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2Da Boi is like a chameleon the way he adapts his style from track to track making every song original and creative. His music is modern day Hip Hop deriving from ol' school roots with a hardcore punchy deliver. He is Busta Rhymes meets Ludacris with a heartfelt,crafty stage presence and performance


2Da Boi began writing at age 14. At the mature age of 24 he is more than prepared to create classic albums. The "Red Carpet Status" Lp is set to release this year. He has written and co-produced every song giving him full control of his music. He is an unpredictable lyricist with a must see live performance. 2Da performed his way all over Indiana to land an opening set at Haystak's "Mid-West Invasion" show in Joplin, Missouri. He is a crowd pleaser with wordplay and a voice box thats demands listeners attention. 2Da is far from a bubble gum rapper. His lyrics provide a visual soundwave, artistically painted from bar to bar and verse to verse. He is a very descriptive writer that touches base on struggle and success. Though at the same time, he can pack a dance floor with fun filled party theme songs for new age Hip Hop fans. He is hustling his way to becoming one of Indiana's great artists and one of Hip Hop's posterchildren. 2Da will not stop until he spreads his music nationwide and beyond.



Written By: 2Da Boi

Verse 1:

Diamond in the rough reflect the light within the dust
Kinda like myself, will blind you if I must
J2da is to rap as Midas is to trucks(uh)
All others who rap its time to give it up (uh)

Work hard all week, Sunday through Saturday
..and ya'll just weak(week) like Sunday through Saturday
Continue to salivate 'till I feel I've spit enough
The mic it is my glove boy I don't give a fuck

16 bars used to formulate, coordinate
the rhyme scheme to show an mc how much more you hate
his or her delivery its not respected
Still I use it as music therapy born to date

So make a mill' sayin' bout nothin' on the track
Keep your deal, and rest your lil' head on your pillow
I'm the only mc I know of keepin' it real though
For love of the art and I ain't made one dollar bill so

I'm still broke, do this for my people and my kinfolk
Replace me with THC, I've been dope
I gotta swim to keep my head from goin' under
No matter the weather, it just may snow in the summer...

Still Standing

Written By: 2Da Boi

Verse 2:

Still on that paper chase, been tryna gain paper weight
Livin' life one day at a time, plastic forks and paper plates
Brick weed and cigarillos, bar scenes wit' tricks and bimbos
A nigga gotta get up because I gotta get out
and make moves like Wii Nintendo

My life's quite complicated, it's far from sweet and simple
We all duck and dodge the law but in the street I lean and limbo
I built this city from scratch with no help from Home Depot
Ever since my granddad passed I learned to be my own hero

I'm sorta like Bruce Willis, I'ma Die Hard with a Vengeance
'Till then I'ma walk that line with prosperity and perseverance
I ain't no guest appearance, I'ma comin' up clear as day
Still callin' the shots givin' all that I got bitch niggaz get out my way

I tell 'em, get up out my hater free zone, I tell a hater get get gone(get get)
I tell 'em, get up out my hater free zone, I tell a hater get get gone(get get)
I ain't no featured artist, I'm comin' up clear as day
Still callin' the shots givin' all that i got bitch niggaz I'm here to stay...

Rumor has it...(the Hazel Green Eyez Song)

Written By: 2Da Boi

Verse 2:

Them eyez are beautiful though dark and deep secrets kept
Full of mystic when you blink, thou' shall not do what she regret
Shall not screw whom she just met, shall not do what she forget
Because we're always sorry the morning after, aren't we?

Watchin' hazel green eyez turn gray and glossy
Deranged and belligerent fade to black shade and foggy
Drownin' drop down in an ocean of pain, fear, and worry
Tears by the river, the vision aint clear for her..

Because she keeps them dusty boxes pushed way back in the attic
Inside lie the truth(where?), all wrapped in the plastic
And plus her biological dad is an addict
I feel responsible, as if I handed her the gas and the matches

Intended on being a leader, and a companion
to set an example, instead I think I held you ransom
my love for you is ample,
I always thought that I had been so kind(kind)
Man I didn't know I'd been so blind...

One of a kind

Written By: 2Da Boi

Verse 2:

The only time that you come off of the top..
is when you open up ya' ass and jump off of the cock
Keep thinkin' that I'm soft when I'm not
My flow's hard like a semi-automatic, sawed off or a glock

Everyday I live on a budget, nickel and dime'n
Broke nigga go figure every penny I'm eye'n
I don't care if I make it(nope) really I'm lie'n
Won't stop 'till I reach the top so send me to Zion

Clearly stated, I am the best
Miles pon' miles got more drive than the rest and I thrive on success
Throughout my journey I'll serve 'em like a Wimbledon match
Knock 'em to last week so they can re-visit them raps

Now it's a wrap(game over) this nigga is back
You heard my shit, take ya' shit let it sit in the trash
Mixtape "Against the Grain" it's a hit every track
Plus a reminder to them rappers bout the skill that they lack(yep)

I'm not kiddin' dog, my fans been in awe,
Mouth open, neck cocked lookin' like a bended straw
Never a logic problem that i didn't solve
You twiddled your thumbs, I decided to get involved

Correct the corrected, perfected perfection
Impressed the impressive so better show respect when I'm present
If you ever hearin' 'em whisperin' then listen and see
If they say,"Underground Legend", ho they mentionin' me(yep)...

Elbow Room

Written By: 2Da Boi

Verse 1:

Red Carpet Status with my cash out flashin'
Lights, camera, action then they pass out gaspin'
So fresh(oh yes) ready to fill my tank
Ladies tuggin' and pullin' but don't spill my drank

Now people lookin second takin' thinkin' probably I'm a star
Screamin' at me, arms wavin' and follow me to the bar
Meetin' chicks, treatin' tricks like Halloween was tomorrow
Broke the seal, need to piss, so they follow me to the stall

Bitches wishin' they could get me and swallow it in the car
Niggaz ridin' my dick while hollerin' from afar
Give a nigga 5 feet, they oughta just be the law
Gimme 10 and then ya'll won't be botherin' me at all

But for God's sake, people breathin' up in my face
Tom thanks, you could even hit me up on Myspace
5 drinks 2 blunts, almost tilted and tippin'
I'm straight chillin' like a villain sippin' on my penicillin, men and women steady grillin' been the center of attention...

Jewelies and Shades

Written By: 2Da Boi

Verse 1:

I do my damn thang like every damn day
You don't believe what I say? Look at my damn ring
Canaries everywhere, listen to the birds sing
Lookin' like the first king, chain look embarasing(yea)

Got blush diamonds on, jewelies on my neck
(Reverse vocal)..now Julie's on my neck(laughs)
Coochie on my dick, both hands on my thighs(thighs)
I'm tilted back in the sun shades on my eyez(eyez)

Blowin' dank in the amber waves to the sky
in a leer jet lettin' Amber wave to the sky(sky)
We touch down then it's back on my grizzie grind
I gotta get it while it's good so I'm gettin' mine

See I could Stand tall, or I could sit and shine
Pressed denim white grinnin' yea I'm feelin fine
White grapes red grapes I be sippin' wine
All colors all shapes bitch I'm finna blind with these..


Jewelies on my neck Shades on my eyez
Dimes on deck and the heat on my side


Written By: 2Da Boi

Come and get me, I'm runnin off far away
Been goin' nuts while blowin' up like a hand grenade
busters hate it, nor do appreciate it
I am my own favorite yet far from complacent
View life from a right angle, no person is adjacent
I'm like a Newport, other rappers like Basics
Where im from there alot of pretending goin on
Baby birds in they nest afraid to fly, holdin on
Still I think big drink goose drink jag(jagermeister)
sought counsel as a youth, fuck what the shrink said
Live life as number that the government has branded me
its america, still im sufferin' in the land of free
rollin with the punches while punchin until my arm hurt
niggas soft like star burst
my words go hard like a stiffy in the mornin from my jimmy
weed smoke like a chimney, did dope like whitney
now im on some grown man shit watch what i do
on to something new, where you at?, right in front of you
people talk shit when they dont think you can hear em
and then be quick to back down when they dont think that you fear em
so then im quick to act out just to show em i can
2Da Boi yous dick, yep i know that I am
Im the type to piss you off just to for entertainment
wether poor and unknown or rich and famous ha ha!!!


Move- a lively, energetic dance song for club atmospheres everywhere

"I'm Blowin' UP" the mixtape- released summer of 2008

Set List

Typical set from 2Da Boi includes hit single,"Move", " Look at Myself", "Jewelies and Shades", " Birdlike", " Major League", and " Fuck Nigga" ( a remix track to Gorilla Zoe's " Hood Nigga"). 2Da's set run from as short as 10 minutes - as long as 25 minutes. He typically performs 15 mintues at a time but can do more or less at the request of the show crew. 2Da has the repetoire of a solid entertainer with a firm following.