"Crank your amp up loud, no bullshit, scream, enjoy, show no mercy, who gives a shit? We are going to collapse the world and Rock and Roll is gonna be our message” In 286, there are 4 characters bringing back what some asshole said was dead, PURE ROCK ‘N ROLL."


286 is the culmination of 4 Los Angeles transplants. Fueled by the guitar and bass fury of brothers and Buenos Aires-Argentina natives, Martin and Nikee Verry, the project began with the addition of New Jersey native, Pete Pace. The three-piece musical component forged a classic stripped down rock sound that soon added East Coast punk rock veteran, Adam Joad, as the vocal component.

Celebrating their one-year anniversary in December of 2005, in one year, the bands work ethic and dedication was evident. With solid reviews of their stripped down rock revival style from around the world, the completion of independent tour, playing at world class venues like The House of Blues, Key Club, Cat House, Alice Cooperstown, Viper Room and even landing a slot opening for Brides of Destruction, the band has been relentless in supporting their debut 5 song “Profiled,” EP.

286 Bucks trends, ignores stereotypes, and has no time for the world of prefabricated music. With song subjects ranging from scenster hell, police profiling, to the prison industrial complex; 286 is smart music with humorous presentation that individuals representing many different types of music can appreciate.


This is straight up, in your face, rock 'n' roll. I know that term has been used, abused and beaten to death. Maybe it doesn't look good in print anymore. But, believe me, if any band can put the excitement back into that term, it's 286...and they did it with five tunes."

-Ballbuster Music (Kentucky)


Dark Carnival

Written By: Verry/Verry/Joad/Pace

One brisk fall through an
October sky
A salesman halts with a
blink of an eye

Storm colored clothes and
a rod made of iron
Lightening comes drawn
of fleeting desire

The handbills reveals a thrill
that's coming along
On the wind a breeze
carries a song

When know one knows where
it's coming from
By the Pricking of my thumb -
Something wicked this way comes!

Mr. Dark won't you make me smile
Wish for me my desires
Spin for me and one for you
Everlasting youth, can you feel it
All along the shadow show Pandemonium
The carnival arrives

Forgotten Song

Written By: Verry/Verry/Joad/Pace

You got the jigsaw fused
Through the books of law
A majority Hoax don't
Mean shit at all
Castaways push on towards
Forgotten songs, I let them
ring in my ears

So many times, so many lines,
I can't hear them all.
You want it all, but it's all a front
What are YOU doing now?

Pull the blatant noose
Till it chokes out the life
When speach is weapon
Sharper than knives
Native son moves on toward
Forgotten song, let them ring in
Their ears


Written By: Verry/Verry/Joad/Pace

I once had a life
Was drawn to the good fight
When snow is coming in from outside
I gotta get up and try
You take this battle to survive
H-Block on a hunger strike
Now our day will come to rise
They gotta open their eyes
In “Modern Times” when a man has to die
Arms outstretched reaching for sky
For the people I’ve given all my
My darkest exile
My life for the people
My life for the people's rights


286 "Profiled EP" (2005)
286 "286" debut album (2007)

Paranoia Metal Show (FM Spain)
UCLA College Radio
Penn State Radio
Radio Wazee (Denver)
Kill Radio (Los Angeles)
Colorado Rock Show (TV Fox 31)
Thunderground Radio (CA)
JCU College Radio (Ohio)
Free Radio Dallas
Talking Metal 6 (iTunes Podcast)
Wylde Radio (Chicago)
97.1 Triplets Talk Show (Los Angeles)
3 Way FM (Austrailia)
FM Belem Para (Brazil)
Steel 93 (NJ)
KWTF (Texas)
Audio Aggression
Ground Zero WRBC
In the Raw With Monte Smith (NC)
The Noise Hour Radio Show (Spain)
Rock Station Radio (Turkey)
Rock Station Magazine Compilation (Turkey)
Bad Attitude Radio
Global Assault Radio
RIFF Radio (Hard Rock Society)
Sympathy of Silence Radio (Italy)

286 is also endorsed by:
Hot Picks USA
Erotica LA
Scaredy Cat Tattoo and Piercing
Evening Cure Productions
Guerrilla Underground Productions

Noteable Performances:

Knitting Factory (Hollywood), The Key Club, The Cat House, 7969 Club, Cat Club, Viper Room, House of Blues (Hollywood), Anaheim Stadium (tattoo convention) B.B. Kings (Studio City) Alice Cooperstown (Phoenix). Headhunters (Austin)

Set List

Mr. But
Unemployment Blues
Broken Peace
Record Store Prophets
Dark Carnival
Forgotten Song