Who would have thought that three 18 year old boys are creating the freshest music in the country!


23jinx, a young Atlanta trio comprised of 18 year old Reid Bateh (lead singer and guitarist), twin brother Blaze Bateh (drummer), and 18 year old William Brookshire (bassist), has caused quite a frenzy with their sonic pleasure. Drawing influences from bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Mars Volta, and Cursive, 23jinx has created a brand of rock all their own. This innovative trio has become a favorite in the Southeast since they assembled in 2001. Since the band’s first time on the radio when they were only 14, 23jinx has had their songs played on some of the largest internet and terrestrial stations in the southeast, including Atlanta’s 99x, 105.3 The Buzz, 96 Rock, and Orlando’s Real Rock 101. After opening for Interpol in 2005 at Atlanta’s famed Music Midtown Festival, 23jinx was nominated as one of the Most Buzzworthy Bands in Atlanta by the Atlanta Music Guide. This was all done before they released their debut full length album, Curtains and Cannibals.
This 11 song LP features everything from the eccentrically-funky “Gallery,” the acoustically-touching “Chilled,” and the unique-progressive “Civilized Jealousy.” Each band member brings something unique to every song on the album. Reid’s distinctive guitar licks, passionate melodies, and unsparingly honest lyrics that explore emotions in their rawest and sometimes darkest forms, prove him to be the voice of his generation. Blaze and William are the powerful rhythm section of 23jinx that bring out the sexy grooves which set this band apart from all the others.
After only two months, Curtains and Cannibals has spread across the world through the majesty of Myspace and has had a tremendous response. For example, one fan posted, “This CD is loved by every type of genre lover!,” another fan wrote, “If you feel like moshing, chilling, or dancing in whatever way you want, you never want to stop listening to the CD.” 23jinx has had over 110,000 hits on their myspace, as well as a collection of over 23,000 devoted friends who are constantly spreading the word around the globe. With their debut album and energetic live show, 23jinx is bound to take over the world in a mighty revolution of sound!



Written By: Reid Bateh

Immersed in an era that I may never call my own
I sit as an intruder in what someone used to call their home
each picture is a memory whose point of view is solely known
each forever captured but never again truly shown

My room will be
a gallery of who I used to be
though its raised me
it will be a graveyard of memories

As each possession longs to once again be possessed
by an owner they once knew who left like all the rest

The room is caught in constant worship of its god
as the idol it has raised is forever gone
just one point on the timeline of an ever changing life
as it endlessly awaits for its loved one to arrive

Civilized Jealousy

Written By: Reid Bateh

Show you my smile
See my teeth as they grind with denial
I’ll keep marching single file
How are you it’s been too long
Make eye contact and move along
‘till our next confrontation
I’ll tie you to four horses fast and strong
and let them run you to God or where ever you belong
Why is it that making you bleed is the only thing I ever need
when I’m looking in her eyes

Tell me how you want to die and I’ll be happy to oblige
with one more look in her eyes
I’ll be the better man and shake your hand if she wants to see it and
wait till she’s not looking
Could you please be a bit more courteous
and try not to bleed so much

What did you do that gave you
the power to steal all the love, the love right from her heart
So you’re the past but when at last I’ve found someone I need to know
she’s given up her heart and soul
Let’s play a game you close your eyes I’ll maim you till you can’t decide
If you still want to be alive maybe then
when the very sight of you will make her cry
she’ll be standing by my side


Written By: Reid Bateh

Your smile slowly fades to a serious face and
your body is chilled to the bone
They all smile and wave in the sweaters they’ve made but
soon you know you’ll be alone
Soon you’ll be alone

Your very core has now been sold
and forced into their narrow mold
You know I’ll break before I let you go
Oh my love

Soon we will be alone

My old room is all cleared and good-byes are all I hear but
yours brings my first tear in years
They all smile and wave in the sweaters they’ve made but
all I have left now is fear
of being alone

My very core has now been sold
and forced into their narrow mold
You know I’ll break before I let you go
Oh my love

Soon we will be alone

Your eyes are firmly fixed on the ground
as you search for what could be so profound about
leaving the only truth you’ve found
Now my hands are firmly shielding my face as I
drop my bags and begin to brace
for a life that’s born from reality’s malicious taste

Their sweaters will fade in material ways and
the cold will devour their souls
Our world has now changed to an intricate maze and
we’ll wander around all alone
to find our way home…back to our home


Curtains and Cannibals LP (2005)
2."Polite Affection"
4."Miss Condition"
5."Body Language"
6."Civilized Jealousy"
7."Immortality for the Masses"
8."Warming Your Hands"
10. "Meaning"
Bonus Track= "I'm Sorry"

Demo (2004)
1."Show Your Teeth"
2."No Time for Innocence"

We have had radio airplay from both cds and currently have play from Curtains and Cannibals on various stations across the country.

Set List

A typical set includes our original tunes - 45 minutes.
2)Warming Your Hands
4)Immortality for the Masses
5)No Time for Innocence
6)Body Language
7)Show Your Teeth
8)Civilized Jealousy
9)Polite Affection