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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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.22 has two previous records: 1998’s Watertown and 2003’s The Worker. Each record was recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago IL in 3 days.

These records were Excellent. These records received Favorable Reviews. If you liked Hüsker Dü, Arcwelder, Polvo, Spoon or Karate, you liked .22. But! Those! Days! Are! Gone! .22 got a brand new bag. These days it’s all AC/DC, The Birthday Party, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Buddy Holly and XTC. It’s the beauty of power of simplicity of clarity of fuck you this is how we do it.

The result? A record that .22 calls The Patriots.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Rocking, yet complex, .22 is a band that clearly deserves attention.” Skyscraper

“Finding a way to create a unique and signature sound is not a simple task for most guitar/bass/drum trios, but .22 does just that while crafting wonderfully listenable and engaging music.” Fakejazz.com

“.22 has something akin to keen problem-solving skills – they know what it takes to get the right answer, and they find victory again and again.” Lost At Sea

“.22 feels great the second you put them on.” Punk Planet

“.22 recalls post-Tortoise output by combos like Dianogah and Pinebender, and features zigzagging bass and pronounced shifts in dynamics. .22 adds spare guitar accents and shadings, and sings with the sort of doleful articulation that makes Silkworm so compelling.” Chicago Reader

The result? A record that .22 calls The Patriots.

The Patriots? What’s a patriot, you say? Good question. All flag waving and state funerals aside, .22 finds its Patriots in the quiet hero, the proud outcast, the unrepentant. It’s the punky twerp standing up to the cool kids in “School Song”. It’s the smitten solider in “This Is Distance”. It’s the doomed smokejumper in “Young Men And Fire”. It’s the young backseat slut freely dealing it in “Burlap”.

Or maybe .22 is wrong. Maybe a Patriot is the backstabbing media bitch in “Tass”. Maybe it’s the creepy Patriot Act-inspired narrator of “Cropduster”. Maybe it’s the jabbering cell phone subway girl in “Are You Still There, Cherie?”

Hey. Your call. It’s always your call.

The point? Do it Right. Do it Well. Do it Your Way.

Be a Patriot.