Kap Kap

Kap Kap

 Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Avant-pop meets Iggy Pop.
Danceable for the outcasts.
Kraut with melancholia.


Kap Kap was formed in 2006.
They started playing shows mainly in Finland, and recorded their debut EP called "Fullmooner" which was released in 2008. They played some more gigs. In 2009 they released a single called "Bardo". Full-lenght, "Holy Are You", was released in August 2010.
The band enjoy mixing different styles and influences, making the sound completely of their own. There might be lots of different songs, but there is the certain uniformity in them soundwise, and lyrically especially.

"At turns danceable, intense and hypnotic, Kap Kap conjures up a feral sonic landscape above which melancholy melodies circle and glide like crows over a wasteland. Each song has a tale to tell, often one of alienation, longing, the dregs of society, or escapism.
Kap Kap's debut full-length album, Holy Are You, was released in August by Cobra Records and has been unanimously well-received by critics and audiences alike."


Fullmooner EP 2008, Pingis Pong Recors
Bardo 7" 2009, Cobra Records
Seeing The Fire digisingle 2010, Cobra
Holy Are You CD August 2010, Cobra