2/3 Strong

2/3 Strong


Our music consists of powerful vocals and catchy melodies overtop of solid rythms. Our music is a blend of rock, hard rock, acoustic, and alternative. Our live shows are powerful and entertaining. We all love what we do and really enjoy sharing it with everyone.


the band has been together with the current lineup since 2006. Matt Chris and Cody began playing and writing together about a year earlier. During this time they recorded their first CD "14 Days and Counting." Cody spent some time overseas with the millitary while Chris and Matt completed the band line-up. Now the band is ready to hit it full blast. We are currently booking shows, and always working on new material.


"14 Days and Counting" 2006

Set List

We play shows anywhere from a 1/2 hour to 3 hours. bands that we do cover include Tool, Nickelback, Alice in Chains, Bush, 10 Years, Godsmack, Rage against the machine, Live, and others.