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"Punk Globe"

An interesting CD to say the least. 28-200 consist of Mister L and Aimee who rotate instruments in this presentation of Surf to Goth music. It is a 4 song EP in which they combine dark guitar melodies with Aimee's lead vocals making it hard to classify but nonetheless interesting.........

The band is touting the first track "Heavy Like Stalin." Other tracks include "Thief", "My Room" and Devil's Mix." Check them out and judge for yourself... An A+ for effort and a nice promo package....

- Ginger Coyote

"Wichita City Paper"

28-200 Counts to Two

“We saw each other at art shows,” said 28-200’s Aimée. The Denver-based duo plays Kirby’s Beer Store this Friday, Dec. 15 with local boys Darlin’ Maudie. Aimée and co-founder Mister L. said that the group’s sound emerged slowly, especially since he had never really played music before.

“This was my first stab at it,” he said. “I went to a pawn shop, got a crappy guitar and I was on my way.”

“When you’re playing with someone who’s not as experienced, performance is a real challenge. You kind of have to convince them,” she said.

Aimée and L became the sole propieters of the group after a previous drummer and bassist vacated because of outside commitments. The change in personnel brought about its share of problems. “A lot of people are of the mind that you need four or five people in the group in order to play,” Mister L. said. “I think that people aren’t quite as open-minded about it as they could be but it’s getting better.”

28-200 calls to mind the solo work of Laurie Lindeen (ex-ZuZu’s Petals) and a host of other electronic-driven acts. The group’s self-titled EP moves through a fairly vast musical terrain from the opening moments of “Heavy Like Stalin” to the closing dreamy romp “Devil’s Mix.”

While the band multi-tracks several instruments in the studio, live is something different. There are pre-recorded sounds but the duo strives to achieve “whoomp.” “I think we’ve got the sound down,” Aimée said. “The real challenge is being entertaining. We have to pick up the slack for two people who aren’t there and try some antics to keep people entertained.”

At the moment the collective finds it difficult to work as a duo. “We’re kind of outsiders in Denver,” said Aimée. “But when we meet other twosomes like Darlin’ Maudie, they really embrace us.”

With both members emerging from a visual arts background, an artistic bent lingers over the music. “I look at music in a similar way to the visual,” L said. “Simple things, I want what sounds good." - Jedd Beaudoin

"Oyster Magazine"

Live at Scarlet Ranch - Incredible original music by Twenty Eight to Two Hundred. This is NOT the band to miss! Oyster votes "hottest around!" - Oyster Magazine


Demo EP (2006): Heavy Like Stalin, Thief, My Room, Devil's Mix

Asots of Otolar: To Be Released 2008

Trigger Man, I Kiss U, Blindfold, Yesterday's Face, Heavy Like Stalin, and/or Thief have radio airplay on the following stations:

•KTCL 93.3 (Denver)
•Indie 104.7 (Los Angeles)
•Radio Fly 1
•WDYN Independent Radio
•‘Nette Radio
•K94 Rocks

28-200's song "Wasabi" appears in CBS Sports snowboarding footage (on TV and DVD) from the Grenade Tour and Champions Cross.



28-200 is guitar, drums, and voice. Mister L plays guitar and sings once in a while. Aimee is on the skins and never shuts up with the singing.

28-200 is raw and simple. The music does not employ augmented 9ths. It can be described as neo-garage rock with a touch of lo-fi lucidity.

28-200 is unique. Mister L and Aimee are inspired by all that they see, hear, and touch. However, one should note that they hail from a star located in the crab nebula.