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"23jinx on 105.3 The Buzz"

"These guys are incredible! They are one of the most talented and original bands in Atlanta." - Aaron Hickman of 105.3 The Buzz - Clear Channel

"Last Call band no musical jinx"

Although members of 23jinx have yet to earn their high school diplomas, their band is no upstart.

Not only have they already made their mark on venues like the Cotton Club, the Roxy Theatre and Earthlink Live in Atlanta, the group also took claim to a coveted spot on the 99X Locals Only Stage at Music Midtown in 2005.

“It was an awesome experience,” said drummer Blaze Bateh. “We played for a crowd of about 4,000 people, and we still have people e-mailing us about our performance.”

Tonight, the group will be performing at Last Call with Super Camouflage, Resilience and rap-rock act Crazy Anglos.

n addition to their performance accomplishments, the young rockers released their debut album, “Curtains and Cannibals,” this month.

As for their music style, bassist William Brookshire said it’s “a little bit of funky alternative progressive rock with a Latin influence.” Also, the punching vocals and driving guitar riffs of frontman Reid Bateh make a combination that should satisfy anyone with an ear for punk sound.

Upon graduating from North Springs High School in May, the threesome plan to hit the road.

“We’ll be going on tour this summer with hopes of strengthening our fan base across the country, particularly the East coast,” Blaze said.

When they return, all three of the guys hope to attend Georgia.

By Katie Golden
- Red and Black

"Presenting the 2005 Music Midtown Locals Only Artists"

This young Atlanta band is all about in your face rock’n’roll. They promise to deliver a sweaty, exciting, and energy-fueled performance. - Atlanta Music Guide


23Jinx just released their debut CD “Curtains and Cannibals” and it’s flying off the shelves. The band comes to us from Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is a great town for bands; its support of the local talent and mixing these artists in with top notch established bands is the primary reason we hear so much from this area. 23Jinx recently appeared at the Atlanta Music Midtown festival, the same festival that featured top artists such as The White Stripes and Black Eyed Peas. Their musical style is closer to Stripes than the peas with acoustic to electric changeups, melodic vocals and raw guitar. The band is gaining popularity and hanging out in all the right circles. - Soundtrip.com

"Getting Heavy with 23jinx"

Delivering an ample dose of heavy sound and hard rock star style, 23jinx draws plenty of interest with killer rhythm and hot rocker appeal. With influences ranging from the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars Volta, and Rage Against the Machine, 23jinx describes their sound as "funky rock". Reid Bateh rocks the mic with lead vocals and guitar, William Brookshire lays down the funky beats on bass, and Blaze Bateh delivers the driving beat on the drum kit.

Their Saturday night appearance drew curious fans before curtain, awaiting a glimpse of the band that had been the subject of much speculation. The show was led by the mind-blowing percussion of Blaze, which helped the band overcome some sound and balance issues.

With songs and interviews on 96Rock and 99X and an impressive library of 50 original songs, one thing is clear: this is one band with serious potential.

-Adam Berlin - Northsprings Paper

"23jinx - Curtains and Cannibals"

From the sounds of early Incubus, to the feel of the Mars Volta, with a twist of straight classic rock, 23jinx brings an eclectic and tasteful full-length album to the table. From start to finish, Curtains and Cannibals is filled with driving guitar riffs, artistic bass lines and thunderous drums that fill the groove. The CD artwork portrays a vivid mindset of what this band is going for as a full package.

The album starts off with Gallery, which kicks in with catchy melodies over a chromatic chord progressionand back-up harmonies all over the place. However, each song has its own emotion and feel. 23jinx does a great job of seizing the listener with fast, up-tempo tracks as well as slower ballad-like songs. The guitars particularly stand apart with a raw and gritty classic tone and just-the-right effects in all the right places. Singer/guitar player Reid Bateh gets creative with his playing and vocal melodies, while twin brother Blaze Bateh and bass player William Brookshire IV hold down the rhythm with solid in-the-pocket beats.

Overall, Curtains and Cannibals has a modern sound with a unique twist. Producer Phil Martin grabbed the tone from these three guys and brought it to life with a crystal clear and next-to-perfect recording. Several tracks will make great singles and would be perfect for the FM airwaves. (Self-released)"

-Ryan Bennet - Southeast Performer Magazine


Curtains and Cannibals LP (2005)
2."Polite Affection"
4."Miss Condition"
5."Body Language"
6."Civilized Jealousy"
7."Immortality for the Masses"
8."Warming Your Hands"
10. "Meaning"
Bonus Track= "I'm Sorry"

Demo (2004)
1."Show Your Teeth"
2."No Time for Innocence"

We have had radio airplay from both cds and currently have play from Curtains and Cannibals on various stations across the country.


Feeling a bit camera shy


23jinx, a young Atlanta trio comprised of 18 year old Reid Bateh (lead singer and guitarist), twin brother Blaze Bateh (drummer), and 18 year old William Brookshire (bassist), has caused quite a frenzy with their sonic pleasure. Drawing influences from bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Mars Volta, and Cursive, 23jinx has created a brand of rock all their own. This innovative trio has become a favorite in the Southeast since they assembled in 2001. Since the band’s first time on the radio when they were only 14, 23jinx has had their songs played on some of the largest internet and terrestrial stations in the southeast, including Atlanta’s 99x, 105.3 The Buzz, 96 Rock, and Orlando’s Real Rock 101. After opening for Interpol in 2005 at Atlanta’s famed Music Midtown Festival, 23jinx was nominated as one of the Most Buzzworthy Bands in Atlanta by the Atlanta Music Guide. This was all done before they released their debut full length album, Curtains and Cannibals.
This 11 song LP features everything from the eccentrically-funky “Gallery,” the acoustically-touching “Chilled,” and the unique-progressive “Civilized Jealousy.” Each band member brings something unique to every song on the album. Reid’s distinctive guitar licks, passionate melodies, and unsparingly honest lyrics that explore emotions in their rawest and sometimes darkest forms, prove him to be the voice of his generation. Blaze and William are the powerful rhythm section of 23jinx that bring out the sexy grooves which set this band apart from all the others.
After only two months, Curtains and Cannibals has spread across the world through the majesty of Myspace and has had a tremendous response. For example, one fan posted, “This CD is loved by every type of genre lover!,” another fan wrote, “If you feel like moshing, chilling, or dancing in whatever way you want, you never want to stop listening to the CD.” 23jinx has had over 110,000 hits on their myspace, as well as a collection of over 23,000 devoted friends who are constantly spreading the word around the globe. With their debut album and energetic live show, 23jinx is bound to take over the world in a mighty revolution of sound!