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"The logan Sessions"


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The name 2620 is coined from the address of the apartment that it's members along with many other Chicago musicians gathered at to jam and share ideas during the summer of 2006. It was really a series of unfortunate events that led to the formation of the group. Julian Harris, Raul Cotaquispe and group manger Dan Stady had the idea to rent out a nice 3 bedroom apartment in the Logan Square area, conveniently owned by Raul's grandmother. Long story short, the apartment fell through when Raul's grandparents decided to do some last minute remodeling, forcing the three gents to live into the efficiency across the hall. What was originally a temporary situation, ended up lasting into a 7 month living arrangement. During that time, the three men had the time and resources to collaborate ideas and formulate a friendship that would lead to the formation of the group. Soon, "2620" became well known as a refuge for local night owls who couldn't find a place to play at absurd hours of the day, as well as place where there was always a wide variety of beer. These jam sessions eventually became the basis for much of the groups music. As time progressed, the "regulars" began to form. Most of whom eventually became part of the current lineup we have today. The word of the apartment and its music was getting around the Logan Square mostly due to a local bar known as "The Winds Cafe", and Maybe the timing was just right, but it seems that right around the time that 2620 was beginning to form, there was a local explosion of music that circled around that local bar. By the end of the summer, 2620 was a regular act at "The Winds Cafe. Realizing that what had evolved from jam sessions to songs to a regular spot at a local bar, came a chemistry that was unlike anything the group had experienced before. This encouraged the young lads to quickly record a four song demo and create a myspace account and of course, this electronic press kit you see before you today. To wrap up the story, all of the members eventually gave up on the living arrangement and pursued other and separate apartments. And although there are no more frequent weekly jam sessions, the music lives on in what has manifested into, 2620.