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Kokomo, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Kokomo, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B




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NewThousand11- released Jan.28th 2011
Do The Math- released November 27th 2011

Girl Crazy feat. Young Maine
Jeremy Lin
Like The Wind Blows



Jon Wheeler and Nathan Vent came together in 2006 with nothing more than a few notebooks full of lyrics, random instrumental beats downloaded from the internet, and an appetite for being on stage. What started out as a “fun thing to do just ‘cause we can” turned into an obsession that would take over everything they did and everything they were about.

The chemistry Jon and Nate had together naturally resulted into a collaboration forming the group 23-10. Jon and Nate focused on their music and moving 23-10 forward. 23-10 scratched and scraped to save up for music equipment and spent their limited finances to better the quality of their work. Buckled down in their humble, home-made studio, they spent most of their time concentrating on their craft. The typical high-school hang-ups of having a new car, the latest electronics, excessive partying, social status, and teenage angst never tied 23-10 down.

The origin of the group’s name stems from a breakdown of the word ‘music’; (2) two vowels, (3) three consonants, (1) one word, and (0) no limits. Essentially, 23-10 is music. Their style is a mixture of pop, R&B, and hip-hop elements. The group made its first impact in Kokomo, Indiana performing for free at charities and small venues. Now teamed up with 1Flame, the group is working towards a major mainstream release with their first EP Album, ‘The Nice Guy Theory’ and touring the mid-west to promote their project.