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The best kept secret in music


"Big Twan & A.K.A Tay are 2CRUNK"

A new revolution may be a bit of an overstatement. Atlanta clearly has the star power it boast about a few years ago, and the city remains on the music industry's radar. Big Twan & A.K.A.Tay and they're 2crunk amy embrace a style called "2crunk" -- super-charged beats, bold lyrics and aggressive, somewhat exaggerated vocal delivery. Their sound is a little rough slick and sophisticated as some of the city's more well-known artists. But now it seems underground acts like Baby D, Youngbloodz,2Crunk,Pastor Troy and Lil Jon are the ones getting noticed -- a sign that the world is ready to be 2crunk - Way Down Deep South

"We Still Smokin"


Northern Lights, K-Y, Chronic, Purple, Red Head, Orange Crush, Chocolate Thai, Black Gum, etc… Drought, did somebody say drought? We say “Fire N Da Hole” because at Southern Fryed, “We Still Smokin’”!!!!!! Come get you some! Southern Fryed Music Group with the 2Crunk Clique (formerly S-C.A.N.) The multi-talented country rap duo, BIG TW@N & A.K.A. TAY, is blazing the clubs with their new single “We Still Smokin’”. Put this record on and you will put smoke in the air setting off a ‘chain smoking’ reaction bound to attract your local fire department. Featuring Big Docta (U Don’t Wanna) and he is not holding back on that ‘southern pine green’. So bring on the K-9’s, the Narcs, the ATF, roadblocks, and nationwide droughts because………………. Weeeeee stilllllllllll smo-o-kinnnnnnnnn, still smo-o-kinnnnnnnnnnnn, WE GOT DAT FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Tw@n & A.K.A. Tay are also shutting it down with their new 'bangin' album "Tight Like Gnat Booty, "Hot Like Chicken Grease"!!! Putting the chicken grease on the tracks, is BIG TW@N & A.K.A. TAY, along with other starring producers.
BIG TW@N, the godfather of this duo, brings a lyrical sound thats so
demanding you will stop and listen just to get hit with the punchline! There
is no doubt, BIG TW@N was born with the ability to draw fans! With the
flambouyant pimp (slash hustler), A.K.A. TAY keep your ears in check from
the sexy ladies to the chrome 380's!! His role in the operation can not be
overlooked and his lyrical style will not be ignored.
The bass thumping, elbow throwing, country boy single "Skent Up the remix" places this duo in the ranks of ATL's finest. BIG TW@N & A.K.A. TAY introduces a new wave of hip-hop leaving a lot of knees and elbows bruised and scarred! Hearing this pair is just the tip of the iceberg and if seeing is believing you will!!! Fans leave 'twerked and 2crunked' after attending a show with these country boyz. They have no other choice but to proceed to the dance floor and join in screaming "If ya com' roun' here ya git skent up"!!! Y'all remember
wha' cha read now ya hear?!!!

Da Masta - Stone Legend Music


BIG Tw@n & A.K.A. Tay - "2CRUNK.com"
BIG Tw@n & A.K.A. Tay Single - "We Still Smokin'' &"Fish & Grits" Feat: Seal Paul of Youngbloodz


Feeling a bit camera shy


Big Tw@n & A.K.A. Tay are here to unite the dirty south while expanding our southern flava all over the world. Some artists we admire are Outkast, Goodie Mob, Ice Cube, Scarface.... Most groups are only crunk we're 2CRUNK!!!