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The best kept secret in music


"Will Travel CD REVIEW"

28 gates
"will travel"

28 Gates is Tommy Jamin, Eric Barbera, Courtney Johns and Nate Hassan. With nearly a decade of playing the central Florida circuits and fine-tuning their funk-rock-soul induced sound, the group is looking ahead with its new release “Will Travel.” Put simply, the album is a 50-minute sonic trip that pleads to be played at full volume.

The opening track, “Drivin’ Me Crazy,” feels like a 50’s rock song built off of late 90’s alternative-style riffs and drum work. The songs kicks in with a catchy but simple chorus and a kick-ass little guitar solo. Following is “Inter-Transmission,” a song that really stands out due to the choppy contrast in the verses music and the ever-smooth lyrics and chorus of Jamin..

Perhaps the most fun, and funkiest, on the disc is “Now That It’s Been Said.” The song works off of some similar patterns as “Drivin” but stands out with its more intricate guitar work and driving drum track. The title track, “Will Travel,” shows great potential with its only shortcoming arriving with a somewhat underdeveloped chorus.

The rest of the disc sports songs like “Valu-Pak,” a continuation of the combination between some softer funk parts interwoven with some hard hitting rock as seen in a song like “Inter-Transmission.” A track like “Yin Yang” couldn’t say it any better; the perfect harmony that the band is seeking out between the upbeat vocals and the guitar, bass and drum work that so easily seem to blend together throughout the album.

The band plans to push the album with some summer touring coming up and by the feel of this disc, I could only imagine the energy that comes with a live show. Open your ears for a new sound, 28 Gates is here to stay.

By Matt Fisher

April 27, 2005

- Matt Fisher-Fliggil.com

"28Gates bring funky, fresh sounds to the scene"

By Cari E. Holland

"28Gates is unlike anything on the scene right now......funky and fresh with soulful grooves and upbeat jams. Their music makes you want to nod your head to every beat and sing along with every chorus."

Full article available upon request. - The Triton-Eckerd College

"28 Gates"

By Duss Rodgers

Funk is alive and well with 28 Gates on the set! The guitar riffs given on the three tracks I had the pleasure to check out, are truly straight out of the "How to funk archives"!!!
Seriously these gentlemen can set it off nicely with some seriously boomin' baselines and it is quite apparent that their guitar playing has been honed with some old school stylin'.
Throughout these tracks I had the distinct feeling that 28 is on the verge of breakin' out into something truly special! I wish I'd had more tracks to check out as I truly feel these boys have much more in store for us.
"Driving Me Crazy" was without a doubt my favourite track of the trio. Funky as all get out, it hit me with a hard edge while still kickin' out a groove feel. Nicely done!
28 Gates strikes me as a Limp Bizkit meets N'Sync group but with a "real" feeling delivery. Not to say that I feel that this will be the next boy band, but that they have a quality that a lot of artists today are really missing. Talent! It's apparent that a niche has been found in 28 Gates, that is yet to be discovered.
Record labels, be on the lookout...'cause in my opinion these cats have a little sumpin' sumpin' that can be truly appreciated on global level. I hear the girls screamin' already...somebody get an autograph!

Reviewer: Duss Rodgers
Stand Out Track: Driving Me Crazy
Artist Site: www.28gates.com
EPK: www.sonicbids.com/28gates

- Cats Ask Entertainment

"This cd is amazing!"

About the new album 'Will Travel"...............

This cd is an amazing piece of artistry from the local st pete band 28gates. This cd has all the elements of rock you would ever want to hear from a band. From the stop and go funk of inter-transmission, to the spacey rock vibe of will travel, to the hard rock of phase one, this cd should please everyone. Each member of 28gates also adds their own musical style and influence to every song. I highly recommend picking it up and supporting this band. - CDbaby.com Reviewed by Alec


Who's in the Mix: Everyone in 28Gates is 24. Erik Barbera plays guitar, Nate Hassan is on drums, Courtney Johns is the bass player and Tommy Jamin handles vocals most of the time.

Lowdown: It all boils down to soul and soulful rock. To describe their multitaste beats, band members say they have their own thing going. At live performances, you'll hear a mix of Motown, a good bit of rock's shock, and some pop. But don't forget funk! Each band member comes from a different background, but they share one source of musical inspiration: funk. The best part -- all their music is pure original.

What's Up With the Name?: One night the band's members were watching a show on Egyptian mythology on Discovery Channel where the talk was about gods flowing through 28 gates to reach an ultimate destination. The rest is history.

Outside Influences: The genres here are diverse. A couple of the band members listen to the newer Incubus and a couple listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers' easily recognized rock. Bits of original music are also influenced by the legendary sounds of Stevie Wonder and also Fleetwood Mac.

Home Gig: These guys typically play at the Orpheum in Tampa and Boomerz Boiler Room in Seminole.

Why They Do It: It's all about love! The guys of 28Gates do the singing for fun and passion, adding that it's what they want to do with their lives. "Life is about music," says Jamin, the band's vocalist.

Dream Gig: It's not about a favorite venue. If anything, the guys are dreaming of one day soon becoming "a professional touring band," as Jamin describes it. Perhaps touring Europe.

Downloads: Log on to www.28gates.com to hear a sample of their music.

- Slobodan Juric of St. Pete Times

"28 Gates “What Do You Think?” Review"

(14-track CD, recorded at Headgasm, St. Petersburg, Bernie Moran (vocals, turntables), Tommy Jamin (vocals), Justin McGrath (drums), Nate Hassan (percussion) Courtney Myles Johns (bass guitar), Erik Barbera (guitar), 52:11)

The band’s previous release was an underdog fave around the compound- a snappy ‘n’ tight power trio churn with some enterprising hip hop treatments, a welterweight Kid Rock spiel where the trade-off vocal sprees were very droll and continuously, uh… continuous. But you could still sense that 28 Gates were still searching for something different. Not the least wanting to be lumped with the heap of second-stage, shock-schlock acts. Maybe that’s why the new disc goes through so many changes, but still retains their dry verbiage and absorbing backing tracks. Like the opening “1:28,” where the light-hearted, mellowish moments are peacefully reflected in the island congas and gentle, folksy strummings. Is it only a preamble to the meaty aggro of “420 Degrees”? Hardly. Turns out the song title is a descriptive manifest, with the group traipsing through a wellfield of jazzy guitar chording, illbient turntables and chunky bass patterns in a quick-change of styles that signifies the versatility (and maybe a bit of attention deficit) due this group. Like the freeform throwdown of “Oddday” or the light funky comping of “High Life,” 28 Gates is slowly discovering for themselves that there is life beyond the Beasties and greener pastures besides Green Day, whatever and whenever you want to call it. They may be onto something.
(contact: Fat Toe Records)

Email thestate@gate.net - Focus Magazine 687 Central Ave. - St. Pete, FL 33701 - 727-895-3045

- Focus Magazine 687 Central Ave. - St. Pete, FL 33701 - 727-895-3045



1:28 from album entitled What Do You Think?(1998)

Driving Me Crazy, Now That It's Been Said, and Yin Yang from soon to be released album entitled Will Travel.


What Do You Think? (1998/ Fat Toe Records)
Will Travel (2005/ Independently Released)


Songs from What Do You think were streamed through our old sites radio station (98-2000)
1:28 was played in rotation on WUSF Radio (USF-TAMPA) in 1999/2000.

Now That It's Been Said, Driving Me Crazy and Yin Yang have all been played on on 97X (WSUN-97.1 Tampa Bay). Now That It's Been Said was featured acoustically on Local Motion (97X show) and can be heard and streamed through their web site.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Arriving at its present incarnation after nearly a decade of personal and musical growth, 28GATES has honed their sound. The Saint Petersburg, FL- based quartet continues to create such a musical BUZZ that even Bad Boy artist/producer Mario Winans wanted to sign them most recently. Throughout the years the band, playing together since high school, has evolved from having 6 members to 4. In 1998, the band released a full length CD "What Do You Think?" with independent label Fat Toe Records. The album attracted local and national attention fueling the band to tour throughout FL and The U.S. 28gates has also had the pleasure to open for many national acts including 311, Kid Rock, (Hed) Planet Earth, Everclear, Long Beach Short Bus and AudioVent to name a few! With the long awaited release of a new 13 song CD entitled Will Travel and plenty of gigs to back it up, they are ready to Funk you like you've never been funked. What do they sound like? What style of music do they play? FUNK, ROCK or SOUL? Brothers and sisters this is a question left for you the listener to ultimately answer for yourself.

Will Travel can be purchased online @ www.cdbaby.com/28gates and Tower records.com!