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The "24K Music Group" represents the highest quality in music... "24K" to the naked eye represents the highest quality in gold. A pure, and sophisticated element that stands timeless. The "24k Music Group" holds the same standards, in representing the highest quality in music, and musicianship.


"24k Music" is made up of 4 members, (subject to change as the group continue to grow) 2 hiphop artist's, known by the names "iE" and "YS" (short for Young South), 1 producer/writer known as "KidRiv$", and 1 pianist, multi-talented musician Rockwell (also an up-and-coming producer). "24k" is based in Orlando, FL. Records at Plush Studio's, and is also engineered by "Mr. B The Blender" (the engineer of Kane Beatz).

The group is self distributed, self promoted... Funded and endorsed by "Doc Rivers", head coach, of the Boston Celtics. Rivers son, "Jeremiah Rivers" (KidRiv$) is the creator, and CEO of the group (amognst also being the producer and writer).

Each Member of the group brings a different outlook to the music, and diverse creativeness that allows for so much opportunity. To represent or describe "24k" as a Hip-Hop group would not depict them correctly. They are musicians, and the up and coming wave of talent, the next, the now, the future. Not to be mistaken as a "fad" or termed with "here today, gone tomorrow"... "24k" brings elements and creative aspect to the table that are not typically done in today's music/society. Thats what will separate them, and ultimately get them there just due.

Influences to the band range from all types, genres and styles, including artists, bands, and producers such as, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Hans Zimmer, Paul Williams, John Williams, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Prince, Howard Shore, and the list continues..

24k's main objective is to create a template of music that makes one "feel".. Through elements of a "grand sound"! Orchestral instrumentation, mixed with 808's and hard snares, synths, etc... Have created a sound that cant go unnoticed. The sound is real, sophisticated, edgy, and most importantly organic.

Each member of the group has a story, a different path... It all leads to the same goal in mind, and that is to push the envelope with music. "24k" does not want be classified as just another "hip-hop" group or band, and when you listen to there music you will understand why... Its about competing against the best in each Genre, it is about creating a piece of music, regardless of genre, where people lose all stereotypes or placements and just give in to what the music does in all sense's.

When you here Classic hits, Prince-"Adore", Kanye West-"Jesus Walks", Michael Jacskon-"Dirty Diana", its about the music, the talent, the genius, and the overall atomsphere tha it creates... That is "24k"


"24k" performed at this years 2013, SXSW Festival in Austin Texas. Opening for Taylor Gangs, Chevy Woods and Juicy J; at BAT BAR on 6th street, downtown Austin, TX.

"24K's" First Single and Video entitled "DEVIL" drops April 9th, 2013 via twitter, online music blogs, youtube, vimeo, and iTunes!

Album entilteld "24K" to soon follow at an undetermined date... A 11 track album featuring both artist "iE" and"YS" along side a few key features.

The Album is completed, and currently going through process's of copyrights, and mixing/mastering.

Nothing is currently available, not until next tuesday, stay tuned. To follow and keep up with the "24k" movment follow on twitter @JRivers25 @iE24k @YoungSouth24k @Rockwell24k