29 Needles

29 Needles

 Kingston, Illinois, USA

we started in 2007. overcome hard times as any other band, and are going as strong as ever. nothing will ever stop this band. we will be doing this until we die. this is what we were born to do.


Imagine living in a small farming community where corn fields are our oceans and factory smoke are our clouds. Seven kids hungry to make something more of it join together. As most bands start out, Billy Marchewka, Travys Lanning, and Bob Hart were just a few jam buddies looking to make something out of all the time given in their small, small, town of DeKalb, Illinois. After realizing what potential of taking things more seriously would do, Jason Warner was added in the equation as a composer/synthesizer along with vocalist Ryan Rood and bass player Tim Marchewka.

March 9th 2007 marked the date of the first show for 29 Needles; a local Battle of the Bands. Nobody was surprised more than the band itself when the announcement came saying 29 Needles had won. With this new found confidence, 29 Needles decides to hit the practice space to hone their skills and write new songs. After a few more shows, including one opening for Powerman 5000, 29 Needles decided to spice things up by adding a second vocalist. After lots of trial and error and a few could-have-beens, 29 Needles adds vocalist Brian Barry.

29 Needles first show with Brian was October 28th 2007. As if first show jitters weren’t enough it was a show with Brian's favorite band Dope. In just under a years time, 29 Needles played several local shows, several national act shows, and released a three song demo. In Late 2007, Brian had gotten married and became a father. In Late summer 2008 Brian announced that his last show with 29 Needles will be at the upcoming Scum of the Earth show due to him wanting to be more of a family man and be able to spend more time at home with his wife and newborn.

Tryouts began for the vocalist spot in 29 Needles. After a few tryouts, longtime friend Rory “Mode” Johnson of Defcon, Sherriff Scabs, Team Cybergeist, and History of Violence joins as 29 Needle’s second vocalist. For the next few months 29 Needles hammered out numerous local shows and national act shows. By the end of October, Rory announced his last show will be at Krystal’s Ultra Lounge October 24th 2008 due to him not being able to put forth as much time as he would like considering all the other projects he has. Also around this time, guitarist Billy Marchewka decides to leave the band for other endeavors.

With the winter break ahead, 29 Needles had a good couple of months ahead to find a new vocalist, a new guitarist, as well as put new songs out that will eventually go on the bands upcoming full length. After a long and cold winter the tryout process ended. Emerging victorious are members Bill Wallace on vocals, and Mike Pinta on guitar. Back on the right track 29 Needles spent all of spring, summer, and fall of 2009 playing numerous local and national act shows, had an five song EP release, as well as hammering out numerous songs for their 2010 full length. Now as the recording for the 2010 full length continues, 29 Needles aspires to tour, meet a ton of new fans and friends, hang out and have fun, and make something talented come out of what seems to be a hopeless, dead-end place in the Midwest.

29 Needles has the chance to play with such National Acts as: Dope, Bobaflex, Adema, Scum of the Earth, Rikets, Ekotren, End of the Rope, Powerman 5000, Nonpoint, Anew Revolution, Dirge Within, Soil, and Till We Die.


2008 Demo:
1. This Time
2. Animated
3. Nothing to Me

2009 EP:
1. This Time
2. Animated
3. Nothing to Me
4. The Unnamed
5. Father Figure

2010 Full Length
1. Intro
2. This Time
3. Nothing to Me
4. Animated
5. The Unnamed
6. Father Figure
7. Bound in Chains
8. The Letter
9. Grace
10. Betrayal
11. Fed Up
12. Bombshell
13. Smoke and Mirrors

Animated would be our single, and has had air play. This Time and Nothing to Me have also had airplay

This Time, Nothing to Me, Father Figure, The Unnamed, and Animated are streamed/have been streamed on myspace.

Set List

typical set list depends on how long our set list. weve played 20 minute sets to an hour set.

we are not a cover band so we dont do an hour set, have a half an hour break, then do another hour set.

so sets range from 5 songs to 10-12 songs.

when we do bar gigs we like to throw in one cover song. Beer by Psychostick. we figure what better song to play at a bar to get the drunks going even harder.