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2-Bit Johnny

Band Folk Bluegrass


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Comments from Myspace Community"

Love that Dimestore Girl song....

That new music sounds good

Joe, the new tunes are great! Keep it up man!

Tinflower Angel is a great song man. It's awsome!...hey what do you record on?

Great music...Wow! It's real good man, keep on pickin'.

Let me know when you're coming to Fort Wayne, Indiana. You will have an audience.

Thank you....thats some damn good flatpickin'!!!

Trucker's lullaby is a masterpiece!

Great music. Where can I get a album?

Awesome sounds, makes me think of old times... Thanks for adding me I will definitely be staying in tune for more music.

Good music, I like it.

Damn Good Stuff!

You guys are awesome!

Love the feel of your music

This is real music...You're an influence...Keep rockin' man.

This is what great music is made of!

I love your pickin'!

Sounds like the real McCoy

Love that down-home sound.

I can kick up more dust than pigpen when Hometown is playing!!

Nashville Freight Train is the best cruisin' song ever. I put it on my myspace profile... I love to just sit around and listen to it!!

Hey Mr. Johnny, I really like everything I'm hearin'.

I like your vibe, even in lo-fi!

My favorite is Nashville Freight...I like it a lot.

I love your style!

I would love to catch a show sometime.

Ohhh I just love ya'll. Keep it comin!

This, my friend, is good stuff! Keep it up.

Love your tunes.

That's some damn good pickin' you're doin'. It's always good to hear a bit of the real thing.

Hello 2 Bit Johnny, let me know if you guys go on tour and want to stop in oregon.

Your music sounds great.

That's some good quick pickin' boy!

- www.myspace.com/2bitjohnny

"Lyric Contest"

1st Place in November/December 2007 issue for "Tinflower Angel"

http://www.americansongwriter.com/site.php?content=winners - American Songwriter Magazine


Currently 2 Bit Johnny has not released a professional album. However, his first demo release (Cornpone Festival) is available at his shows.



Awarded 1st Place in the American Songwriter Lyric Contest (November/December 2007)


Joe grew up in the small town of Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. His earliest memories consist of being rocked to sleep in a gun crate that hung beneath the maple and beech trees while his older siblings and parents made the annual batch of maple syrup. Later on, Joe took his turn in boiling down the sap into maple syrup and roasting the pigs while CCR, Neil Young, and the Rolling Stones echoed through the woods while friends and family danced on the homemade dancefloor. Since then, Joe has travelled afar and lived in every corner of North America including Florida, British Columbia, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Joe's songs embody the stories of being on the road and having your heart and hands in the country. Please enjoy the songs as each one speaks of the faces and places that have become 2 Bit Johnny.