28 Costumes

28 Costumes


"Great Energy...Great Sound!" Robert Smith, The Cure. "Watching a live 28 Costumes show is a bit like witnessing a tornado ripping through London. A feverish determination to smash everything in their wake and leave the audience slightly unhinged" Who's Jack.


“Great Sound, Great Energy” Robert Smith, The Cure
"Frivolous, serious and totally genius" Artrocker
"An engrossing journey... full of risks and ideas" The Independent
"Truly, this is a work of rare genius" The Fly

"A torrent of Pixies-esque guitar belligerence over swathes of shimmering hooks.
28 Costumes have cemented themselves as a must-see” NME

28 Costumes are five people. Christopher, Anthony, Andrew, Joanne and Allastair. We were brought together through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events which happened over a number of years.

Named after a starving 18th century actor, we were born out of a conversation about waste in the back seat of a parked car in Liverpool circa 2004. Since that curious day we have played shows in all sorts of places far and wide, parading our craft through all corners of the world; magical secret forests in Germany; in Texas, where we hooked up with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips to play a song together for the Jay leno show; shows in moonlit vineyards, after-hours piano sing-alongs in old Irish pubs aswell as traditional shows with some of today’s most popular bands – Glasvegas, The Futureheads, Supergrass, Seasick Steve (who carved the bands name into his arm in marker pen for a festival show and exclaimed his love for us live onstage), Editors and Bloc Party and in June 2008 played a monumental debut Glastonbury show .

We've released a run of EP’s and singles and album ‘Fake Death Experience’ and now have our new single , ‘This Band Has Eaten All Our Money’ out through our own Rekordmeister label. Artworked with the names of everybody who has given us money over the past four years of which there are many! This single precedes our second album due our this summer!



Written By: 28 Costumes

We were holding
Onto hope that was fading
quicker than we realised.

We were caught up
In the maelstrom,
we were fighting off the kids
whose hopes we'd built

This time we've gone too far,
We don't know who we are,
Take it back to the start,
Speeding up our lives
that drift right past
before our starry eyes.
I hope we're going to last
searching for the prize.

No-one was listening
When Erika called,
The world seemed to stand still,
the world seemed too small.

It was high tide,
in the moonlight,
it was hard to define her in the dark.

She was moving, running, escaping
and tripping up her friends.
Don't push away,
people that chip away,
try to make you ok
and counting on their hands,
that touch your face,
bring you your hiding place,
give you what you can't replace
and asking you to go.


Singles/ E.P.

This Band Has Eaten All Our Money Rekordmeister March 2009

Erika/ Death Mask Smashing Music July 2008

Electrical Fever E.P. Invicta Hi Fi Oct 2007

Inside/Outside Spank Recs. Mar 2006

You Excite Me Spank Recs May 2006

Hurricane Spank Recs Oct 2003

21 Years Spank Recs Dec 2003


The Fake Death Experience (CD) Spank Recordings November 2004

Set List

Sets around 40 - 50 minutes
Erika, Death Mask, This Band has Eaten all our Money, 21 Years, Never Going to get Along With Him, Liked Me After All