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2DFRNT is pronounced "Two Different" and it's just that with music originality these two young men are just that. They are a combination of Pop/R&B/Rap so there is nothing that they missed and nothing they don't have to offer you! Al' Michael is the singer of this dynamic duo group,he has been described as soulful and the heart of the ears. However this duo wouldn't be complete without it's rapper Stuy a.k.a Da Prince he has been compared to some great rappers in the game today but I can't disagree. You can find these two young men on myspace, youtube and well pretty soon everywhere else you blink! However you can get on the bandwagon now and follow them here: www.reverbnation.com/2dfrnt
Official artist website www.2dfrnt.com coming soon!

They have songs that will make you dance and that will have you getting close all over again. Their sound may be compared to others, but it's very different at the same time. It's all over combination of what music is and can be. However my song that I love is "Rollercoaster" that song is beyond amazing. So don't sleep on these two young men they are on their way to the top so don't be afraid to look up now!

by: Geneva Relf - Geneva Relf at Real Fashion/Talk


Debut EP:
"Take You Away"
"Got Me Going"
"I Told You"



Every so often an artist comes along with undeniable raw talent, mass appeal and a refreshing new sound. Meet 2DFRNT (pronounced “two different”), the multi-talented urban dance-pop duo consisting of St. Louis vocalist Al'Michael and Brooklyn rapper Stuy, whose songs reflect a unique collaboration of the laid-back Brooklyn rap style and catchy melodic pop/R&B hooks. This 21-year-old singing/rapping duo charms people with their funny, charismatic and outgoing personalities. The ladies can’t get enough of them and guys want to be like them. Although the two have different characters, upbringings and points of view, they become one entity when it comes to writing and creating their own music. Be it a sentimental song like “Take You Away” or a playful song like “Party”, the guys write about everyday relatable topics of life, love, dreams and struggle. Al’Michael’s voice is a combination of soul, passion and energy that shows tremendous versatility and can cover multiple genres from pop, R&B to gospel. His vocals as well as his dancing style draw frequent comparison to Chris Brown and Usher, while Stuy’s sound resembles that of rappers Fabolous, Mase and Kanye West. Both artists write, co-produce and perform their own songs, which generally have a sentimental or playful and energetic vibe. Their music sound and style are at times reminiscent of a cross between Black Eyed Peas and Jay Sean, backed by bass-heavy beats and synth-based dance tracks, which create a mix of urban and euro-pop. The name 2DFRNT represents the fusion of different music genres, two cities, two stories, two styles and personalities, a collaboration that is set to become the newest sensation to hit the music industry. Having spent the past couple of years honing their craft on stage and in the studio the guys are ready for international breakout success in 2010 with their debut single “Take You Away”.

Al'Michael (21) grew up in Columbia, MO, in a spiritual and musical family environment. His mother a teacher and his father a contractor, family has always been an important part of his life. His first performance experience was singing in church choir as a child, under the direction of his mother, who recognized his natural singing talent early on and helped develop his powerful soulful voice. Influenced by the likes of BoyzIIMen, Jagged Edge, N'Sync, Usher and Michael Jackson, music (singing and writing) quickly became a passion to which he dedicated most of his time while growing up. During his high school years, Al'Michael also excelled in athletics as a star basketball player, but chose music over sports to pursue a career as a performing artist. Throughout his teenage years, Al’Michael often travelled to St. Louis for contests and auditions, where he was introduced to other local talent. In 2005, he joined pop/R&B group, Varcity, who went on to perform regularly at local talent shows, radio contests, and malls, mesmerizing audiences with their energetic dance moves, harmonic vocals and electrifying stage shows. Varcity quickly became one of the most popular groups in St. Louis, hosting sell-out shows, generating spins on local St. Louis radio and opening up for stars like Chris Brown, Chingy and Bow Wow. Varcity was featured in many St. Louis news articles and news channel stories building a reputable fan base and extensive buzz. In early 2009, the group decided to split up to pursue different projects, and Al’Michael collaborated with his rapper friend, Stuy, to form a new group, named 2DFRNT. Al’Michael is the more spiritual and philanthropic part of the group and hopes to become a positive and inspirational role model for young kids to pursue their dreams.

Stuy (21) was born in the Bushwick & Bedstuy section of Brooklyn, NY. Growing up was a struggle, not having a father figure around and having an estranged relationship with his mother. His grandmother was always there for him, encouraging him to finish school in order to secure a brighter future. Influenced by a variety of artists, including Black Eyed Peas, Fallout Boy, Linkin Park, Mase, 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas, Stuy began recording songs at the age of 13 and dedicated the next two years to perfecting his songwriting and rap skills. He has earned respect in his Brooklyn neighborhood, after winning countless rap battles and writing and co-producing a solo rap album. His sound and rap style are often compared to his musical icons Fabolous, Mase and will.i.am. Stuy met Al’Michael in 2007 through his producer who was recording with Varcity at the time. When Varcity eventually went their separate ways, Stuy and Al decided to form their own group, 2DFRNT. Their long-term goals as a group are to build a loyal fan base, become mainstream international pop icons and one day have the honor of accepting a Grammy Award.