Two Cent Penny

Two Cent Penny


An eclectic blend of everything AAA radio has to offer, Two Cent Penny finds itself dancing on the high wire between rootsy and organic folk duo, and eclectic, polished full rock 'n' roll band. We're working without a net here, people, but that's what makes it exciting.


Rob cut his musical teeth as a vocalist and part-time bass player in the loud hard rock bands of the local Southern California music scene, while Audrey developed her laid-back acoustic style in the coffee shops of her native Louisville, Kentucky. As fate would have it, they found each other through the internet and a collective distaste for commercial radio, and have spent every allowable hour since September 2005 blending the two extremes into a unique middle ground that includes the best of both world: strong vocal lines, lots of harmony, lyrics that you want to pay attention to, and a melodic and musical range that demonstrates influences ranging from Patty Griffin, John Prine, and Girlyman to Led Zeppelin, Queen, and The Who. The duo has recently joined forces with Amanda Lucas, another local singer/songwriter whose diminutive stature belies a powerful yet delicate voice and whose commercial sensibilities add yet another texture to the tapestry that Two Cent Penny weaves into it’s music.


Spring Road

Written By: Rob Gable

Spring Road is quiet except for the dog
Ginger chases the deer and barks at the road
As the snow shines like diamonds in darkness, with the moon hanging low
Christmas came earlier this year than most
And I stare out the window alone as a ghost
In this house full of silence that wasn't supposed to be so
The first one's the hardest, that's what they all tell me you know

The kids were up early and under the tree
At a quarter to seven, but waited for me
To come down and play Santa, pass out all the toys that we bought
Trish made the turkey like you did last year
Bill and I watched the game, I drank too many beers
And we met at the door, shed a tear, and shared the same thought
The one thing that all of us wanted, nobody got

And I keep it together, I don't let it show for the sake of the kids
I wait for the quiet, save it for private like I always did

And it's lonely at Baxter's in the Friday night crowd
The place seems much too smoky, the band much too loud
They all send their condolences, nice, but it doesn't quite do
But the roof's finally fixed and we redid the floors
I'm still doing too much, maybe more than before
But it helps to keep busy, it helps to have something to do
All those things that we planned on but somehow just never got to

And I keep it together, I don't let it show for the sake of the kids
I wait for the quiet, save it for private like I always did
But I miss you so bad and I'm just so damn mad at you leaving like this

And Spring Road is quiet except for the song
Of the birds in the morning and time marching on
So I while away at each day the best I know how
Birthdays will come, anniversaries will too
I will pass them all quietly, thinking of you
As I drink to your health, and drink to mine too and then sleep
Waking and wondering how all these memories will keep

Back to Cali

Written By: Rob Gable


The summer fades but not the memory of you
I dream of August on the waterfront
With you here by my side
Mmm mmm, and every night with you here by my side

It’s late November now and I can’t shake the cold
No more leaves to fall and daylight doesn’t hold so long
You know how I get with winter near
When you’ve gone back to Cali
And I’m stuck without you here

Painting by numbers as I wish the days away
Going through the motions, passing time
And I’m just holding on
I hear your weathers nice this time of year
Since you’ve gone back to Cali
I’m stuck without you here

And I can’t explain the way the world just stops when you’re around
The way it all just disappears, the way you sigh the only sound
And how the warmest touch still fades from memory slowly into dream
And every moment ticks away each day and hour in between

The sun is warmer, the dogwoods soon to bloom
The days are longer, but August cannot come too soon
I can’t believe it’s be a year
You know how I get with summer here
You know how it all just disappears
When you come back from Cali
I’ll be waiting here
? 2007 Rob Gable


Written By: Rob Gable


I woke up in Knoxville with a rosary in my hand
And I’m not even catholic, maybe God will understand
Because the last thing I remember, I was hoping for a hand
And that was just before the lights went out exactly as he planned
I thought about just going home but I could hardly stand
Well, that’s alright.

I was cooking on an open fire eating everything but hope
Until the ashes that I left behind left just enough rope
For them to track me down and hang me but they only took my dope
And then they sent me on my way and tried to sell it to the pope
But he sent it right on back to me packed in some laundry soap
So that’s alright.

So I tried to show my penitence by dangling from a wire
While I was looking up to heaven I was feeling for the fire
But when I looked into the face of God, he just looked sick and tired
And said “Nobody cares what I might think ‘less I’m preaching to the choir”
I said, “Hold on now, wait, just come on back. Let’s make everyone a liar,
That’d be alright.”

So we got an understanding now, the man upstairs and me
And if I leave his well enough alone he’ll return the favor free
And I don’t owe nobody nothing that they do not owe to me
And I don’t worry ‘bout my journey home, ‘cause I got everything I need
This story comes full circle now, as anyone can see
We’re alright.

Because anything can happen down in Knoxville
On a Friday night.
? 2007 Rob Gable

Take Me Now Away

Written By: Rob Gable/Kevin Stonerock


Take me now away from trouble
I alone have brought to be
Lead my spirit through the darkness
Wash my body in the sea

Take me now away from crying
From my bondage set me free
Til I'm no longer scared of dying
Let the waves crash over me

Take me now away from hiding
From the dawning of the day
I'm so tired, Lord, of fighting
Won't you take me now away

Take me now away from feeling
In my pain and misery
That in despair I could find refuge
Won't you take it now from me

Take me now away from seeing
No way out and no way home
I can't find my way to heaven
I can't roll away the stone

So take me now away from trouble
From the worst that I can be
Lead my spirit though the darkness
From the darkest part of me
? 2007 Rob Gable

Nothing Changes

Written By: Rob Gable/Audrey Cecil


I don’t want to go out
I don’t want to go anywhere
That might serve to remind me
And I don’t want to stay in
I don’t want to begin to explore
All the wreckage behind me now

And I don’t want to stay here
Let me make that clear
I don’t like the bed that I’ve got to lie in
And I don’t want to move on
It’s been way too long
To shed the skin that I’ve learned to survive in

If nothing changes, nothing changes
No matter where you go, there you are
Torn between the man you never could be,
The man you should be, and the one you are

I don’t want to be you
I don’t think I can do what it takes
To make the truth stop stinging
And I don’t want to be me
I don’t think I can see my way out
Of this hole I keep digging now


How did I get where I am?
How did it go this far?
It’s not what I had planned.
How do I get where you are?
How did I lose control?
How did I lose the spark?
How do I find my way?
How did it get so dark?


If nothing changes, nothing changes
No matter where you go or who you are
Go on and run in any direction
You’ll be right there waiting if you get that far
? 2007 Rob Gable


"August"--Debut EP
"Not To Be Taken Away"--Rob Gable solo effort

Set List

Up to four sets running from 45 minutes to an hour and can be easily tailored to suit the venue. Sets blend both originals and covers.

Typical Covers may include:
All for You Sister Hazel
Better Be Home Soon Crowded House
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell
Breathe 2 am Anna Nalick
Closer to Fine Indigo Girls
Counting Blue Cars Dishwalla
Crazy Gnarls Barkley
Dear Abby John Prine
Dreams Cranberries
Fields of Gold Sting
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
Freefallin Tom Petty
Give Me One reason Tracy Chapman
Handle With Care Travelling Wilburies
Hey Jealousy