Brent Leiva

Brent Leiva

 La Habra, California, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

The music is a cross between Rob Zombie/Beatles and Pink Floyd, i like to call it Future Rock.


Brent Leiva" Guitarist/Songwriter/Keyboards and BMI member, experience stems from the mid 1970s when I formed the cover band "Copy Cats" , which for 3 years performed all over California at various club venues, amusement parks and concert venues. In 1979 I formed "Pranxter" an all original band. I wrote all the original songs which in 1981 the band Pranxter signed to Peaceable Records with Producer Randy Nuret a small sister company of Warner Bros. In 1983 I wanted to expand and seek a new direction in music and songwriting. I put together serveral different original projects and continued to performed live and songwrite. In the mid 90s I put together one of the best Triubute bands called "Sabatoge" a tribute to "Black Sabbath", which was packing all the venues we played which lasted through the year 2003. At this point and time I decided to apply all my efforts into songwriting only. I have come up with a unique style stemming from Classic Rock I like to call "Future Rock". In 2005 I hooked up with Vocalists/Drummer Don Brawders who has worked with such players as Rusty Anderson, who is now Paul McCartneys guitarist. I have been working hard on the New Future Rock Material and have incorperated some Instrumentals as well. In late 2008 I started letting the music be heard by the public and Industry and have already been featured "Artist of the Week" at and also being accepted at which only 20% get accepted, shows a promissing future, so be sure to check it out.

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Another day Another Night

Written By: Brent Leiva

" Another day Another Night "


On the road to a place you would know
You could see ancient days in a row
like a book... each page numbered one by one
The story go- Until each one is done

The sun's up...then goes down
Another day Another night
I waje up... I lay down
Another way Another time

Out with the old- in the new- that's what they say
Easy come easy go memories stay

The sun's up...then goes down
Another day Another night
I waje up... I lay down
Another way Another time

Choosing a lock I finally found open doors
Tommorrow along the road you're on . as you explore

The sun's up- then goes down- another day another night
I waje up- I lay down- Another way to get through the life
The sun's up- then goes down- another day another night
I waje up... you lay down
You make your syake and roll the dice....

Spinning Circle Round the Sun

Written By: Brent Leiva

"Spinning circles round the Sun"

Creatures stirring full of life
on a hot and hungry sunny afternoon
in an alcove across the ghetto
homeless search through garbage for a bit of food
Bells tolling from a tower call to worshipers on the hours
still we know not what we'll find
as we go too far jusy for a piece of mind

Spinning circles round the Sun
Evert day for every one
Spinning circles round the Sun
On our way for ever

Lions and Tigers crouching in the jungles
pawing gnawing tearing at a fresh kill
Raging rovers comb the serengetti
as children learn lewed lesson on their way to school
Headless horseman drinking from caraffes
and wonder why they can't see anything
Eye in the sky watching every move you make
knows who you are, where you live and what you make
A mocking bird is chased by sparrow
as alittle boy is shot and killed in the hood
There's got to be a real answer
to the question, why things turned out the way they did

Spinning circles round the sun
What a crazy train were on
Spinning circles round the Sun
on our way to carry on

Spinning circles round the Sun
What a crazy train were on
All we've made can come undone
We've got to learn to get along

Spinning circles round the Sun
evry day for evry one
what we've made is what is done
in the harsh ray of sun
on our way today we're on
another day is done
Dark of night keeds the new day's dawn
Spinning circles round the Sun

Better Off Dead

Written By: Brent Leiva

" Better off dead "

In the middle of the desert where it's hot and dry
There's people everywhere who aren't afraid to die
I think of all the worries in the world today
and how the different countries
can't see it the same way

On sepyember 11th We were caught by suprise.
And like December 7th thousands were to die.
From where I sit it will continue to be.
Until certain destruction is man's destiny

We must stop the fighting that man has started
There's no one else to blame Not even the departed
The world must pull together so the sky's aren't filled with smoke
No more war and no more terror
and the world will have some hope

So now tou got the stoty. hope you realise
Mankinds fate is up to you and I
people all over must begin to ubderstand
That livin together was the original plan.