Decatur, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopPop

A lyrical combustion waiting to explode with lots of ambition, creativity and energy.


The music of 285Boyz music is best described by listeners as "Diverse, Inventive, Energized, and Captivating”, with musical influences that range from Too Short, Scarface, Oukast, GoodieMob and a host of other hot artist. The 285Boyz are also influenced by reality, happiness, pain, street life, poverty, and success for their generation.

Primary Genre: Rap
Secondary Genre: Hip Hop

Artist Information
Big Dre’- Rapper
Lil B- Rapper
Species- Producer, Rapper
Snipa J – Producer, Rapper

The story behind the scene with the group is as real as it gets. We started out as elementary school friends, growing up in Decatur, sitting around with a lot of ambition, creativity, and desire. We were constantly listening and absorbing wisdom from the OG's doing their thing in music at the time, while we rapped over their lyrics as the songs on the radio played. We used our imagination, and imitated live performances of “Rockin the Mic” with TuPac, battling artists like Too Short, while nodding our heads to the raps of Ghetto Mafia and Scarface and to Biggie Smalls “One More Chance”.
We were all talented, we just had to learn to be able to identify our strengths, work harder on our weaknesses, and come to terms with what it really was that we wanted to do in the music game.

Of course the journey took time and money, just like it does now. We did the backyard, house, pool, and street parties. We used what we had, and created a sound that at the time, we thought was decent. But as we grew and matured, we advanced to better recording equipment, attended more local talent shows, and listened to the radio daily to keep up on the sounds. We did this while continuously making our music, knowing that this was the way to keep our music style and flow current.

As we grew as a group, we identified the strengths each of us possessed. At this point, “Lil B” became our Freestyle Battler. We realized he had the flow and the lyrics to battle the best, so freestyle battles it was! Our sounds expanded because of various programs we were able to utilize, and we got more of a response because of the sounds created for us by “Snipa J”. For some reason he just kept’em coming, as he still does today. Our flow, along with the energy we bring to stage, is phenomenal. It definitely blends with the unique style and flow that is delivered by “Big Dre“ the moment he takes the mic, along with the charisma he possesses with the ladies, whether on stage or off. But who is more diverse than ya boy Species? From writing to arranging sounds, he comes with it and gives the term “unique” a whole new definition.

Our group now performs at bigger venues, and we have opened and performed on shows with artists such as Juvenile, Young Dro, Citty a.k.a. “Cookie Man”, Choppa, DJ Unk, DG Yola, Kadalack Boys, Squad Up, Chyna White, and many other great artists. The musical style of 285Boyz will appeal to fans of artists such as T.I, Outkast, Franchize Boys, and Ludacris. This authentically grimy and swift flavor of music will also attract fans of the music of Lil Jon and Three Six Mafia.

285Boyz possess the mentality and physical ability to exceed their goals. The greatest blessing of it all is that we realize who we are, where we are going with our music, and what it will take to get there! We realize that you can't rush to create "Hits". We will continue to create hits and produce quality tracks for our audience. Stay tuned to the sounds of 285Boyz, coming to a town near you!

We would like to thank all our supporters and fans who have been patient, and who continue to believe in 285Boyz. We have an established following of fans that have shown constant support throughout the years, and who have waited patiently for our album to drop, and we will not forget their dedication!

Please remember to order a copy of our promo CD online at www.CdBaby.com, www.Musicpowers.com, and also check out www.Itunes.com to hear our latest single, “Get It Gurl”. Listening parties and tours are currently being set up in several cities and states. Stay tuned for additional updates, please visit online at www.myspace.com/285boyz

285Boyz Single “Get It Gurl”
1. Radio
2. Club
3. Acapella
4. Instrumental
“Get It Gurl”, the group’s hot new single, was released to radio in late July of ’07, with the much anticipated release of their album still to come. The track was produced by “Snipa J”, with rap performances by “Lil B” and “Big Dre”. This single is sweeping the airwaves and will soon be featured on a compilation CD with other major artists.
Contact Information
Ms. Sharon Vines (Mgr)
Tel: 404-246-1964
E-mail: sharon285boyz@aol.com
For general information, please e-mail us at: da285boyzinfo@yahoo.com

“285Boyz will also be performing free shows in select communities and for various organizations. Give us a call for more information about bringing the group to your area!”


"Push it to Da Max" ,"Coogi", Swagg, "Get It Gurl", "Fresh Out" and "Get Like Me"

Set List

3 Songs
Push it to Da Max, Styrofoam Cup and Coogi