21st Century Trio

21st Century Trio

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Start with turntables, then add an futuristic instrument with a lot of strings, and round out the sound with catchy melodies and infectious rhythms. Make sure the players are incredibly accomplished, and let them perform with a blatant disregard for genre - then you have the 21st Century Trio.


Combining nu-jazz style with hip hop attitude, the 21st Century Trio performs original music with a modern line-up of musicians. From the booming beats and dope cuts of the turntable combined with the lush sound of the touch guitar, the two weave a solid rhythm section. But it doesn’t stop there! By adding live drums, thought provoking lyrics, or guitar, they bend the notion of a trio's potential; seamlessly moving between many styles of music. Together they explore the possibilities of future music with an open mind.


21st Century Trio EP [2007, Central City Records]

Set List

The Trio performs 2 hours of off-the-hook original urban and jazz turntablism mixed with blazing live instrumental improvisation and vocals.