skill that some signed 'national bands'  lack."-Telltale Blog
  • "I love this band...I love this song too, and I wrote it." - Peter Dayton of LaPeste
  • "21st Century Fugitives kicked some ass on stage!!!" - Rock On Concerts!
  • "The once in a blue moon rarity that blows you away." - Fresh Musikk
  • "Will someone please sign this band?!"- MJ Wilson Blog
  • "Record companies, take notice. Bands this young, and this good don't come around very often." -  Telltale Blog
  • "Don't underestimate them." - Fresh MusiKK
  • "It's like the Beatles on Steroids." - Junior's Cave
  • "The music is that of seasoned musicians. I can't stop saying this, but I'm blown away." - Telltale Blog
  • "To say that they know how to rock is an understatement." - Junior's Cave
  • "They are the Rock Stars of the future" - Rock for a Cure
  • "Great Frontman"  - In the Groove
  • "Your guitarist must have been conceived at The Rat"- In The Groove
  • "These little dudes are AMAZING!!....They Blew Us Away" - WATD Radio
  • "Dare I say Aerosmith?" - Fresh Musikk
  • "I wouldn't be surprised if a talk show host called them to their stage." - Enthuzed

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