28 degrees taurus

28 degrees taurus

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

explosive, dreamy, ultra romantic sounding neo-psychedelia with plenty of good times thrown in.


explosive, intense, dreamy, ultra romantic neo-psychedelia that walks the thin line between darkness and light... thats us! 28 degrees taurus... we are an ambient/indie/rock band thats come into being to take part in the wonderful sonic explorations of our amazing time period.. and to entertain the hell out of you or your money back! our sound is centered around the asian/middle eastern/ sonic youth influenced reverb drenched guitar and work of Jinsen. joining him in this adventure is karina dacosta who sings and fills out the low end and kyle courcy who provides the pulse. we have a sharp separation between our studio world and our live world as well. the records are dreamy, intimate and romantic pieces that sit somewhere between a Slowdive record and a Japanese folk-song. the live shows are a loud, ultra high energy, psychedelic, noise and chaotic freak out session usually done on mass quantities of alcohol. the group can be found performing shows regularly up and down the eastern seaboard. we love to party and entertain and to meet our fans in person and party with them afterwards!

our influences are wide and varied: 60s pop, japanese noise, the jesus & mary chain, cocteau twins, the brian jonestown massacre, my bloody valentine, sonic youth, slowdive and the bee gees come to mind immediately.

what sets us apart from other bands? we're in tune with our time period and try to reflect it is as much as possible without delving too deeply into the past... at the same time we try to interpret and save what we feel were the best elements and ideas of the past that we hope won't get lost or burried by the many passing fads of the forward movement into the future. but more than anything else there's an optimism in the attitude of the music that isn't found too much anymore.


a new template (2005)
summertime e.p. (2006)
2007 tour compilation/sampler
how do you like your love? ( 2008)

Set List

aquarian love, something to feel, single suicide mode, pinnacles and peaks, love surrounds, crash & burn, everything can go to hell, moments, phases and timing, low light