2 Chix & a Drum

2 Chix & a Drum


70's rock meets 2007, aka: Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls. Duo vocals, melodic music, lyrics you can relate to, drive fast to and cry to. These girls are amazing musicans, writers and performers and always leave you wanting more!!


Big fans of Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls.

Touring as 2 Chix & a Drum, both Jess and Laura are accomplished musicians, writers and performers. They mesmerize the crowds with their great songs and exciting shows, are well received and always leave you wanting more. They are a strong writing team evident on their new CD entitled “Nights at the Lipstick Lounge”, which was inspired by their many performances at the popular hot spot in Nashville.

Leary’s previous songwriting credits include two #1 songs, Tim McGraw’s, “Where The Green Grass Grows” and Pam Tillis’ “Mi Vida Loca” (My Crazy Life). She also scored a top 10 with Lari White’s “Ready, Willing and Able.” Leary has toured as a backup vocalist/guitarist with Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Faith Hill. Darling’s talent is endless with her unparalled ability as a percussionist, vocalist and harmonica player. She is extremely smashing on stage.

Draw the crowd and please the crowd with …
“2 Chix & a Drum”.


Jess Leary scored two number one hits with Tim McGraw's "Where The Green Grass Grow" and Pam Tillis' Mi Vida Loca.

Set List

For an original show or showcase we perform a 75 minute show with approximately 18 original songs. We also do a mix show of originals and cool 70's style music like The Doors, Light My Fire, Jefferson Starship, Somebody To Love, Janis Joplin, Piece of My Heart.