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"The Message"

"Crank your amp up loud, no bullshit, scream, enjoy, show no mercy, who gives a shit? We are going to collapse the world and Rock and Roll is gonna be our message” This could be a brief but very accurate description of what 286 is about. No virtuosity and no beautiful melodies because they would be in the wrong place. In 286, there are 4 characters bringing back what some asshole said was dead, PURE ROCK ‘N ROLL."

-Paranoia Metal Radio Show (Spain)
- Parania Metal Radio Show

"EP Review"

"This is straight up, in your face, rock 'n' roll. I know that term has been used, abused and beaten to death. Maybe it doesn't look good in print anymore. But, believe me, if any band can put the excitement back into that term, it's 286...and they did it with five tunes."

- BallBuster Music (Kentucky)

"LIVE in AZ!"

It was sort of like if AC/DC teamed up with Pantera while listening to some real old skool punk. I don’t know if that description sounds appealing but it was meant to, these guys really rocked. With two brothers from Argentina on guitar and bass, these guys had some driving low end and slick damn near perfect tasteful guitar leads – no crappy gratuitous guitar masturbation for the sake of shred. Their dreadlocked frontman had the gift of gab and colorful anecdotes between songs to keep the show flowing around pretty damn nice.

"Metal Rage"

Retro. I hate that word. It makes me think of silly big sunglasses, ridiculous t.v. shows, b-films and led zeppelin rip-offs. It's the term that is supposed to mean "like the old days" but is rapidly becoming a replacing term for "2005". Yuck. Especially when you consider that 99,999% of the bands that claim that sort of fame have a band that begins with "THE".

But out of the blue, in drops an EP entitled "Profiled" by a Los Angeles bases group called 286. And this 75% American and 25% Argentine band might bring Rock 'n' Roll in the best tradition, with punk side orders that sound like it comes right out of the same era as the high-rolling days of the aussie hardrockers, or maybe even the Stones or Stooges and MC5.. It might sound like that.. but here's news for you: THIS IS NOT RETRO!

No! It sounds too much like the earlie days of hardrock, it actually gets very close to the real thing. With a very fine extra new kick up to date kick in the butt, even though it is hard to put your finger on where this comes from. Feel good rock 'n' roll with a testosterone driven sound, good chorus lines and cool-as-fuck harmonies, who doesn't like that sortta stuff?
Above that every single track is topped off with a brilliant crystal clear (0% pro-tooled) recording sound. This shit is a+!

This is the refreshing impulse that my cd player needed! This five-song debut EP, contains some heavy heavy rambling rock 'n' roll that sets the right mood for an evening of beer drinking, it's that new record you hadn't heard before that makes you tap your hands on the bar with a coaster. It's that stuff you hear the cd-store owner play and buy straight away. It's an EP that would have made John Peel happy. And even better: it's the kind of recording that makes you really want to see these guys perform live!

European promotors and bookers wake up! Here's that band you want to get to the European mainland, before their debut album is released. 286 are hot, they're promising and they are so un-trendy that it makes them a trend before they even gotten on stage.

Check this one out (European readers visit the website, I do not believe this EP is sold in Europe), and be the envy of all the girls in two years when you can say you own their first EP, way before their breakthrough!
- Metal Rage (Netherlands)

"All Access Magazine Los Angeles"

It's increasingly rare to hear a new band and actually get excited about their future output. But this 5-song
EP, 'Profiled' from L.A. based rockers, 286 is proof that this band has a very bright future ahead of them.

286 are beginning to attract attention from all quarters at the moment. As they begin to make the
transition from "unknown" to "genuine" rock stars, it's inevitable that there are going to be those who
claim they are pale imitations of the legends that have gone before them. But, make not mistake this band
has a sound and style all their own.

286 are fueled by, Martin Verry - Guitars and backup vocals (Elmer/Seis Cuerdas) Nikee Verry - Bass and backupvocals (Elmer/Seis Cuerdas) Adam Joad - Vocals and Springsteen Rants (Despite Best Intentions) Pete Pace- Drums and backup vocals (Pivot). Anyone into classic sounding rock, who are lucky enough to hear 286 or see the band perform live, will quickly discover that 286 are indeed the real deal. Guitar fueled riffs, solid songs, particularly the titled track and the down right dirty swagger of "Broken Peace", will knock you
on your ass!

This EP has it all. At last, a band has arrived who want everyone to do one thing, GET YOUR
ROCKS OFF! Nothing too deep, no songs about how terrible the world is, or contemplating suicide, this
is all about letting go and enjoying yourself full throttle "286 Style". They've nothing to hide and what
you hear is simply what you get , a bonafide rock band who will blow you away.

286 sound like the balls out rock and roll bands from the 70's and completely rule. If you like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith with a big shot of Unida and Spiritual Beggars or any real hard rock for that matter go and check these guys out right now and get your hands on 'Profiled', you will not regret it. 286 is helping bring rock music back to the top and nothing is going to stop them.


- Tony Sison "All Access Magazine" LA


Coming up with recipes for different types of food is a hard thing to do. You have to read out the recipe, measure all of your ingredients, and finally, put them all together just right. Thankfully, the recipe for L.A.-based 286 isn't that hard to recognize. There's only one ingredient to this band, and it's rock-and-roll.

Writing something original in an age where rock is the predominant mainstream genre is quite a hard thing to do. There's always the people that will compare and harass bands for being unoriginal and for "ripping off" others bands. I don't think that this will be the case for 286.

My closest comparison for this up-and-coming quartet would be the Darkness, in only that the music is just as heavily based off of rock bands like that sort, but the comparison ends there. 286 rely heavily on blues-based guitar riffs; the whole EP is very fresh because of this. It's nice to see a band coming out and doing something different for once.

If you are looking for something fresh and original, please do yourself a favor and check out 286. Their EP is available for a measly $5, and quite honestly, it's a measly $5 well spent. This music is going to turn out to be the party music of the future, up there with the likes of Andrew W.K. and such. It's just that damn delicious.
- Carl Kraus

"EP Review"

Put together two brothers from Argentina, bass and guitar player, a singer from Pittsburgh and a drummer from New Jersey and what do you get once they get along? 286.
Influenced by the old-fashioned rock and roll and some touches of punk, this LA based band are living proof that rock and roll is not dead. Releasing a 5 song EP titled “Profiled”, this 4 Californians will rock you out with this high voltage EP.
And there is no doubt about it when you hear the opening song “Profiled”. It nicely reminds us of RATM, while the intro of “Broken Peace” recalls Slash’s Snakepit “Beggars and Hangers”. In fact, we can notice that 286 is influenced by the big ones, (wishing them not to end up like those). This EP gives us an idea of what these guys can achieve in the future, and like we said before, “Rock and Roll is not dead” especially if they are capable of bring it to the table with energy and conviction.
- Metal Sickness (France)

"EP Review"

Perfect party music!
High energy hard rock'n'roll from L.A. that kick some serious ass! To
describe it even better I'd like to give you a drink tip: Take some
some MÖTLEY CRÜE, put some ice in it and fill up with Red Bull (or
something similar) - Voila! A drink called 286 have been made.
These 4 dudes should be signed at once, 'cus these 5 tracks are fucking
excellent! Check 'em out right away! - Hard Rock Info (Sweden)

"EP Review"

I put this CD into the player and it fucking rocked! All the way through. These guys pull absolutely no punches. They are a solid hard rock band. The one song that really jumped out at me was "Profiled". I really liked that one. It's really cool to see bands like this jumping out and doing some old school rock and roll that at the same time is fresh and invigorating. They've got some terrific riffs going and catchy tunes and really melodic shit. I look forward to their next release and hopefully it'll have more tunes on it! Five ain't enough! - Rock Net Webzine

"EP Review"

286 hails from Los Angeles and consists of four gritty and vigorous rock n’ roll individuals. That’s right, in a time when it seems that everything America has to offer on the music scene is rap and angry teenage girls singing poppy rock songs, this new outfit unveil their debut E.P. Profiled which is packed with no frills rock n’ roll that can best be described as a punk version of AC/DC.

Singer Adam Joad screams his heart out. He’s definitely a distinguished front man. Argentina born guitarist Martin Verry handles his Gibson convincingly. The quartet as a unit stands very strong, and I’m sure with the right support in the business 286 could reach commercial success with ease. The five tracks here show that rock n’ roll is far from dead. The attitude and energy on Profiled is overwhelming. - Antenna (Denmark)


286 "Profiled EP" (2005)
286 "286" debut album (2007)

Paranoia Metal Show (FM Spain)
UCLA College Radio
Penn State Radio
Radio Wazee (Denver)
Kill Radio (Los Angeles)
Colorado Rock Show (TV Fox 31)
Thunderground Radio (CA)
JCU College Radio (Ohio)
Free Radio Dallas
Talking Metal 6 (iTunes Podcast)
Wylde Radio (Chicago)
97.1 Triplets Talk Show (Los Angeles)
3 Way FM (Austrailia)
FM Belem Para (Brazil)
Steel 93 (NJ)
KWTF (Texas)
Audio Aggression
Ground Zero WRBC
In the Raw With Monte Smith (NC)
The Noise Hour Radio Show (Spain)
Rock Station Radio (Turkey)
Rock Station Magazine Compilation (Turkey)
Bad Attitude Radio
Global Assault Radio
RIFF Radio (Hard Rock Society)
Sympathy of Silence Radio (Italy)

286 is also endorsed by:
Hot Picks USA
Erotica LA
Scaredy Cat Tattoo and Piercing
Evening Cure Productions
Guerrilla Underground Productions

Noteable Performances:

Knitting Factory (Hollywood), The Key Club, The Cat House, 7969 Club, Cat Club, Viper Room, House of Blues (Hollywood), Anaheim Stadium (tattoo convention) B.B. Kings (Studio City) Alice Cooperstown (Phoenix). Headhunters (Austin)


Feeling a bit camera shy


286 is the culmination of 4 Los Angeles transplants. Fueled by the guitar and bass fury of brothers and Buenos Aires-Argentina natives, Martin and Nikee Verry, the project began with the addition of New Jersey native, Pete Pace. The three-piece musical component forged a classic stripped down rock sound that soon added East Coast punk rock veteran, Adam Joad, as the vocal component.

Celebrating their one-year anniversary in December of 2005, in one year, the bands work ethic and dedication was evident. With solid reviews of their stripped down rock revival style from around the world, the completion of independent tour, playing at world class venues like The House of Blues, Key Club, Cat House, Alice Cooperstown, Viper Room and even landing a slot opening for Brides of Destruction, the band has been relentless in supporting their debut 5 song “Profiled,” EP.

286 Bucks trends, ignores stereotypes, and has no time for the world of prefabricated music. With song subjects ranging from scenster hell, police profiling, to the prison industrial complex; 286 is smart music with humorous presentation that individuals representing many different types of music can appreciate.


This is straight up, in your face, rock 'n' roll. I know that term has been used, abused and beaten to death. Maybe it doesn't look good in print anymore. But, believe me, if any band can put the excitement back into that term, it's 286...and they did it with five tunes."

-Ballbuster Music (Kentucky)