London, England, GBR

New and exciting Dancehal/Ragga act bursting out of the london scene with roots firmly grounded in Jamaica. The music sits on the fence blending Hip Hop in a attempt to crossover the genres. The blend will make it popular and appeal not only to avid ragga listeners but to a wider auidences.


Another self-confessed product of his environment 2Bad real name Tevin Philips is surprisingly far from the stereotype. His Jamaicaness, is understated with a chimney like mouth and vivid ascent being the only clear indicators. Raised by his late grandparents 2Bad is no stranger to hardship but he refuses to dwell on those experiences but instead strives to architect his own from rags to riches story. His grandfather was a reggae loving Rasta man is credited with rubbing off that love for music onto a young and impressionable Tevin. So after failing to get over that first love, he nurtured it and throughout his schooling days by constantly involving himself in all school entertainment activities.

By the age of 15, Tevin had left the nest with ambitions of making his dream of being a musician come true. His first break of barriers into the industry was getting access to a recording studio an opportunity he used to learn and harness his skills. Still miles away from generating any meaningful income Tevin took up employment with the Jamaican Fire Brigade an important job that spoke volumes about his maturity at a tender age of 18. In the midst of balancing work and studio, Tevin jumped at the opportunity to explore pastures anew in the form of England.

With no time to be a tourist he did not rest of his laurels making an immediate return to the studio, where he would constantly rub shoulders with the likes of Cutty Ranks who renamed 2Bad. This environment was a great boost of confidence, motivation and inspiration for the aspiring musician. Not being the one to shy away from hard work 2Bad continued where he left off in Jamaica this time even more determined than ever to prove his worth in pastures anew. He focused on Gigging supporting Jamaica’s finest music exports in and around London creating a buzz around his name in the process.2Bad stumbled upon a collaboration with Gory a relatively unknown Producer MC from Benfleet resulting in Bubble (Wine like a Genie) a promising single which is out on general release on the 6th of December. The successful musical cooperation has escalated into a business partnership with the formation of Lion Mountain Records, which is the platform, expected to see 2Bad continue on the up and onwards curve.


Bubble (Wine Like A Genie) Release date: 6/12/2010