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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Anchorage Daily News"

"An incredibly innovative live show featuring complex computer warps, drives, loops, electirc violin, mandolin, guitars, trumpets and music that defies description."- J. Mark Dudick 8 editor on Top Concerts of 2001 listing 23 Red as Number 1! - J. Mark Dudick

"Anchorage Daily News"


23 Red, a mesmerizing and masterfully orchestrated three-piece musical machine, was the highlight of last weekend's slew of concerts and mayhem that included performances by Sinking Felling, Fey, Arsis, Roman Candles and Nervis Rex.
Brothers Stacy and Steve Ammerman, along with Michael VanDerSanden, "got to it at last" Friday in the University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Center Pub to somewhat of a jaw-dropping effect. The group's take on sound experimentation is a far cry from the music they've played in such bands as the punk-tinged Brass Fifth and October's Wake, as well as most music in Anchorage- - PERIOD.
23 Red's power comes from the members' impressive gear collection and the extra tracks they've set up to accompany live performances. Extra guitars, live drums and keyboard parts are incorporated into the mix using DAT recording technology that leaves plenty of room for creativity and expands what a three-piece can do.
The members' decision to stick to their dream of not working a 9-to-5 every day and being "prepared to fall on our heads for 10 years" is a sincere, dedicated and honest precursor to what could be. - Matt Hopper

"Anchorage Daily News"

Missing 23 Red in concert is like giving up the chance to meet Man or AstroMan? and challenging them to a game of Pong. Luckily for us, both opportunities exist this week.
On Thursday, March 9, one of the most original bands in Anchorage performs at Out North Contemporary Art House. 23 Red traces Tom Waits, the Cure and Freedom 49 as influences.
Sporting a massive variety of complex machinery, electric violin, mandolin, guitars, trumpets, mutes and self made horns, this three piece outfit opened a month ago for Sinking Feeling. At the time, Steve and Stacy Ammerman and Michael VanDerSanden debuted the freshest slice of music heard around town in a long time. - Matt Hopper


Every so often an album comes around with a certain uniqueness that grabs you from the opening song, and then gets better with each listen. Every song on the new album "Level the Fields" represents a wealth of rock and alternative music styles. The fascination with this new breed of modern rock musicians is their instinctive ability to connect many genres of music, thereby shaping and molding it into something all of their own making.

23 RED's debut album, "Level the Fields" was mixed, engineered and produced by the band at Studio 23 in Anchorage, and mastered at the Sound Lab by Disc Makers. The album captures Steven and Stacy's unique sound, with guitar riffs attacked from every angle, addictive rhythms, and compelling changes. There is never a break, mistake, or a missed note. Perfection is the word and music of this nature grows inside itself, and it will grow on you with each spin.

La Ocean's Eyes:

Fight the Good Fight:

Level the Fields:

23 RED is now based out of Northern Az.


Feeling a bit camera shy


If I were describing a typical independent band then I would probably fill this page with a mouth full of over-hyped marketing crap in a desperate attempt to sell you something. No, there is no hype here nor am I talking about a typical independent band. Thats right, I am talking about 23 Red. Who and what is 23 Red? In a world of high-gloss materialism controlled by institutionalized thought, 23 Red is the rust eating away at the fake layer of crud, revealing a forgotten raw beauty that is a more accurate representation of reality. To better understand, take the pain and confusion of your world for a stroll through a gorgeous field of wild flowers. But don't walk so fast that you leave the rusting machines and spent shell casings alone to fend off the flocks of crows singing songs of hope and desperation. 23 Red is comprised of two brothers and a longtime friend. Their music can be categorized as a Rock/Alternative blend complimented by inner city drum loops and a diverse array of sampled ethnic sounds from the world over. Their live show is visually nothing short of jaw dropping, leaving very little guesswork to the listener as to what 23 Red is about. Picture a gritty end of the world scenario (Mad Max, Reign of Fire, Water World) with a raw beauty that gives one strength and a strange sense of comfort. They carry a mysterious, surreal presence that is powerful enough to buckle the knees of grown men yet warm enough to unlock the doors to creative thought within the minds of people of all diversities. Yeah......thats 23 Red. If you are given the opportunity to book 23 Red then straight up book them. If you are given the opportunity to see 23 Red perform then without hesitation go. Don’t even question yourself, even if it means canceling your wedding. Yes, in this over saturated music world they are that much of a valuable rarity. They are the beautiful little chunk of oxidized steel in a huge pile of tasteless gold nuggets and diamonds. Give them your eyes, ears and an open mind. In return they will give you a gift that may change your life forever. Now go subject yourself to their vision.

23 RED is now based out of Northern Az.